Star Wars Resistance starts in a week



  • Approximately 3,720 to 1.

    I believe your formula used tangent when it should use cosine. I have 7,492 to 1.
  • extremely unlikely, we didn't get rebels characters until season 3.... if the show is somewhat serious (which it doesn't appear to be), has success (by Dave Filoni alone) we might get some toons in a year or so
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    Rose storyline grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, 3 times as much as the solo movie. If you’re going to judge the quality of something not even out there yet by the number of haters dislikes on a trailer video, you can do that with money right ?
    So The last jedi was 3 times better than the solo movie right ?

    Uh... let’s use logic and reasoning. Would you rather eat at a restaurant with no bad reviews... and a five* rating... or a restaurant rated 1* with 145,000 bad reviews... but makes more money because it’s name is McDonald’s and its a chains.

    If people generally hate something... and it gets bad reviews... generally it is bad. Force awakens grossed more money than the prequels and originals probably all combined... it wasn’t bad. The last Jedi was bad. Just as bad as the “food” served at McDonald’s.

    There is absolutely no logic and reasoning with haters, so no need to use it. 150k dislike for a show that’s not even out there is not logical and not based on any kind of reasoning.
    Your analogy is actually quite good. I’ve eaten at McDonald’s plenty of time. I enjoy it. I won’t burn a Donald’s doll every night before bed like some do with rose and holdo.
    The last jedi is not a masterpiece (really not), i don’t like everything about it (mainly the timeline that makes everything forced and incoherent), but i don’t hate it by any mean.
    And i certainly won’t go after political / gender / racial shenanigans to justify my hate.

    But my message was just a little « taunt », i won’t waste my time arguing^^ I’ll be farming rose and holdo when i complete my 2nd resistance team, i’ll be watching this show, and i’ll be farming the characters from it if they are good whether the show is good or atrocious. Because i’m not a fanatic.
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    Jeez, this got off the rails fast. Locked. A thread about toons from Star Wars: Resistance shouldn't be a discussion about politics, feminism, the character of Rose, etc. This got way too out of hand too fast. Politics, social issues, etc. aren't discussions for the forums.
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