A new players journey

I am new player to this game but I have had a quite interesting journey in this game.
My brother have been playing this since the start of January and bugged me to start on it as well.
But it did not sound like the type of game that would interest me for long. I was wrong.
I DL the game for my samsung tablet and it was very easy but still kinda fun.
I like games where you build up a team slowly.
As a complet noob i did not spend any of my crystals and was just trying to save them those toon packs that costs 2500 ish crystals.
So by the time i was level 20 people at the top ranks was 35. I got to level 46 faster after i started buying energy refreshes was still quite behind with levels but that was ok.

I like to play games on my real computer so i DL a program called Bluestacks for my PC and started a new account there. Did not want to use my real star wars account incase the program would mess something up.
On the new account i played for less than 30 mins before i got a free Biggs Darklighter from a datacard you buy for the 250 silver points. So i got a little excited. played for another 30 mins and Bariss Offee 4-star dropped. So i was super super excited.
When i reached the squad arena and could see the rankings i could see i was among the lead with experience and level and i felt invincible with my 4-star Barriss Offee.
After 3 days of playing on this new account i even decided to buy the jedi pack with Qui Gon Jinn and Anakin both as 4-star. I also got the dark side starter pack but did not get Count Dooku but Savage Oppress instead.
Once i got to the top 20 i could see this was filled with people who had bought the Kylo Ren+Finn+Capt Phasma pack and there was even a couple of players who had 7-star princess Leia's and Kit Fisto's among their 5 or star players.
So my feeling of invincibility turned into "oh my god!!!"
I was running with QGJ, Anakin, Chewbacca, Talia, Barriss Offee all with 4 stars.
My team composition does not seem so strong but my brother had stated the importance of gearing up your main arena team as highest priority, so my toons always had up to date gear which many many of the oppossing teams did not.
So even tho i faced teams with ridiculous amounts of stars their power level was still below mine.
I reached the top 5 spots within 4 days of playing and always receive rewards between 2-5 spot.
The team i run with is now QGJ 5-star, Talia 5-Star (yeah i am still a noob), Sidious 4-star, Luminar 4-star and Chewbacca 4-star.
I just need Chewbacca against those teams that have much more power than me and the breathing room he provides is enough for me to heal up and win.
Sid's debuff is quite powerfull and even if you did not kill your target on the first round the enemy healers will still heal the debuff toon to no effect and waste their turn, yay for Artificial intelligence :)
The top 10 consists still mostly of Kylo Ren, Capt Phasma, Luminar, Genosian Soldier and Finn or Poe. Some run with other variables depending on luck.
But i have no problems defeating them. I am sure if it was a human playing i would get defeated the majority of times but the computer is not so bright :)

It is a very new server and I am level 48 and the highest level guy is level 51 (he has 2 x 7star 2 x 6star and 1x5star so he has spent money and the guy on the top rank at the moment)

I played this game 7 days on my first account before i installed it on my computer and created another account and have played for another 8 days so still new to this. Luckily for me it seems so is most of the people playing on my server so not at a heavy disadvantage :)


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