Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    -Looking for active Level 85 players
    - We are at 94 mil GP
    - A solid GP is just as important as the Toons that make that GP.
    - Looking For Deeper Roster That Can Help Contribute For TBs and TWs
    - HRancor on farm in under 15 minutes after 24 hour 0 damage registration.
    - HAAT on Farm in under 1.5 hours after 24 hour 0 damage registration.
    - Running Tier 5 Sith Raid
    - 33* LSTB
    - 62 Rolo Shards Last Time
    - 35* DSTB
    - 24 IPD Shards Last Time
    - TW 8-5 with Guaranteed zeta mats.
    - Guild Refresh is 6:30pm EST
    - Raid Times are 9:00pm EST
    - We use discord and have a VERY friendly player base.
    - we pull 27-28k tickets a day
    - Looking for people to pull their weight. Meaning 600, proper TB & TW deployments. (With understanding that real life happens.)
    - Ally Code 911-593-924
    - Discord - mjd2192#0855
    - Line - mjd2192

    Feel Free To Chat With Our Officers If Interested.
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    Open enrollment in krath council
    We are a fun team driven, highly organized guild, looking for a couple more members who love swgoh as much as we do. Many of us have been playing together for 18+ months but are vary inclusive.

    About krath council
    115m guild
    40LS/36DS tb stars
    9 raids a week
    We are vary close to going HSTR

    We are looking for someone who
    Has jtr/cls/tharwn
    Can earn rolo/ipd
    Earns 600 tickets daily
    Uses discord
    Minimum 2m gp

    If this sounds like you, our door is open and you can search 'krath council' in game and just walk right in. If you have any questions just ask.
    Procapper #9268
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    Looking for 4 players to join our guild the GhostsOfSparta!

    97m guild and run HPit, HAAT and T6 Sith. Approx 35LS/34DS TB stars and win most of our TW's.
    Fun strong group looking to progress with the right people.

    What we are looking for:
    Uses Discord, Minimum 2m gp

    Hit me up on here on on Discord
    Don Pedro X#5134
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    The Corellian Refugees, an independent guild, has room for 2 new members! We have a couple retiring players who are getting in their 600 until we can replace them. Looking for 1.8M+, with RJT. We're a relaxed yet dedicated group, free of drama. You'll find that we're more about community than we are compliance - rules are simple, and we succeed as a team.

    GP is 107M and rising by over 1M/week. 36 stars in the last DS TB, and 34 in LS, with increases each time. Players who join tend to stick around - average lifetime raid tix = 140K+.

    600 raid tix per day is appreciated, and most hit that mark, but try for at least the 540 free ones - the more tix we earn the more often we raid. We all have days when we miss it. Hit it the next!

    Guild activities reset at 7:30 PM US central time, and we launch raids at that time. hRancor & hAAT have a 24 hour join period so all can get in on the loot. Running T5 Sith raids now, FFA from the start. hSTR is our goal. Almost 3/4 of us have RJT now, so we're only weeks away at our rate of growth...

    Discord is our official communication channel (keithereal#8467). PM me here or there for more details, providing or ally code, or visit Hope to have you join us!
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    La guilde Mouss'Team (67M GP - 46/50) est une guilde francophone pour tous les gens motivés et sociables.

    Nous recherchons de nouveaux joueurs afin de compléter le groupe. Pour cela, nous recherchons des joueurs actifs sur tous les fronts (TW, TB, raids). Nous n'avons pas de minimum de GP requis formellement, mais nous visons actuellement une progression dans le raid Sith (actuellement T5), donc un minimum est malgré tout attendu. Disposer de JTR est un gros plus.

    Nous sommes une guilde dans laquelle règne une excellente ambiance. L'ensemble des membres sont présents sur Discord, sur lequel les membres s'entraident et partagent.

    En TW, nous sommes actuellement à 25 victoires pour 5 défaites.

    En TB, Nous sommes à 24 * LS et 25 * DS.

    Si vous êtes intéressé par notre guilde, n'hésitez pas à venir vous présenter sur notre discord !

    A bientôt en jeu,
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    Another TW! Another win! 1 last minute spot opening for this TW.
    Empire Manadalore:
    150M+ 20 Wins, 43 LS/45 DS.
    HSTR completed in 2-3 hours after 24 zero damage period
    7:15pm and 9:15pm ET raid times
    LOTS of MEMEs
    We want to bring the right person:
    HSTR Teams ready: Just 2 (we kill it in 2 hours with people posting 0s)
    TW: Ready and willing to help
    GP: 3M+ (it helps with those stars in TB)
    Attitude: Positive and ready to kick ****
    message me here or on discord at Haukefusa#9754
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    CarRamRod is looking to fill 7 spots!
    We have 43 members at 97.6 mil GP and 26 wins with TW. We do Haat, Hrancor, t5 STR. We are looking for active players who want to progress.

    1.5mil GP or higher
    Participate in STR, TB, and TW (that you sign up for)
    Max out daily tickets
    Join our discord channel

    Search for us CamRodRad, hit me up on discord Cahhmakt#4604 or send an ally request 755-786-681 if interested!
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    XD Gaming is looking to fill 5 slots!
    I am one of the officers for my guild and can field any questions you might have. Feel free to message me here or via Discord (see below)
    Discord Username: NJO Warrior #4762
    Raid times: Right now they vary a bit, but will be stabilized soon. Almost always end up doing raids between 5-7pm Pacific Standard Time.
    Heroic Rancor: Typically twice per week
    Heroic Tank: Typically once every 5 days (working on getting to twice per week, but that's why we need new players!)
    ****Note: We do a wait period for Rancor (24 hours) and Tank (normally 12 hours) because we can complete them relatively quick once attacks begin.
    Sith Raid: Currently doing a tier 3 raid every 3 days, but will bump up to tier 4, which is what we used to do. We decided to stick with lower tiers to increase frequency of guild currency. We have completed Tier 5 once.
    Territory Battles:
    Light Side: I think about 18-19 stars
    Dark Side: 21 stars
    Territory Wars: Almost always win! Right now we currently have 23 victories.
    Minimum expectations: Daily player who participates in raids and guild events and get minimum 450 tickets. We obviously want the max 600, but we are a little more casual and recognize some people play this game who still have busy schedules. Just try to stay as involved as possible.
    Minimum player level/GP: No strict minimum, although we definitely prefer having players over level 65 for Guild event participation. If lower than level 65 but wanting a good guild to grow in, please message!
    Additional fun fact: We have an active community on Discord, and we are more than willing to private message back and forth to provide insight and suggestions on teams to build or how to do an event.

    Message for Details!
  • Dk_rek
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    Darkened Stars ALMOST HSTR ready

    95MGP we have 48 members but would take up to 10+ on a merge. Like every guild we have a few slackers that do not want to participate in HSTR... IF your ready to take their place We are the ones to join

    We are getting extremely close to being HSTR ready.

    I think we are 27-6 (around there) in TW

    HPIT HAAt on max farm

    If YOUR looking and looking to be in a HSTR guild this is it. We are almost there

    our only requirement is HSTR teams at least one of them and that you join discord.

    Join us and lets get that G12+ Search for us in guild search or contact me here or on Discord


    WE are close
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    The Nightbrothers guild has five spots open. Come join legendary players like: P, Sirblackychan, RWBY, Valdmir Putin, puqfan and Your Mom!!!!

    Want in?!? message me on Discord at NavjuJocum#5461


    We are a active, stable, fun guild that is basically all f2p (we have been around since the beginning):
    • GP: 88 mil (+ you!)
    • Raids: Heroic pit and HAAT (obvi!) and T5 sith (improving this is our top priority)
    • TB: about 30*
    • TW: we generally kick butt and take two zetas

    • be generally active
    • have fun
    • be > lvl 85 and 1.5 mil GP (unless you are super cool and we might make an exception :) )
    • get 600 or close to it most days
    • at least deploy in each phase in TB
    • participate in tw
    • sync your roster on
    • have more fun

    but if you let us know ahead of time, no problem being inactive a few days for vacations/real life stuff.

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    Siege Battalion is lookin for up to 8-12 members
    Would like to get players averaging almost 1 million GP or above.
    We are currently set to only have players level 85 but contact me and we may be able to work it out if you are close.
    We get appox 17-19 in TB
    Really close to Haat that is why we are looking for players and Hpit is no issue, Tier 3 Sith Raid just to keep it moving.
    A profile in would be great but we don't require and outside chat app
    600 daily tickets or very close and participation in all guild events.
    We’ve got a total of 50 million GP right now and 45 members.
    Open to discussion on a small guild (8-12) merging with us and we can offer an officer slot for the leader.
    If interested or would like discuss further please message me here
    Or in game: 599-922-333 Garz Huun
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    Hola, Legión es un Gremio hispanohablante con gente de Argentina, México, Colombia y USA que está en busca de 4 Miembros para llenar los slots vacíos.

    Las características de nuestro gremio son:

    - 94 mil. GP.

    - 22 TW ganadas.

    - 34*DSTB y 33*LSTB próximos a 35* y 34* respectivamente.

    - 3/4 HRancor y 2/3 HAAT por semana.

    - Sith Raid Tier V camino al VI.

    - 30 JTR actualmente en el gremio.

    - SWGOH.GG:

    - Horarios rotativos en HRancor (16hs. -3 GMT y 23hs. -3 GMT) y fijo en HAAT (21hs. -3 GMT) horario Argentina.

    - Nos organizamos vía WhatsApp.


    - GP mayor a 1.5M.

    - Cumplimiento diario de los 600 tickets.

    - Participación activa en TW, TB y Sith Raid.

    - Tener a JTR para el Sith Raid y/o en su defecto contar con los teams necesarios para las otras fases (ChexMix, NS)

    El objetivo actual del gremio es llegar al HSTR lo antes posible, debido a ello se piden los personajes y teams necesarios para lograr dicho objetivo.
    Cualquier interesado mandarme un mensaje privado por acá o una solicitud de aliado en el juego, mi código de aliado es 531-854-387.

    Atte: Giga Zest.

  • Jim644
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    Hi my name is Jim and I'm a member of a newly formed hstr ready guild called Bacon the hut. We are currently in the building process but are a formidable group of veterans and whales. We are looking for a few new faces to help fill in the open spots asap so we can complete our team.
    Mainly US based but have some European elements.

    What we require
    Min 2.5 mil GP
    Daily 600 Tix
    Full participation in TW, TB and HSTR.
    JTR and other HSTR squads are a must! We plan on hitting the ground running!!!
    An active account.
    Be an active participant in chat.
    We use line for main chat.

    We do not have set times for raids at this time but they will most likely, be on a rotation to allow full participation.
    We also expect people to be active in chat. Sharing ideas, theories, supporting guild mates and advice is how we like things. Plus it's more fun.
    If your interested or want more information then contact me via line ID 25036644 or our leader Darth poop id darthpoop

    Thanks and may the force be with you
  • Heiboca
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    The knights of Nerule. We have a 17m GP and 28 players. We are growing everyday and would love to have more players. We are doing Heroic Pit, and currently do NAAT. Tier 2/3 Sith raid. For any more questions or comments you can reach me on discord at #heiboca4039
    My ally code is 788-971-247
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    we are looking for 10-15 active guild members who can be counted on to participate in all raids, guild events, and chat.
    we do 2-3 HPIT, T4 SITH, and T6 AAT and generally win about 50/50 of our TW's.
    we prefer that new members have at least one character 6k power/7*
    lvl 70+
    sign up for all TW's and participate in all raids and TB's.
    500+ tix p/d
    guild name is "Rancor Food"
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    It's BBQ Friday at Aunt Beru's BBQ Hut!!!
    123+ Million GP Guild looking for ONE member.
    That's at least 2 zetas each TW, win or lose, guaranteed!
    Putting together heroic STR, going for real soon, come join!

    We have one space available. We are looking for 2 million GP (or close to it) 600 daily energy. We rotate raids +6hrs after each, 24hr 0pt participation hit. We get 39-40 stars on both TBs.

    We are a laid back group, we truly are family because a lot of us have been gaming together for years. We have the experience in getting things done, we work well together and we just have FUN first! We use group me chat app, so come talk to us and see if we are the right fit for you.

    Click here to join:
  • goat13
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    Join the Notorious Separatists!!!!
    Only accepting members right now with a focus towards the Sith Raid. JTR and CLS are a must.
    We get 29-32 stars each TB and get a zeta or 2 each TWars.
    Haat and Hpit, Tier 5 Sith Raid.
    Currently working on a farm list as we gear up towards HSTR.
    We do require Discord( a free app ) for communication, a profile in
    600 daily tickets and participation in all guild events.
    We’ve got a total of 81 million GP right now and 45 members.
    Open to discussion on a merger of a small nature.

    goat13#0149 North American Recruiter
    DarthJarJar#6816 European Recruiter
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    Very Organized Guild with No Drama looking for an active player!

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    Doombringer is recruiting. We are a mature guild that likes to achieve, without the pressure of constant demands. This is a game and we like to keep it that way.

    TB: 39/40*
    TW: 27-3
    Raid Times: 2pm EST / 8pm CEST
    We have a large group of players from EU (France, UK, Germany) and the rest US/rest of the world.

    What we are looking for: Currently we are looking for a small group (around 5) that are HSTR or near HSTR ready players. Our first attempt we reached 38% in P3 with some people on vacation. Your roster should be near 2m GP and have some teams that can help. We want members that like playing this game, want to help grow with our guild and that will participate in our community through in game chat and on Discord.

    What we can offer is a drama free and stable guild. We are coordinated for all guild events. We will not pressure you to farm anything specific and we understand RL is more important than this game.

    Contact me on Discord under Mixelplux#7543 if you are interested.
  • Dk_rek
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    Darkened Stars ALMOST HSTR ready
    95MGP we have 48 members but would take up to 10+ on a merge. Like every guild we have a few slackers that do not want to participate in HSTR... IF your ready to take their place We are the ones to join
    We are getting extremely close to being HSTR ready.
    I think we are 27-6 (around there) in TW
    HPIT HAAt on max farm
    If YOUR looking and looking to be in a HSTR guild this is it. We are almost there
    our only requirement is HSTR teams at least one of them and that you join discord.
    Join us and lets get that G12+ Search for us in guild search or contact me here or on Discord
    WE are close
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    The Beginners Guide to the Galaxy
    UK Based Guild
    All is welcome new/old/returning/those that want to help a guild grow
    45 million GP
    49/50 members but a few have gone inactive so room for a few still.
    The Pit is heroic 24 hour zero score for level 81 and above. Launch time 1800 then post score at 1900 next day.

    Tank is normal but looking to haat with help from some new members

    Sith is tier 4 FFA.

    We have tactics for Territory Wars
    Territory Battles at 14 for Lightside and 21 for Darkside.

    All we ask is for our members to be active and do the daily 600.
    We are a friendly helpful bunch and will help anyone with any issues and we ask for our members to be the same.

    Discord is a must.
    Either message me in game.
    My ally code is 168-871-733.
    Or message me on discord
    Thomer Ellshr#9292
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    Space Canucks is an active guild with solid core squads of lvl 85; 1.5mil galactic power

    Currently have 35/50 members for 37mil gp. lots of donations from stronger members to help you grow quicker

    Run T7 pit (500k dmg limit), HAAT (no limit) and T4 Sith raids (no limit)

    No minimum GP or lvl needed. just come be active.
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    Might Heroes is currently looking for 4 players to join us!

    We are an active guild - we take the game seriously and expect our members to participate and do their best, but we also understand that people cannot give 100% all day every day. We strike a balance between the game and the real world! We are currently in the process of turning up the level of our commitment guild-wide to better compete in TW and move onto HSTR. We do our best to give good advice and support one another!

    110 million GP guild
    Reset time: UMT (UK-based guild)
    Raid time: 1930 UMT (2030 HAAT if Rancor falls on the same day)
    HRancor, HAAT, and T5STR, hopefully moving up to T6 soon.
    TB: 35DS/33LS
    TW: 19-7

    We are looking for committed players that do their best to contribute to the guild in all facets of the game (Raids, TW, TB, Raid tickets)
    Applicant should have a minimum of 2 million GP
    We are looking for applicants with CLS, JTR, Thrawn, and the standard squads for TB, or for players that are actively working toward these teams.

    My Discord ID is Old Ben#7242. We look forward to hearing from you!
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    -Fear the Hunters is an independent guild looking for two active Level 85 players

    - We are currently at 97 Million GP, and need two more players to put us over 100 Million

    - Looking for deeper Rosters that can help contribute to TBs and TWs

    - HPit is on farm after 24 hour 0 damage registration (15 minute minimum wait before posting “solo” damage).

    - HPiT Raid time is 17:00pm EDT

    - HAAT is on farm in under 1.5 hours after 24 hour 0 damage registration.

    - HAAT Raid time is 11:00am EDT

    - We will be launching the Tier 6 Sith Raid tomorrow, and will start working on Heroic requirements. However, we typically farm the Tier 4, which takes around 24 hours.

    - We launch the Sith Raid whenever we have the tickets, and do not have a zero damage registration period.

    - 33* for LSTB and DSTB

    - Our TW record is 13 Wins and 3 Losses, since the change to scoring was implemented back in February, so our norm is getting two Zeta mats per event.

    - Guild Refresh is 1:30pm EDT

    - We use discord and have a VERY friendly player base.

    - Looking for people to pull their weight. Meaning daily 600, proper TB & TW deployments, and continue working toward farming Sith Triumverate Raid requirements (just give us a heads-up if you’re going to be away for a few days on vacation, or whatever; that’s not a problem at all.)

    - Ally Code 422-731-472

    - Discord - Val Galahadred#2036
  • MeshmeZ
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    We're a group of 3 guilds (1 HSTR, 2 working toward it) within a larger alliance, working closely together to build up the 2 non hstr guilds. We're looking for approximately 20-25 players who are active and interested in being competitive to fill out the 2 lower guilds.

    Our plan is to fill out the lower guilds with active competitive players, then shuffle players from the HSTR guild to make all 3 HSTR capable.

    send me a message for more info.
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    We are Revans New 0rder.
    We are 25 members strong currently looking to grow our ranks.
    We are currently running H pit, haat and T4 of STR, currently working on our Hstr teams.
    If your almost there, or want a little help, we offer squad building and mod placement help.
    We're just a group of guys that love the game and are very active, ZERO drama.

    Message me if you want more info.
    @ Mattnific3nt #4997
    ALLY CODE- 442-294-482
    Join us on discord,
  • Mattnific3nt
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  • Mattnific3nt
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    We are ~ Revans New 0rder ~

    Guild GP 25 mil
    (Currently working on getting our account updated)

    We are a group of around 20 that left our last Guild because of an absent leader
    and it was too casual, most here are ex military, we all play everyday
    Everyone is really chill and we are all very active in chat.

    We want our guild to be more structured without making the game feel like more work,
    I can ensure that with my very active officers,
    someone will always be able to give you a quick response to any questions you might have.

    We all have lives, we understand real life comes 1st, If you know you will be absent
    for more then one day,As long as its posted in our discord, take off as long as needed.

    In Game Chat sticky bar updated regularly, to stay current.

    We Currently run:
    Heroic Rancor (24hr Registration period)
    (Members without 7* Raid Han get priority damage)

    HAAT (24hr Registration period)

    Tier 4 STR (Currently prepping for T5)

    TB (14* On last one) and we need 2 more members to start our TW's.

    Guild Requirements:

    ~ Must maintain 600 tickets daily

    ~ Level 80 min

    ~ Preferably have JTR,Thrawn,and at least be prepared to get CLS next time around

    ~ Must be active in all guild events

    ~ Any members accruing an absence over 7 days will be DAS BOOTED

    If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or any of my Lords.
    @Mattnific3nt Ally Code: 442-294-482

    Enforcment Officer:
    @DragginNutz Ally Code: 244-967-576

    TB Coordinating Officer:
    @APumbaaBombawee#4091 Ally Code: 732-256-342

    24hr Discord bot and in game support Officer:
    @Sysmai Ally Code: 128-896-187
  • Solaros
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    400n is the U.S. EST Raid (9pm) or mid-day AUS raid (11am) squad of ANZGC.

    ANZGC is the premiere SWGOH guild for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia

    400n looking for active players to join our team of competitive members. We are looking for people who want to help us develop further as a guild and make further progress on game events.

    What we are looking for:
    • Ideally above 1.5mil GP (will consider lower for the right person)
    • Completes 600 tickets daily
    • Active in all aspects of the game (TW / TB / STR)
    • Discord required for communication

    What we offer:
    • Guild GP of ~87mil
    • Raid times 21:00 EDT (US) / 11:00 AEST (AUS) with a ~24HR 0 damage period in place.
    • 3 x HPIT and 2 x HAAT weekly

    We are not a HSR Ready guild. We do have strong member base developing squads for this event and promotion opportunities exist into such guilds within ANZGC.

    Current Vacancies: 1-2

    **Contact Solaros#1771 on Discord** for further information.
    If we don’t meet your Guild requirements we can also assist you in finding something more suitable within the 20+ ANZGC guilds.
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