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When I review my guild statistics, most are self-explanatory, i.e., guild donations (lifetime), arena power, guild tokens (lifetime - I assume this is how many tokens a player has received from raids and the dailies). What is Rank? I others that are higher than I but I'm at a higher level 85, made more donations, higher arena, etc.


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    Save water, drink champagne!
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    Rank is leader, officer or member.
  • oh, so member is not really prioritized by anything else. Maybe alphabetical.
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    oh, so member is not really prioritized by anything else. Maybe alphabetical.

    Probably ally code or something arbitary like that.
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    I am wondering if my rank within my guild is determined by my participation on a daily basis? I used to be ranked higher when I was playing all the time but had lower player level, less GP, less toons in my roster. I got frustrated and burned out now I'm playing less, contributing less. I thought my rank dropped because of this. I'm not earning my daily raid tickets etc. More active players of lesser player level are now ranked above me. Or is our rank a function only a guild leader can set, I'm an officer and I cannot change it, perhaps it is based simply his or her whim?

    PS: Please no accusations of Necroing, I found this post and posted, others can too and we are all looking for our answer, if people are still posting its an active thread . . . just a SLOW one lol.
  • . . .. . Necro .. . . ;). ( sorry couldn’t resist)

    However, regarding rank, it is simply leader officer and member that applies there.

    Now , if you are an officer, (leaders have no way to alter the ra k of a player at all by the way) then you and other officers are ranked under the leader and above members.

    If new officers are made, or old ones demoted and new promoted, that will alter the listing rank of the officer pool, completely on its own, there is no way to alter the sorting rank for any of the ranks.
  • Thank you for answering us!
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