Still haven't received the free carbanti or the 100k credits

So one of my accounts hasn't received the free carbanti and the 100k credits (I care alotess about the credits).

I opened a discussion and a moderator closed the discussion and commented that I should just open a ticket.

So I did that and guess what, the representative opened a bug report for me and told me he can't do anything about it and that he can't add gear to the game. He also told me that others have reported the same problem.

Then he went on to say he's gonna report it as a bug and that there's nothing else he can do. He offered me 200 crystals as a "good will" and he said this isn't a compensation and it's just him wanting to be nice with me.

I thanked him and took the 200 crystals but honestly that won't cut it for me. A fully crafted carbanti costs 1400 crystals in shipments. So he could just give me 1400 crystals all along. Of course that could be a little unfair to other players in case I ended up receiving it late. But I do have a feeling that I won't!

Also I can imagine the devs coming with some apology email like "we apologise for the inconvenience, here's x reward". But that won't be fair for me because I still won't have my carbanti. And if they end up giving out a carbanti as compensation then people who already got one will get a second one meanwhile it's gonna be my first one! So that's unfair also.

I don't know what to do, 1400 crystals is alot to me and I need that carbanti asap. I'd hate to see others get 2 while I get 1 or other get 1 while I get none. It's highly unfair and the representation should have given me 1400 crystals not 200.


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