Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over the world. We are active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

    A bit more about us:

    GP 116m, (49/50) HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, Daily refresh is at 1am, Arena payout at 7pm, Ship Arena payout 8pm. All times BST (GMT+1).

    Both raids begin with 24hr registration period. After that HAAT is free for all, but Rancor is limited to one attack per player and we ask that those able to solo the raid allow 15 minutes from raid start before registering their score. Rancor starts at 7pm BST, HAAT at 8pm BST.

    Just had our first attempt at HSTR, made it to about 75% of phase 1 but need to strengthen our JTR teams a little to progress. Will be running T5-6 with Heroic attempts every couple of weeks until we beat it.

    TB DS 40 stars, LS 38 stars.

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part fully in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 1.5m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are very active and improving fast. JTR ready to go would be a bonus. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment server at:

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    Our guild is now 49 strong with a GP of 39M but we need your help to fill our ranks.

    We are a friendly, active but relaxed guild that runs both heroic pit and heroic tank raids.
    We are now looking for players of any level to help us grow.
    Players are asked to try and contribute every day but we don't have a token limit.
    Really looking for committed, active but relaxed players to help us grow this friendly guild.

    We use discord to organise and socialise. This is a guild requirement.
    Check us out there to see if you like how we play:

    Ally Code: 275-713-298
    Guild Name: xXThoseLeftBehindXx
    Time Zone: United Kingdom (GMT +0)
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    Revenge Alliance
    Our guild stats:
    GP 114M+
    Dark = 38 ⭐️
    Light = 38 ⭐️
    HPit: 3-4 times a week, 24 hours no damage rule applies.
    HAAT: 2-3 times a week, 24 hr no dmg rule applies
    STR: Currently alternating between Tier 4 and 5
    What we expect of you:
    Line is Required
    Signup for
    TB/TW participation compulsory (within reason).
    GP > 1.5m but negotiable depending on your characters/teams.
    600 tickets (daily)
    If you're interested please contact one of our leaders on Line: diablos17 or Nolocke
    You can look at our alliance here:
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    Muchos Nachos is looking to fill a couple of vacancies. We are a laid back guild and only ask you to be active! If you enjoy the game, without pressure, with few requirement, come on over! Be active, Have Fun again! Stop by our discord server or contact me directly - MasterOfNone#8536

    *58M GP Organized Guild
    * HAAT
    * TW record: 25-6
    * TB Dark side 18, Lightside 21
    *T4 Sith

    *1MIL GP (negotiable)
    * account (we can help you set one up if you don't already have one)
    *Happy friendly disposition =0

  • Seknos
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    Doombringer Heroic Rancor & Heroic AAT on farm, usually at 2pm EST / 8 pm CET.
    3 rancor and 2haat per week, hstr as often as possible.
    TB 38*+, TW 28-3. We ask for 600 tickets.

    We are recruiting 2 strong new members with teams ready for HSTR. We managed to beat our 1st Heroic STR July 5th.

    Respect, always improving, helping one another and fun are our core values. At Doombringer every single member matters, we will provide everyone the tools to grow and get a better understanding of the game. If you share those values and wanna unlock the mighty Traya, come & join us.
    You can contact us on Discord : Zetana#8176. Mixelplux#7543.
    Discord& profile = mandatory.

    May the force be with you.
  • phards
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    Have you got JTR are you 1,5 mill gp or above. Have you been unfairly booted from your guld. If so and you can find us join Cantina :)

    Looking for friendly daily active players. We use Line for our group chat, all members are helpfull and supportive. We still have ex members in our group chat giving out advice and tips, see were that friendly even when they leave they never readly do:)

    My line ID is phards77
    Ally code: 547-233-113
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    Guild name: DO NOT OR DO THERE IS NO TRY
    Username: FraislebemRafael
    Ally code: 434-987-491
    i'm from Brazil, so my GMT is -03:00
    we are starting a guild, so we're struggling to get enough raid tickets yet....
    we are searching for players who do the 600 daily tickets so we grow up fast!!! (it's not that hard no matter what level you are)
    no minimum level requirement!
    Add me as an ally or search for the guild and just JOIN don't try!
  • Mandragon
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    Rebel Academy

    Discord Link:
    Recruitment Thread:

    We are looking for new active members who want to grow together through all the content the game has to offer! Our rules are simple and straight forward. Our crew has a no drama policy and has little tolerance for repeat rule offenders. We like those who want to learn, grow and game together!

    Guild Info
    • Guild GP: 34M
    • # of Members: 41/50
    • Reset Time: 10:30 EDT / 7:30 PDT
    • PIT: Heroic (Get your Solo Shards now!)
    • Tank: Tier 6 (Close to being ready for Heroic)
    • Sith: Tier 3

    1. No abusive or toxic players. Harassment with other players will not be tolerated.
    2. Players who are away for an extend periods are expected to post an ETA of their return date. Otherwise they run the risk of being removed after one to two weeks.
    3. Heroic raids have special rules. They are posted in game and in discord to remind. If unsure what to do then join the raid to get the rewards.

    What we are looking for
    • We are looking for players who are Lvl 80 or higher
    • Looking for players with a GP of 500K or higher.
    • Players who can participate in all types of events. (Raids, Territory battles, Territory wars)
    • Players who have discord and can sync their account to

    Tools we use
    • Discord

    We have an open channel in discord for new people to join. All are welcome to meet the guild, ask questions and learn what we are all about.
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    **Falcon Force Ascended**
    68mil GP -

    **More than 28k Tickets Daily**

    Come join our recruiting server and meet some of our officers

    We are looking for someone who wants to be in an active guild that farms HPIT and HAAT.

    Currently running T4 Sith Triumvirate Raid

    - Hoping to have Han Solo and General Kenobi shards
    - We raid @ 8pm EST (3x Pit & 2x Tank / week)

    __Now what are the requirements for Falcon Force you ask__

    **Well...they're pretty simple:**

    1. Have a minimum GP rating of 750k (if you’re close or very active please contact me)
    2. Have a public account
    3. Get your 600 daily raid tix so you & the guild can maximize territory battles & raiding opportunities (400 is the minimum amount allowed)
    4. Be active on Discord
    5. Be a positive influence in the community
    6. Have fun

    If this sounds like a guild you want to be a part of, and thrive in, **Please join our Recruiting Discord Server** and introduce yourself.

    **Or .. you can find me on discord @ RockyScott#2112**
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  • goat13
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    Join the Notorious Separatists!!!!
    If you’re looking for a solid community that can help you in all areas of the game, this is it. We can help you focus and grow your roster by maximizing your rewards.
    We get 29-32 stars each TB and get a zeta or 2 each TWars.
    Haat and Hpit, Tier 4/5 Sith Raid. All raids on auto launch with a 24hr join period.
    Currently working on a farm list as we gear up towards HSTR.
    We do require Discord( a free app ) for communication, a profile in
    600 daily tickets and participation in all guild events.
    Our reset time is PST based but we’ve got members across North America and in Europe as well.
    We’ve got a total of 78 million GP right now and 43 members.
    Small incoming mergers or a sister guild needing guidance would be welcomed.

  • Boda
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    Croatian guild CrobiWans looking for active players

    guild GP: 87m
    Heroic pit, HAAT, tier V sith raid

    Looking for:
    Active players with min. 1.7m GP
    - 600 Daily raid tickets
    - active partitipation in TB and TW

    Ally code: 668-377-655
    Discord: Boda #8756
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    The Beginners Guide to the Galaxy
    UK Based Guild
    All is welcome new/old/returning/those that want to help a guild grow
    46 million GP
    48/50 members. Have grown over 10mi GP in over a month and that is through a dedicated bunch growing together.

    The Pit is heroic 24 hour zero score for level 81 and above. Launch time 1800 then post score at 1900 next day.

    Tank is normal but looking to haat with help from some new members

    Sith is tier 4 FFA.

    We have tactics for Territory Wars
    Territory Battles at 14 for Lightside and 21 for Darkside.

    All we ask is for our members to be active and do the daily 600.
    We are a friendly helpful bunch and will help anyone with any issues and we ask for our members to be the same.

    Discord is a must.
    Either message me in game.
    My ally code is 168-871-733.
    Or message me on discord
    Thomer Ellshr#9292
  • Jovis
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    PutItInAlderaanPlaces is a fun and active guild striving to become a heroic Sith Triumverate Raid guild. We are looking for like-minded players who are active in the game, willing to join us for fun conversations and fellowship through the LINE App, and are committed towards building the teams necessary to complete hSTR.

    What we are looking for:
    • Strive to earn 600 tickets daily
    • Line for battle coordination
    • profile
    • Participate in all guild activities. If you have to miss something due to "real life", just inform any one of the officers or myself. We understand life comes before the game. Always.
    • We would like members of at least 1.2 mil GP, but in special circumstances we will accept lower GP.

    Who we are:
    • 56mil GP and 36/50
    • Guild reset is 7:30pm EDT
    • HRancor at 2 pm EDT
    • HAAT cycle starts at 10 am EDT, 3 pm EDT, and 8 pm EDT.
    • Currently running T4 STR but will move up to T5 with full roster and keep moving up accordingly.
    • Leadership is very organized, knowledgeable, and devoted.
    • Have an active LINE community where our battle coordination headquarters are.

    If we sound like a fit for you, then send me a message in game, LINE, or here on the forums.
    Ally Code: 443-388-712 (Jovis)
    LINE ID: 443388712 (Jovis)
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    First Order (50M GP)
    Empire (60M GP)
    Blue Squadron 701st (49M GP)

    We're guilds in the xxROGUESxx Alliance and are seeking players with a drive for progression and a thirst for STR dominance!

    Currently we are recruiting players that...
    one - Are 850k+ Galactic Power
    two - Can acquire 600 raid tickets daily
    three - Want a fun, relaxed family environment!

    Come check us out!
  • CaesarAM
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    Casual/competitive guild. Good core group of players who have been together for a while and are happy to learn more from experienced players or help new players grow. Mostly f2p, couple guppies, one or two dolphins. No expectations beyond f2p though. We are 115 million GP and looking for someone to help us crack HSTR. Prefer someone with key characters ready to contribute.

    US based, across time zones with varied Raid start times to accommodate time differences.

    Our participation requirements:
    -400-450 ticket per day average. We try to be flexible if real life keeps you away from time to time, and try to let people spend their crystals on stuff besides refreshes.
    -Participation in Sith Raids
    -Banners for TW, minimum deployment for TB.
    -Willingness to farm some good-of-the-guild priorities.

    Message me on Discord if interested: chaz#1800
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    LeadersThatDontLeave is 128 million GP and looking for two HSTR ready players.

    Raid start times rotate between 1PM EST and 7:30PM EST. Raid rules are in place to maximize payouts. We run three Rancor and HAAT raids per week. We are ready to farm HSTR with two more players.

    You will be a good fit if you have two or more of the following:
    RJT, NS, Chexmix, Imperial Troopers, Bears teams

    Personal Raid Ticket contribution and communication is a must.
    2.8+ million GP

    We are a mature group of players that use the LINE app for guild chat, sharing strategies, etc.

    If you have an interest in being part of a successful, well run guild; contact me for details.
    ~ Stagger Lee

    LINE: st4gg3rl33
    DISCORD: st4gg3rl33#7802
    Ally Code: 486-487-736
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    Imperial Pixel Squad is looking for new members.

    Who are we?
    We are a semi-casual guild with a large group of players who are committed yet with the perspective that this is just a game and life happens. We are looking for active daily players (300+ tix), and are very happy for you to grow with us. No need to be concerned if you aren’t at cap or “HAAT ready”.

    We support our players, providing guidance in events so we optimise our performance and are happy to offer advice where helpful.

    Check out our website for an overview of what we are about.

    Current performance
    • 18+ stars in Territory Battles and generating ROLO shards (improving all the time)
    • Completing Heroic AAT Raids (HAAT)
    • Winning zetas in the Territory Wars routinely

    Minimum: Level 75, GP 750k, active daily

    Other details
    Australian mostly: GMT +10-11 (reset at 13.00 GMT)

    In-game chat with specific topic rooms.

    Raids at 8 pm local time
    • HPit – 24 h join, priority to those w/o 7*Raid Han
    • HAAT – 24 h join, FFA
    • T3 STR – FFA

    Contact Info
    View our SWGOH.GG Page

    Message Lord Votifex in-game: 767-685-256, or just look us up.
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    Come and join the 633 Squadron

    We are a guild with 40 players with a range of player levels so we are happy to take any player of any level as long as they are willing to put the time into the game to level up.

    You need to be able to earn 400-600 raid tickets daily
    Enter all guild event where applicable
    We are currently running:
    Rancor Raid Tier 7 - Join for 24hrs then FFA - Twice a week
    HAAT Raid Tier 7 - Join for 24hrs then FFA - Once a week
    Sith Raid Tier 2 - FFA - 2/3 times a week
    Territory Battles currently earning 11/14 stars per battle
    Territory Wars - 100% win rate
    We are a Guild with 22 mil GP but we hit hard to get the raids done
    We help each other out with gear exchanges and help in the game

    We have an experienced Leader at has been in guilds with high GP but created this guild as he likes to help build players up

    Leader Ally code is: 179-479-948

    Most of all you need to enjoy the game and have fun.

    We are not looking for any alliance or merger.

    If you are interested please message to discuss more.
  • Gannon
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    We need 16 highly active and Heroic STR ready players! Contact info below:
  • DBE3
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    Legion Rancor.
    Looking for people who can contribute to HAAT and Sith Raid (mostly HAAT). We have a 10 day inactivity rule and Heroic Pit on farm. If you are interested or want more information, please DM me on the SWGOH app. My ally code is
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  • wildirish
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    Our guild is called Degenerates of the 1st Order (DFO). We had a member stop playing and another member who wishes to retire. Looking to fill 2 spots! Hop in Discord and say you're a recruit.

  • MeshmeZ
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    3 Guilds - 1 HSTR, 2 around 85mgp (each of the lowers are 40/50 full)

    Looking to add 20-25 active players (merge or individuals) who are still working on their HSTR teams to fill the guilds. Once the 2 lower guilds are close to HSTR, members from the top guild will join the lowers to help make all guilds HSTR capable.

    Members from the lower guilds are moved up on a weekly basis for hstr rewards with the top guild.
    Everyone shares the same chat rooms as one big community.
    Send me a DM
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    First Order Union is a casual but motivated guild for early to mid level players. Were at 23 mil GP, complete heroic pit multiple times a week and have a winning TW record.
    Very experienced leader and friendly guild with a great core of players looking to help anyone progress and build a lasting guild.

    Only rules are no more than 3 days inactive without notice and joining discord for the strats and memes. Mostly memes.

    Looking for level 75+

    Discord invite to recruitment server below:
  • Bap
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    33m GP Guild looking for players of all levels. Even if you are brand new, we are happy to train you up.

    Message me on Discord: Bap#3465

    Invite to our server:
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    We're a guild of goofy **** that are working hard towards HSTR. We've only just started the grind so even if you're just starting to move towards it yourself, we're more than happy to have you on board! We are all F2P!
    About us:
    -86+m GP
    -34 stars DSTB (32+ IPD shards)
    -31 stars LSTB (64+ ROLO shards)
    -12W/5L TW
    -HAAT & HRAN alternating between 6pm/9am CST
    -STR4/5 on constant farm
    What we're looking for:
    -1.2m GP
    -Active players
    -600 tickets a day
    -TB/TW participation
    -Farming HSTR teams
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    DawnOfENIGMA, the sister guild to Galactic ENIGMA, is now recruiting new members! We have now been around for over a month and are looking for members who are ready to take on a challenge! We are currently at 39/50 members and ready to bring in more!
    Sharing the wealth of experience in our Discord server we are looking for players who would like guidance in the game to grow with us!
    We are happy and willing to absorb a guild in a merger(pending discussion naturally!) but as we are a sister guild, are NOT looking to be absorbed.

    Currently accepting all members lvl 65+ who use Discord and have a account! We also prefer those active in all Guild Events! May make exceptions on level requirement for the right person!
    Join us in our Discord server at:
    Let an officer know you are looking to join and we'll be happy to get you invited! Any mergers we ask that you please contact our leader, CollinnOfENIGMA#3383 on Discord.
    We hope that you will be joining our family soon!
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