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Luminara of course. I have her and have 4*ed her. Obviously I need to eventually 7* her. But before I do, are there any other arena shipment heroes who are a realistic end game arena team option? At level 46 I am realizing that I have only 2 heroes that have a definite end game arena role, Sid and luminara. Unfortunately for a FTP player most of the recommended end game arena team members are pretty tough to * up.
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  • She's a GW shipment so I assume you're asking about those. End game arena will depend on your synergies. I know there are end-team arena droid setups and obviously IG-86 would be necessary for that to happen. However Luminara works with a lot of different chars so she's the best investment if you don't have a specific team in mind.
  • Thanks. Yeah I meant GW and will edit appropriately. Brain fart.

    Really struggling with a FTP strategy for end game arena. I don't expect to compete at the highest level, but hoping for top 100. My current cookie cutter team is Sid, luminara, chewy, consular, dooku. From what people say I'll need to replace as many as three of them.
  • We only have the first released set of characters. There are SO. MANY. MORE. still to come. The end-game is going to change, and you're right, FTP players probably aren't going to be competing for the top 10 spots in PVP. I suspect there will always be room for a top-notch healer in ANY group, be it droid, crit based, turtle/tank, etc., and Luminara is one of the best because of just how much offense she puts up.

    I landed a resistance pilot out of one of the Data Cards the other day, and he is a great glass cannon (in the same vein as First Order Tie Pilot). His Outmaneuver skill (foresight = guaranteed dodge next attack; Expose = enemy char loses 20% of their health on next attack) combined with high damage makes him a very fun character in GW. Terrible defensive player, though, so don't leave him in your PvP team (I've made that mistake and lost several hundred spots overnight before).
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  • thanks. It kind of stinks that most of the best shipment heroes (from an arena end game perapective) are in cantina, the slowest board to accumulate shipment points. Of course there are the two obvious exceptions.

    But as you say, the game will evolve, and I can keep working on starring luminara for now.
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