Yoda Event Farming Guide

Requires Jedi
(Note: This will not include Legendary or Raid Characters)
Qui-Gon Jinn: This is a great F2P character for players that are new to the game and works in a non-jedi team. If you don't have Yoda then he is a Go-To character that is perhaps the best Jedi for Beginners who don't have Bastila or any of the Legendaries
Barriss Offee: Another go to character and also has a Go To Zeta which makes her heal really powerful and is a character that Players should farm. Use in the Yoda Event for sure.
Bastila Shan: Harder to get early in the game, but she is great for players that do have her. Don't try to get her to 7 Stars for Tier 7 but she's fine for Tier 5 Unlock.
Ezra Bridger: This has to be a character that you farm. Why? Because if Ezra has Buffs, watch out. He is Farmable in a super easy location: Cantina Node 2-B. Also viable for the Thrawn and Palpatine Events. Must-Use Jedi for this event.
Anakin: Not the best Jedi out there, but is good for Beginners and for a 5 Star Yoda Unlock. Also can do some nice AoE damage.
Ima-Gun Di: Another good Beginner Character that is really underrated. He is a good replacement for Qui-Gon.
Ahsoka: Good beginner character but once you hit level 70-75, there are other great jedi out there, but she is good for a 5 Star Yoda Unlock.
Mace Windu: Moving on to the Suckers of the order, Mace is good for levels 20-30 and then after that he is garbage. Do not Farm EVER.
Old Ben: This character was bad in the old days of SWGOH but once he got reworked he went from eh, to WOW, I WANT THIS GUY! Amazing Tank and is a go to character for this event.
Luminara Unduli: Another good beginner character which is good for a 5 Star maybe 7 Star Yoda Unlock
Kanan Jarrus: Viable in two other Legendary events, Kanan is good for this event, especially with Ezra.
Plo Koon: Moving back to the Suckers of the Jedi, Plo Koon is terrible. NEVER FARM EVER!
Jedi Consular: Don't Farm
Eeth Koth: Is a sucker
JKG: Never farm.
Jolee Bindo: Underrated character that I think as potential with the jedi.
Kit Fisto: Never Farm
Aayla Secura: Farm for Mid-Tier use and is good for this event.
That wraps up my farming guide for this event. Please find this helpful and may the force be with you, players.


  • TBH, a Jedi team for Yoda is pretty simple. Farm Both Kanan and Ezra. They will help for yoda, as well as Palp and are needed for Thrawn. They are also part of a good TW/TB squad(pheonix) and are usable early doors in the arena. Farm Old Ben, you'll need him for CLS and he is still great at end game. QGJ is an easy farm and is useful early on. Ahsoka and Jedi Consular are pretty poor as toons, but are useful for their ship. Mace is well, totally trash as a toon, but you'll want him for his cap ship and you'll unlock him for free via fleet events so he is another option.

    Short version....Farm Old Ben (L), Kanan, Ezra, and pick two from QGJ/Ahsoka/Mace to fill the last two slots. QGJ is the best short term, mace, and Ahsoka better later on due to fleets. JC is probably the poorest of the farms mentioned but his ship is OK. Any 2 of the four will easily complete the yoda event for you.

    There are other great Jedi such as Bastilla, Jolee, Barriss, GK, Hoda etc, but these are long or later game farms so stick with the ones I listed above.
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    If the goal is only GMY, then sure follow this (QGJ, mace, Kanan, Luminara, and Consular) are the easiest and quickest farms.

    If the goal is to efficiently farm and plan to play this game for a long time then farm:

    Kanan, Ezra, Old Ben, Bastilla, and Jolee. This would be the knock out two birds with one stone approach. Kanan and Ezra get you Thrawn. Old Ben gets you CLS. Bastilla and Jolee get you Revan.

    Sure those arent the easiest of the jedi but they are the most efficient if you plan to go after other legendary/hero characters.

    I would even throw Jedi Knight Anakin as an honarable mention because I think we get a legendary Anakin eventually and obviously JKA would be needed.
  • I think given that this is a relatively easy event, my farming strategy would be to farm only jedi that have uses elsewhere or can be farmed from locations that don't interfere with more important farms.

    Given this, I would do the following:

    Cantina: Ezra > Old Ben
    - Ezra is Phoenix so you'll need him early for many reasons, not to mention he's a part of even end-game jedi squads. Old Ben is a good tank and is specifically required for CLS anyway. These two are no-brainers

    Cantina Store: QGJ
    - After you've farmed Chopper and Boba Fett, there are many avenues to take in this store. QGJ is a good candidate and is useful in the event. Farming him after those 2 shouldn't put you in behind on other farms (FOO/Poe/Daka for example).

    Squad Store: Kanan
    - Being Phoenix, he's probably the first toon you'll want to farm from here anyway. Eeth Koth isn't worth farming at all so find the rest of your jedi for GMY elsewhere.

    GW Store: Luminara Unduli
    - Not the best jedi, but the GW store is the quickest farming location in the game so you'll have Zeb and Biggs soon enough. Once you have them, Luminara can quickly be taken to 7* and she works well in the event. Plus, the overall lack of quality here makes it easy to make Luminara one of the earlier GW farms.

    Honestly, that's 5 right there and all you need to unlock GMY. Depending on when you start focusing on unlocking GMY, you may have others available to you (maybe you've started Bastila early or are in a guild that allowed you to get Hermit Yoda or Kenobi). In that case, I'd skip QGJ and Luminara in that order. IGD, Asohka, Consular, etc aren't even worth considering (I wouldn't even bother with their ships). I used Consular on one account just because I had him at 7* through bronziums anyway, but I certainly wouldn't spend any resources farming him.

    The only other 2 I would consider are Bastila and Jolee because they're needed for Revan, but as hard node farms, you'll still be farming them long after you've got the rest to 7*. Do farm them though, but to get GMY go with what I have laid out above.
  • Are you 100% sure that is possible to use BASTILA and JOLEE ?

    Requirements - 7 Star - Gear 8 - Level 80
    Name Zetas ⭐ G L Ready?
    Aayla Secura Locked
    Ahsoka Tano
    7 8 79
    Barriss Offee Locked
    Eeth Koth Locked
    Ezra Bridger
    7 8 79
    General Kenobi Locked
    Hermit Yoda Locked
    Ima-Gun Di Locked
    Jedi Consular
    4 7 60
    Jedi Knight Anakin
    6 9 79
    Jedi Knight Guardian Locked
    Kanan Jarrus Locked
    Kit Fisto Locked
    Luminara Unduli Locked
    Mace Windu
    4 2 6
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
    6 9 79
    Plo Koon Locked
    Qui-Gon Jinn Locked

    ON swgohevents.com in yoda requirements Bastilla and Jolee is missing.
  • Why wouldn't you be able to use Bastila or Jolee? They have a jedi tag, do they not?
  • I wish people would stop thinking swgohevents is always correct or an official source.
  • It (swgohevents.com) probably hasn't been updated since before Bastila and Jolee were put into the game. I'm sure you could use Revan as well and he's not on your list either.

    Not to mention, swgohevents.com is an independent website. It's not an official authority on anything.
  • Do you have to be level 80 for the event? I'm coming up short @ 78 with 7 star: Bastila, Ahsoka, Anakin, Old ben and Ezra.

    I do have Kanan @ 7 star too

    event in "coming soon" from today's date which means in about a month. Hopefully, i can get level 80 by then but it takes so long to level up.
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