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Because of the warning in this post
DSTB should be shut down now.
Not going into how the thing happens but it is very easy to do it unintentionally and even knowing about it can happen again without warning.
So your game logs will show this happening in many guilds and with many players not even intending to do it. With threat of banishment for doing said exploit and no real way for a player to know they even did it till after the fact it doesn't seem right to punish players for something they can't control. Yes there will be some doing it intentionally however I bet your logs will show way more people doing it than you expect.

With the way the game locks and and is sometimes slow to respond it is again very easy for this to happen.

So IMO either need to let it go or stop DSTB there is no way to catch all of those that did it intentionally nor is there a real way to figure out who did it unintentionally vs low rate of intentionally.
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  • This would require them to care....not happening
  • Absolutely agree 1000%. I had no idea this was a thing. Did it three times accidently today. Came here. Saw threats of actiion. Don't even want to do DS TB anymore honestly. I don't want my account that I have worked hard for to become no more for a simple glitch that is easy to do unintentionally.
  • I think it happened to me in P1, but didn't realize what it was until I started seeing posts about it.
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  • xanderxman wrote: »
    Absolutely agree 1000%. I had no idea this was a thing. Did it three times accidently today. Came here. Saw threats of actiion. Don't even want to do DS TB anymore honestly. I don't want my account that I have worked hard for to become no more for a simple glitch that is easy to do unintentionally.

    +1000 I’m in the same boat. Did it accidentally this morning. I think we should just cancel this one and get the patch out, then try again next week. That way people don’t lose their accounts or whatever the disciplinary action is because they accidentally exploited an unpatched glitch.
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  • What exactly is this exploit? Neither the dev announcement or this post talk about and I want to know if we did it or not, since people say it can happen unintentionally
  • Agreed

    Also, seems like the points area jacked up in missions, scoring a 4/4 like it's a 4/6, so stars are going to be tough to come by

    This TB is a dumpster fire and a waste of time and resources at this point
  • ABSOLUTELY agree with this. I did it day 1 unbeknownst to me. Quite a few in our guild didn't know about it because we didn't know what it actually WAS or if it was affecting later rounds. We had a few do it today on accident.

    This is a total debacle.
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  • I definitely tapped it 4-5 times trying to deploy thinking it was just lag or something. I don't know what they will consider an exploit if they can track abuses.
  • Honestly, the devs response to this "exploit" is discouraging. Their the ones who released untested content. Blaming the player base is ridiculous and honestly shows me they are still completely out of touch with the players.
  • I want rewards for all the time spent here - used up a few hours and millions of credits. Agree it can be done accidentally very easy, but people that spammed the same character like 25+ times that's quite a bit different than 1 or two here extra deployments by innocent action.

    In the spirit of what scuba is saying, I'd much prefer to finish it out and just give everyone maxed rewards. Don't punish players that put in time because of people that truly spammed the platoon and exploited.
  • Ely
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    Agreed. This is too easy to do by accident.
  • Pretty sure no action will be taken, never seen EA do anything to remove or rectify unfair advantages ever in the past.
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    I agree. TB needs to be shut down.

    Reward players based on the following fairness:

    Stars = MaxCombatPoints+PlatoonsPoints (all bonus) + the guild's GP activeness. and you can figure out a reward that is reasonable for everybody.

    (there are too many guilds on the leaderboard right now that have star counts that does not add up to realm of possible stars they could earn. this bug is giving too much unfair advantage for some people.)

    It's basically a similar structure for TW. give people awards based on their Guild GP tier.

    Or just give everybody 48 star rewards. :)

    But in seriousness, this TB has too many balance issues, bugs, and other problems, that really makes it no fun. It was poorly tested.

    Balance Issues: difficulty in opponents. special platoon skills being really bad. weak damage. Points for 4 waves total seems underwhelming. the first few phases seems to be more about raw GP focused - winning the combats do not have a sense of reward. Lack of enough dark side toons available for deployment and taking away toons that are used for actual combat. (gets worst later when you get into the phase requiring 2 ships combat- you guys will see it is much much worst as far as platoons situation goes.)

    Infinite points bug from platoons.

    Other Issues: Locking out players from doing any combat after all stars have been achieved. Should be fixed to allow combat after the stars have been reached.

  • scuba wrote: »
    Not going into how the thing happens but it is very easy to do it unintentionally and even knowing about it can happen again without warning.

    It's also really easy to tell when someone does something by accident and when they do it on purpose. I'm sure they're not just going to suspend every account that does it even with one character...
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  • I completely agree. With all the Bugs and Exploits floating around, this is the only sensible thing to do.
  • This is a disaster. Own it and absorb it and fix it moving forward. The line between easily stumbling on this and full exploitation is thin for some instances.

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  • The error should really have been picked up during testing, or at the very least on day 1 of the TB and then an announcement made notifying players that they had found an error, that they can't change it mid TB and warning players not to exploit it. Making an announcement 3 days into the TB is far too late to warn players about an error that they themselves had made.
  • Does anyone know what the new issue is? I can't work out how a basic reskin of TB has caused all these issues. I really wish they would test this stuff (like the TW beta) before throwing it open.
  • Wait, how do I know if I did something or not?
  • I didnt even noticed anything. But this game with all new updates is an absolut mess. So many bugs. Not reading any dev posts anymore, because i always feel worse after reading them. So I agree, just stop this madness.
  • You will find out in 4 days
  • The points for missions is just as bad, no way getting a 4/4 is only giving what they're giving now, it's like going 4/6 in the LS TB

    The stars missed from this for the people playing straight up is a slap in the face
  • Said it before and will say it again. End TB, give all actively participating guilds equal TB credits and call it day. Mistakes happen. The bigger mistake is to keep it running
  • More rushed and untested code from a company that’s cares little about quality or its customers in an attempt to squeeze as much cash out you b4 the regulators step in.
  • It's not like players are using a modded apk or hacking into your servers. Or even (heaven forbid) buying crystals at a discount and some of us know just what major guild was doing that. It's just an exploit that makes up for the extreme difficulty and apparently untuned/untested game mode.
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    Rather than issue warnings and have to babysit guilds to see who is playing legitimately or exploiting bugs, I suggest the developers end TB now and issue equal TB credits to all actively participating guilds. It’s the only fair and equitable solution.

    Granted, people will complain but seems far fairer than banning, accusing or potentially rewarding bad behavior. Granted bugs happen. It’d probably be better to end this mess and fix the bugs and perhaps even the difficulty.
  • So ea should delete 10% of all accounts. So be it. Lets see how everyone else left in the game will react on this. I dont mind, I didnt made any mistakes.But I know for sure, something like this could create chaos
  • They know about this so I'm pretty sure they aren't going to boot anybody over it, accident or otherwise.
  • The next 48 hours will be crucial for this game IMO. Please choose wisely.
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  • End it and give us all 48 stars. The only fair thing to do
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