full gear 12 piece

we never saw one...


how are the chances to get one?


  • Waqui
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    I never saw one in TB either. However, several of us got a full piece in our first heroic sith raid.
  • hi waqui,

    with the rewards from the t5 sith raid, i got yesterday, we can try the heroic in 2020/2021.
  • Waqui
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    If this is you:


    ... I'm sure you will get there soon. I can't promise you any full g12 pieces, though.
  • jedibaer71
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    you catched me...

    i‘m working on good stith-raid teams. but the rewards of the lower tiers are a shame. since the first sith raid i always was top3 (tier 4/5/6), never saw only one full gear piece and quit participating. the last raid i made some damage to help the guild, but these rewards aren‘t worth the time...
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  • Waqui
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    Well, if your guild mates share your attitude, I see your problem. I hope for you, that at the same time you all work on developing some teams for the raid. There are quite a few teams with common characters that work well.
  • with this reward management they loose players. and the best players leave their old guilds to enter a heroic guild.
    with these rewards the sith raid divides players and guilds. new rey was very hard to get for f2p, but now without „normal“ rewards (nobody expects 3 full gear pieces for a raid), it‘s a reason to quit...
    very frustrating for a guild, if they fight together and they never see the best possible reward...
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