FTP level 47 short term arena help needed

Here's the team, good enough for top 100:

Chewy 4*, V gear (should be VI gear today)
Dooku 4*, VI gear
Sid, 4*, VI gear
Luminara, 4*, V gear
Counselor, 3*, V gear

Now I know that at least 2, maybe 3 of these will need to be replaced eventually. But in the short run, chewy probably is the least effective at arena, albeit great for PvE and GW. So who (if anyone) do I replace him with in the short run? Absent Bronzium luck, it has to be someone on my current roster. (Because arena and GW shipments are going to Sid and luminara, and the quickest cantina shipment get would be fives, at least a week away.)

Here are the primary candidates:

Talia 4*
Jawa 3*
Resistance trooper 2*
Mace Windu 4*
IG-86 1*
First order Tie Pilot 1*

Some people say replace chewy with Talia, but I don't need the heals and she doesn't hit that hard. Mace is as weak offensively as chewy. The other 4 are low hit points, three of them low *, and all of them, tough to find shards. So just suffer with chewy for now, or sub one of those guys? If so, who?


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