Annoyingly before Palps!

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edited April 2018 Empire Team isn’t quite ready
Needed Palps event to come first!
If I go with a Thrawn lead
Will this team work —> Thrawn 7* lvl 80 (lead), Vader 7* lvl 80, Tarkin 7* lvl 80, TFP 7* lvl 80 and I’ll need to go flat out on RG who’s 21/100 atm...
Abilities are lvl 7, Tarkins AOE Omega.
Mods will be the same 5* health mods I used to beat Thrawn
I can maybe get my team to lvl 82 and a couple more Omega...
(Vader’s AOE and Thrawns Leader ability if it’s an Omega and not a Zeta).

Will this be enough?


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