Territory Wars. Remove default team selection

It’s happened to a few in our Guild, and surely we can’t be only ones. When setting a Defence team, or Attack, it auto fills your strongest toons. The select squad and set squad buttons are so close that in a rush it’s very easy to accidentally enter this team, thus ruining your entire plan.

Can we simply have it open with no toons selected? Clean slate to begin selecting from.


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    That would be an easy fix. What about an option to call back your own squad?
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    Yes plz i have some wrong "push button" squad
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    After it happened to me a couple of times I now pay more attention, problem solved.
  • Semi
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    *cough* sending an offense résistance team with zeta Finn not leader * cough*
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    Just happened to me.

    Although I must've clicked in the area where the 'set squad' button was about to appear.

    My game has a 2-3 second lag occasionally, and anything I touch during that black screen where nothing is happening - gets processed as an actual click once it loads.

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    My 'rogue one only' squad consists of Finn,tarkin,phasma,Poe and BB8.

    Could be worse I guess.
  • Mzee
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    Has happened to members in my guild and messes up 3 or 4 of their strongest teams as a result. Some kind of change would be awesome.
  • GraniteSheep
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    edited February 2018
    Thanks for the support. Glad it’s not just TSR that have this issue. :D

    Hopefully a easy fix they can take on board. Please!
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