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  • I'll work to find someone from their guild on Discord and get participation stats - when I find them I'll update my post with more precise information.
  • Aliea
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    Current TW
    49 joined for us
    48 joined for them
    Our GP 142 (minus 3 mil for the one that didn't join)

    Their GP 161

    Difference is 19 million


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    Mors wrote: »
    This is a new record for my guild, more than double our GP!!

    Date of TW - 19/10/18
    Our GP - 60mil
    Opposing GP - 133mil
    Number of our members - 32/37
    Number of opposing members - I don't know how to check this

    It's 13 squads per section so I can only assume that means they have a lot less members participating than us

    This isn't entirely correct as we had some from top guild down to help on HSR, they have moved back swgoh.gg is an unreliable source as it's updating as the wind blows
    But yes something is wrong as
    25 Grunts joined and our active GP is 66,263,146 vs yours witch I guess is in the 50-55M range
    Edit: here's the guilds compared with DSR bot
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  • Hello,
    below is our, to this day, biggest gap between Guild's GP we are facing:
    Date of TW: 19/10/2018
    Your Guild’s GP: 53,919,612
    Opposing team’s GP: 123,947,230
    # of my guild members who joined: 41
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 29-30


  • TW: 10/19
    My guild: Dagobah Dermatology. GP 53M.
    Their guild: Total Maximum Firepower. GP 111M.
    My guild participants: 41/48.
    My guild Active GP: 49,374,052 (90% of overall guild GP).... their guild: obviously less than half of their overall GP.
    Squads/sector: 14 ...... so their guild, 27-28 participants.

    I have no hope at all that we'll win, regardless of whether we do or not. and there's no way in hell we're sharing this opponent pick with our guild before the attack phase starts.

    thanks for making the single most exciting part of the game totally suck. and never doing anything about it. don't post in the forum. change the math and make it an actual match.


  • Date of TW: 10/20/2018 and almost every TW past few months

    My Guild’s active GP: +-111 000 000 (115m full guild)
    Opposing team’s active GP: ?????? (142m full guild)
    # of my guild members who joined: 47/50
    # of opposing guild members who joined: ??/50 (43-45 based on 22 squads needed for territory)

    we were facing stronger alliances almost always.... usually it was like 5-10m difference....it was doable... but last few months its almost every time 20-30m different
    last time we were 108m and oponent was 145m

    they are 142m guild so in average something less than 3m per person....so let say at most 7 ppl havent joined, its 7x3m= 21m
    so how it is fair if we are 111mGP against 121mGP active
    also its different to have 110m with half guild that have only few "usable" squads and have 120mGP where everybody has multiple good teams

    i know it cant be 100% fair...but this is too much
  • Go Home CG, you're drunk....

    Really, **** is wrong with u guys?


    @CG_SBCrumb ?
  • Date of TW: 20/10/2018
    Our Guild: Active GP 116mil (117mil over all)
    Opposing Guild: GP 162mil (over all)
    Guildmembers who joined: 49/50 for us
    22 Squads per zone

    In addition:
    Average gp us: 2,3mil
    Average gp opponent: 3,2mil
    Number of Trayas: 13 vs 42

  • TaviRus
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    Date of TW:12/20/2018
    Your Guild’s GP: 90,158,712 Blood Saber Legion
    Opposing team’s GP: 148,240, 349 Samuraizm
    # of my guild members who joined: 48/49
    # of opposing guild members who joined: Similar. same number of teams per zone and same starting score.

    Almost 50m GP difference. on average, every single member of their TW has 1 million more GP that we do.
    edit: added guild names for anyone looking into this further
    2nd edit: we got absolutely rolled. They wiped us and we cleared 4 zones.
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  • Date of TW: 19 October
    Our Guild GP: 87M
    Their Guild GP: 121M
    # of Players our guild: 46
    # of Players their guild: ~40 (19 slots/section)

    Hi again.
    To reiterate - There is absolutely no way possible for your algorithm to realistically consider our two guilds’ rosters to be equal in any way, shape or form. Please see attached images for a comparison (410 zetas vs 998? 322 G12 vs 860?)0cxvh5qmyv71.jpeg
  • Cowboy wrote: »
    I'll work to find someone from their guild on Discord and get participation stats - when I find them I'll update my post with more precise information.

    Shockingly it wasn’t close...


  • USAFmedic129
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    TW: oct 18/19/20 TW
    Our Guild: 79mil GP total between 35 members
    Them: per website 15/50 members listed total 69million GP
    Joined Us: 30
    Joined Them: 25

    Your Match Maker is flawed.

    Each of their nodes was dominated by 1 team member putting down 15 defense teams with a team minimum 87k GP. Example player 1 took north node 1 and put 15 teams down. Player 2 took south node 1 and put 15 teams down. Etc.

  • Member5973
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    We found a strange pattern. We got 3 matches with +20m GP opponents and lost all 3. Then we got 2 fair matches with only 2-3m GP difference in favor of the opponents and won both. And then this „cycle“ started over. Now we are in the 1st stage of the 3rd „cycle“. 166m against 186m. 50 vs. 47/48. They did not clear the map yet but will do so if they don’t find something better to do on a Sunday.

    Edit: from my perspective there is no fair way to treat this outlier phenomenon. One can work around this in statistics and analytics but in the case of this game that’s not possible. Ultimately we will always end up with a small set of unbalanced matches and all they can do over there at CG is try to minimize this set. The question is whether the cost of extending the statistical effort is worth the outcome.

    Edit 2: the map is cleared. These top guilds manage everything actively. No one can convince that they don’t manage TW participation so that they get matched against weaker guilds. The only way to end this is to cut them off from the rest of the guild population.
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  • Date of TW: 10/20/18

    Your Guild’s GP: 151M

    Opposing team’s GP: 175M GP

    # of my guild members who joined: 50

    # of opposing guild members who joined: 47-48
  • Date of TW: 10/19/18
    Your Guild’s GP: 58M
    Opposing team’s GP: 92 GP
    # of my guild members who joined: 43
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 30
  • gt0pnjc4wh8w.jpg
    this is totally broken i'm done
  • 10/29/18

    My guilds GP 70,538,000 wastelanders brotherhood
    Opponent guild name and GP. Hanmabuukie GP 124,843,189
    WB joined members 38/50
    HmB joined players, unknown at time of posting.

  • Kelebdraug
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    29 Oct 2018
    Our guild 117 mil GP, 48 joined, [Federacja] Nowy Początek
    Opponent’s almost 165 mil, joined ?, does it really matter? Los Ewoks contreattaquent
    From what I’ve gathered from screens above (someone fought with them) they have 42 Trayas and 4 Revans with handfull of Bastilla and other meta toons. We have 2 Trayas and one Revan.
    Great job... not @CG_SBCrumb 👎🏼
    I strongly believe that your matchmaking algorithm should take into account Guild’s GP total, not logged. There’s an abysmal hiatus between guilds below 120K and ones above. It’s called hSTR. Guilds with more than 120 mil GP play hSTR on a regular basis, have more G12+ squads, stay competitive in PvP Arena, hence earn even more crystals they can invest in gear and toons. It’s impossible to compete against them, even if they log less players. Hence matching based on guild’s GP is one way to alleviate it. If they log less players, they’ll be at disadvantage. And both guilds will have comparable ammount of high end toons, which will make the TW more fair.

    Detailed comparison:
    GP Total: 112,434,654 vs 164,845,904
    Average Arena Rank: 186,06 vs 93,66
    Trayas: 2 vs 44
    zzTrayas: 2 vs 39
    G11+ Enfys Nest: 6 vs 32
    zBastillas: 13 vs 31
    Legendary Chewies: 21 vs 41
    zBossks: 5 vs 20
    Revans: 1 vs 3
    G11: 628 vs 1307
    G12: 839 vs 1393
    Zetas: 911 vs 1462
    10+ Speed Mods: 2210 vs 4296
    15+ Speed Mods: 454 vs 936
    20+ Speed Mods: 77 vs 154

    Now tell me it’s fair matchmaking @CG_SBCrumb
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    We are 100Mil GP. 48 participating in TW. We have to set 20 defenses per territory. Our average GP is about 2Mil

    We are competing against Disturbing Lack of Faith (link below). They have 40 members. Their guild GP is 117Mil. Their average GP is 2.9Mil. Their lowest GP member (2.4Mil) has a higher GP than 75% of our guild.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how this is going to go. This matchup is extremely one-sided.

    This is the 10/29 TW (hope that's clear).

    They cleared the board and we got through one path of theirs. They also suspiciously added 6 members to their guild during TW without a recruiting post on the forum. During TW and TB is a rare time to get anyone to move between guilds, much less 6. I understand that members don't actually need to leave the guild to skew the matchmaking but maybe they don't know that. It's just suspicious.
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  • Date of TW: 29 October
    Our Guild GP: 86M
    Their Guild GP: 124M
    # of Players our guild joined: 49/50
    # of Players their guild: don’t know

    We have been absolutely crushed in the last ~10 TW because guilds purposefully lower participating members with higher GP to match against guilds with high participation and lower average GP. Can you just change match ups to better reflect average GP or participation rate? As opposed to penalizing guilds with higher participation? We’ve had as much as 60M gp difference before because higher guilds benefit from lowering participation which doesn’t make any sense for a game that wants to maximize participation.
  • TW Date: Attack begins 10/30

    Our GP: 57.1M
    Joined: 42 of 48
    Our Active GP: 52M (90% of total GP)

    Their GP 77M
    Sector slots: 17 (assume 33-34 of them joined)
    Their Active GP - 50-59M (65%-70% of total GP)

  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Hi folks,

    Currently, we don’t see any egregious issues in the data but, after looking at the posts on the forums, it’s clear that we need to investigate further.

    Man, if you don't see it you're not looking. I'm glad you agree that this needs investigation. Just looking at the screen shots in this thread explains a lot.

    I've been tracking my guild's deployments and stats for the last two months in a spreadsheet. I haven't been logging our opponents stats, but there have been a few wars where we look at their front wall and don't even bother attacking. Our best defense has a few 100K+ GP squads, some 90-100K, and mostly 75-90K. 2nd tier would be 55-75K GP squads, and you'll find some 35K squads in the back. Look across the battle field and see nothing but G12 zeta heavy 100K+ GP squads.

    It really sucks when most of your guild is F2P and you've got 32 mackerels and 3 dolphins taking on 45 whales.

    Question for all you guys posting shots from Discord, how'd you get all those stat imported? I'd love to get that data for my spreadsheets as well.

    Matchmaking system suggestions:

    All characters under level 85 and/or gear tier 8 are not used in calculating active GP.

    Consideration for number of zetas and gear tier 12 characters.

    Consideration for number of difficult to farm characters- Traya, CLS, JTR, Revan, Palpatine, Thrawn.

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    DSR Bot
  • 48uyuqmdfw9p.jpg

    Although it states our gp is 147...we lost 3 players so only 47 available to sign up. Our current GP is 139m.
  • Date of TW: currently running
    Your Guild’s GP 140.280.672
    Opposing team’s GP: 142.652.057 swgoh.gg data
    # of my guild members who joined: 49
    # of opposing guild members who joined: unknown
    Attach any screenshots of the above info if you have them.

    31 Trayas /15 zzTrayas vs. zzTraya1 on our side
    Around 10% more G12 chars and a lot more Mods with +20
    Could you please check if this works as intendend and give me a short reply?

    Thank you and kind regards,
  • Hey,
    Here are the last one and half months ourstanding TWs where we had big differenc in GP.

    Date of TW: Oct28
    Your Guild’s GP: ~92m
    Opposing team’s GP: ~120m
    # of my guild members who joined: 50
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 50

    Date of TW: Oct18
    Your Guild’s GP: ~90m
    Opposing team’s GP: ~119m
    # of my guild members who joined: 50
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 49

    Date of TW: Sept21
    Your Guild’s GP: ~80m
    Opposing team’s GP: ~120m
    # of my guild members who joined: 50
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 50
    Una salus victus
  • Tommygun1243
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    Date of TW: 28th October 2018
    Your Guild’s GP: 153m (F2P Madness)
    Opposing team’s GP: 192m (Braveheartz)
    # of my guild members who joined: 44
    # of opposing guild members who joined: Not possible to work out, but probably irrelevant

    1 Traya vs 46 Trayas, 2 Revans vs 17 Revans, average arena rank of 187 vs 61, number of +20 speed mods 65 vs 187 should say it all.

    See attached Guild details.



    And this was the result less than halfway into the Attack phase:


    Not a fun TW!
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  • Last several TW we have been overmatched by 30-40 mil GP, 4 out of last 5 at least.

  • Titancross
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    Date of TW: 30th Oct 2018
    Your Guild’s GP: 87 mil
    Opposing team’s GP: 138 mil
    (Difference in GP: 51 Mil)
    # of my guild members who joined: 40
    # of opposing guild members who joined: unknown

    I do not know the tools and functions to track the exact comparison of the guild rosters. But the mismatch is very evident in the war itself. The opposing guild not only managed to eliminate two of our territories within the first hour of the war, one of which had our strongest defense teams on it, but they did it very quickly and easily, barely using extra teams, AND with only 5-7 of their players. Their initial defense is consistently superior to ours. Cannot judge the later defense as we are unable to punch through yet lol.

    On a personal note, and at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, this is frustrating. I know you never intended this, but please do something about it quick. With a problem in every other facet of the game, TW was something we could still depend on for some fun. It's not about winning or losing, but being beaten to a pulp when you're using a toothpick to fight against a cleaver is not fun. I don't need to feel overwhelmed and have my hard-earned roster undermined by a system that doesn't care. God knows we have that in real life already lol, we come here to escape that! Thank you for listening.


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