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"Hiya Holotable Heroes! We’ve reached the highly anticipated Quality of Life Update! Here are the Version Updates for 2/28/2018"

(CG_Leviathan standing in for Kozi here)

Quality of Life Improvements

Raid Tickets (Daily) Fixed:
  • Guild Officers can now rest assured that the Raid Tickets (Daily) leaderboard in Guild Management will consistently be accurate.
Device Linking:
  • An account on an iOS device can now be linked to an Android device so that it can be played on both devices (same with Android to iOS). This allows players that are changing phones, or have multiple devices, to continue their game progress. This option is available in Settings. Note: Accounts across iOS devices will continue to support linking via Game Center and accounts across Android devices will continue to support linking via Google Play.
Galactic War Simming:
  • Players that have reached level 85 and completed Galactic War 150 times can now sim Galactic War
Text Search:
  • When filtering units by category, you can now search via text entry, for example typing “Han” to see all the characters with Han in their name. The search includes all tags set for the character such as “Dark Side” or “Jedi”
Pre-Battle Filters:
  • Selecting units in the pre-combat screen is now much easier as units can be filtered by category or text.
Favorite Unit Improvements:
  • Units that are not activated can now be set as a favorite, allowing easy access when seeking shards.
  • Favorited units are now sorted to the top of the character inventory, minimizing the need to select the filter.
  • When viewing gear details, any characters that have been favorited are sorted to the beginning of the characters that need that gear.

Multi-Sim Ship Challenges:
  • A Multi-Sim button is now available in Ship Challenges once 3 stars has been reached in the final tier of Ship Building Materials, Ship Enhancement Droids, and Ship Ability Materials.
Sim Credit Heist and Training Droid Smuggling Events:
  • Tiers with 3 stars can now be simmed.
Inbox Message Delete button:
  • All inbox messages that currently only have a “GO” button will now also have a “DELETE” button so the player isn’t forced to press “GO” remove the message. (Ex. Raid Started and “New Guild Orders”.)
Rearranging Units:
There are a variety of situations where a player’s tall unit (ex. Darth Vader) is obscuring a small unit (ex. Hermit Yoda). This resulted in players being unable to select the obscured unit when an Ally ability allows it (ex. Hera’s Backup Plan ability). To ensure units can always be selected and seen, units will now rearrange based on unit height. The one exception is the leader unit, which will remain in the front. This tech also applies to opponent ships to minimize situations where an opponent's ship can not be targeted (this was primarily an issue on the Capital Ship’s turn).
Zeta Purchase Confirmation: To avoid accidentally upgrading an ability to its Zeta level, a confirmation message will now warn players prior to upgrade.
Shipment Improvements: To significantly reduce the number of required taps when viewing details on a shipment and then choosing to purchase, shipments now show the quantity of gear/shards owned at the top level and the details screen acts as the confirmation.
Last Month Leaderboard: The “Last month’s top 3 guilds” leaderboard has been visually improved
Legal Changes: Added a button linking to a new legal form for German players.

Territory War Improvements
  • Minimizing Ties: To minimize the chance of a tie and reward players for skill in combat, bonus banners can be earned from successful attacks. Details:
    • All successful attacks earn 5 banners
    • Bonus banners can be earned for defeating the squad/fleet on the first or second attempt
      First Attempt: +10 Banners
      Second Attempt: +5 Banners
    • 1 additional banner can also be earned for each surviving unit
    • If less than the max units are brought into combat, 1 additional banner is earned for each empty slot. This is so players are not penalized for attacking with fewer than 5 units.
    • Banners earned for setting defenses have been increased to compensate for this change and ensure balance in defense and offense. 30 banners for characters and 34 banners for ships.
    • For example, if a player attacks a squad that has not been attacked by any other player, attacks with 5 units, and only loses 2 units, then 18 banners will be earned (5 for win, 10 for first time bonus, and 3 for the surviving units)
  • Defends: The number of times a squad/fleet has defended is recorded on the squad tile and the tile will remain after the squad is defeated. This will help players identify how well their squad is defending and will communicate the potential attempt bonus to attackers.
  • Increasing Defensive Squads for Top Guilds: As top Guilds have so many squads, the average of 4 defensive squads per player isn’t allowing them to fully demonstrate the strength of their rosters. To remedy, the average defensive squads will scale up to ~6 per player if both participants are in the highest active GP tier.
  • New Achievement: A new achievement has been created for Territory War wins. It has 11 levels with achievements at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, and 50 wins. Previous wins will count toward progress.
  • Pre-Battle Squads: Units will no longer be pre-populated in pre-battle for Territory Wars specifically. This is to prevent accidentally entering a battle with the preselected units that typically are not meant to be together.

See you on the Holotables!

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