How good is the sith marauder's extinction class fighter?

I usually run Vader's tie advanced and maul's ship on my fleet. However after seeing the sith marauder's extinction class fighter I've been thinking about doing a complete overhaul for my current fleet. I was thinking of running something like tie advanced, biggs star fighter, hounds tooth, and the extinction. How good is the new sith fighter? I dont want to invest in something that may not be as good as I thought


  • Sith Marauder - bomber
    Sith Assassin - fighter

    Which are you referring to?
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  • Fighter is really bad...

    Not sure I agree with this. It's not a meta defining ship, but it certainly has it's uses. Especially when paired with Vader and the Bomber. Who doesn't want Vader with def pen AND foresight? Not to mention it can bypass protection on debuffed enemies (hello HT).
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  • Bomber works better with sith, so keep the sith.
    Im actually a lower rumg of the lvl 85s, but I find use for it by using ghosts assist and have bomber go next, thus effectively taunting. With sith it does a real taunt.
    It does need a good Marauder though, and (unless yours is already decent) ain't nobody got time for that
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