Scheduled Update 11/21/2018

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Hi Holotable Heroes!
Today, 11/21/2018, we’re pushing an Update to fix a few issues and prepare for our Anniversary celebration! This Update is scheduled to go live at approximately 11:15am PT

  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Bossk's On The Hunt would sometimes show multiple contract rewards (visual only) when completing the contract with a multi-hit ability
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Kanan Jarrus' Disarming Strike would not trigger Bossk's On The Hunt heal on a critical hit
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug with Canderous applying an additional Damage Over Time effect after each encounter. He will now only apply 1 Damage Over Time effect when damaging an enemy
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue that caused Darth Nihilus’ Unique, "Lord of Hunger,” to not inflict any DoTs at the start of each of his turns in certain scenarios
  • LOCALISATION - Fixed a bug where the description for Bastila Shan's (Fallen) Sith Assault ability incorrectly referenced Potency instead of Critical Chance

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