Casual Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Vader Tots - a Death March Empire Alliance Guild looking for Casual Members
    Death March Empire is a 4 guild Alliance
    Active Guilds
    DeathstarJanitors32 - 128M+ GP - 2 spots open
    Victory March - 141M+ GP - 2 spots open
    Anarchy Empire - 122M+ GP - 0 Spots open :(
    Casual Guild
    VaderTotsDME - Newly formed accepting mergers, new players, and alts - Plenty of room
    All Guilds require Active Discord
    Requirements vary per guild but everyone finds a home

    Contact @Funk Janitor Filique#6070
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    The Zefiro are expecting a vacancy!

    One or more current players have been less than active, despite several nudges. So, perhaps their spot(s) can be yours!

    162m GP, full Heroic, TB 43*. Based in East US time, hitting the raids around 8:05p after a 24-hour join.

    Laid-back but active, we will never micromanage you but can provide all of the guidance you desire. All we ask is your regular participation in events, or a notification when you'll be away...cuz hey, real-life happens.

    Interested parties should have at least 2.5m GP, and/or key squads powered up and ready for action in TW and TB.

    Contact us on Discord (DocDoom#3475) or Facebook (ZefiroGuild)!
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    IJNTS are a relaxed, casual guild of players that like to roster build and compete, without things getting silly!
    Having always had around the 45 active players mark, recently a lot have drifted out of the game so this is a great time to join a guild that will just let you get along with what you want to do – enjoying the game!
    Key Facts about the Guild:
    • GP – 42m
    • Discord – Yes, encouraged by not mandatory.
    • Raids:
    o We have only been running Heroic Pit for some time now, usually a few times a week but whenever up. We would consider running lower levels on occasions if new members needed it.
    o HAAT is exclusively run, and occurs whenever up – usually once a week.
    o Sith Raid – We alternate 4 & 5 whenever up – again, usually a few times a week.
    o We do a 5th tier Sith Raid every 4 days. (Working towards 6)
    • TW & TBs
    o We are over .500 in all the TWs we have participated in and always put up a good fight. TBs we are usually looking at around 15/13 stars for Light & Dark side respectively.
    • Reset is 00:30 UTC.
    Remember – it’s just not that serious… So if that sounds right for you, look us up and join the fun!
    PS – Merger with a 10/15 guild would be considered also, and we would look to give an officer place as part of that. Hit us up to chat.
  • MutineerRA
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    ***update......1 space......117.5mil***

    Mutiners without fears

    2 spaces

    115mil gp

    H raids 7.30pm uk time

    T6 sith opens as soon as we have tickets

    No 600 ticket rule but be as active as possible

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

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    Looking For a new home, this is the place...

    94m GP, average 1.9m per player, guild grows by about 300k per day, so dont we dont sit around

    Currently sitting at 49/50 members so looking for that last person to fill our guild, a couple of alts as well could be moved if the right people apply

    We run Hpit every 2-3 days, and HAAT 3-4, Currently running T6 of Sith which takes around 2 refreshes to complete, so getting close to HSTR, just need work on P3 teams, some final gear upgrades and will be ready

    Raid Times 1900 EST, 1300 NZT

    30-32 Stars from TB's, get around 90% participation in TW, and win a lot more than we lose

    Would expect full participation in all guild events, donations flow fast so want to keep it that way, and ticket generation benefits the whole guild.

    Fun, Friendly, Supportive and finally casual but focused on our goals

    Contact me via PM here, Ally Code 538-284-316 or on Discord RenUrso#0572
  • Tklek_Mklek
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    Guild-Name: Cupcakes and Unicorns
    Guild-GP: 20m :
    LSTB: 11+
    DSTB: 13+
    Ally Code: 874-829-547

    Cupcakes and Unicorns is a laid back guild with a few core members in the 2m GP range. We do Heroic Rancor, and Heroic AAT. We are currently doing 6* Sith.

    We don't worry about how many Raid Tickets you produce in a day, or even if you disappear for weeks at a time.

    For guild members that are high enough, we rotate finishing first in Rancor and HAAT so everyone can get the title.
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  • TK626
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    Imperial Legion
    77M GP

    We need a few more players preferably above 1.25M GP, the higher the better.
    Guild reset 6PM Eastern/11 PM UTC
    Heroic Rancor about every 3-4 days depending on tickets produced. 7PM EST/12PM UTC start time, 24 hr join period, post damage anytime after the join period; normally finished in 8 minutes or so.
    HAAT about every 4-5 depending on tickets produced. 7PM EST/12PM UTC start time, 24 hr join period, post damage anytime after the join period; normally finished anywhere from 2-14 hours.
    STR T6 about once a week, starts immediately after the previous finishes. Working towards HSTR. T6 has been a little faster lately with some better teams.
    TW currently just below 60M GP active participation. We normally win 75%. Looking to break 60M GP with new active players.
    TB generate about 4000+ Guild Events currency, several ROLO shards, several IPD shards. Not sure of the star count

    We would prefer L85 players or close to it with a couple decent teams and a vision towards building HSTR teams (NS 1.0, JTR, Revan, etc.) but not required currently. We are really laid back for the most part and need some daily players with the goal of completing HSTR in the next year.

    Ally code: 227-376-477

    We prefer LINE for guild communication for members, not a requirement, but most of the more serious members use it.

    PM me if interested

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    25 members currently. Looking to fill up to improve at guild events.
    Name - Return of the Darkness
    Recruiter - GradientBiscuit
    Chat app - Add Shagnasty or GradientBiscuit on LINE mobile app and we will add you to the group.
    Raids - Sith Raid Tier V, Heroic AAT & Heroic Pit as often as we can.
    Guild GP - 31m+
    Minimum Requirements - No Minimum level requirements. Happy for new people to join and build themselves up with our help! Be active daily, participate in all guild events and raids to the best of your ability. Any members inactive for 2 weeks or more without notifying us will be removed.
    If you have any questions, message me on here or message Shagnasty or GradientBiscuit on the LINE mobile app.
    Thanks for reading :)
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    Just Sithed Myself is Recruiting!

    We are currently 88 million GP, semi-casual. Life comes first! 6:30 pm CST Raid Start Times.

    We have a fun group of dedicated players who strive for fun and success! We get 30* LS TB, 32* DS TB, Large TW success rate (over 90%), hPit 30 minutes until solos posts, hAAT 30 minutes until solos Post and T6 STR in 2 refreshes! We constantly surprise opposition, come find out how!

    Looking for active, friendly, fun new members to fill our ranks! Any GP is fine, we can help guide you. Veterans, we love working together to grow and learn!

    Currently need 2 members.

    Discord (preferred, not required):

    Hope you find your home!
    -WhoVille Sheriff (Founder) 244-425-158
    WhoVille Sheriff - Ally Code: 244-425-158 -
    Discord: WhoVille Sheriff#3439

    Guild Collaboration Founder: Just Sithed Myself
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    Hallo Zusammen!
    The Guardians of EgoFreezers suchen neue Mitglieder!
    Alles weitere hier:
    Auf bald!
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    Open to join, or contact for an invite! Bruuin: 272-469-151
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    We want you in the Acient Order!
    Guild name: Acient Order
    At 48/50, looking to fill last two spots.
    PM me: "Zax_01" (forums); Ally Code: 272-259-942 (in-game); or reply to this post!
    Please include GP and experience with raids/TB/TW in messages and questions you may have
    Guild Raids: HRancor, HAAT, and Sith Tier 6 all on farm
    Current GP: 113.3Mil
    Activities: active in TB (23 stars) and TW (we have gud stratz!)
    We need you active in the stuff mentioned above.
    Strength in Territory Battles is highly preferred.
    Join the Acient Order!
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    Guild name: Pokébuddies

    Casual guild looking for new members of any level to up our numbers.
    Preferably active players but no strict requirements, just play whenever.

    Looking to get more members so we can do more frequent raids and get that gear.

    Add me in game: 441-768-586
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    Force Neutral Clan is looking for ~5 more players to add to it's ranks!

    We're a work and family friendly guild with active and casual players. We get that life happens and can often pull you away from the game, so we keep things casual. We won't tell you who to farm or how to manage your characters. If you're looking for a guild that will support you and allow you to play at your own pace, join us!

    * Galactic Power: 66 mil
    * Time Zone: United States various
    * Raids:
    * Rancor & AAT: Heroic 2x/week.
    * Sith: T5-T6.
    * Territory Battles: ~25 stars
    * Territory War: Win most of the time.
    * 3rd Party Chat: Discord is used for coordination in TB and TW. We have number of useful bots too.
    * Level 85, ~1 Mil GP, but open to any active player.
    * 500 daily tickets, participation in raids, TB, and TW. 3rd party chat, or SWGOH.GG account is also nice to have.
    * Ally Code: 366-574-228
    * Discord: JavarisJJL#6069

    See you in the game!
  • Jfer
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    Are you looking for a fun, active, growing guild with a passionate player base, but who still acknowledge that this a game and as such realise it should be enjoyed and won't impose draconian rules on you? Then Bobas Shrimp is the guild for you!

    Extremely friendly, active and helpful guild currently with 67mil gp looking for a couple of new long term players to help us build toward our long term goal of completing Heroic Sith.
    We are an international guild with members in Australia, UK, Europe, USA and others looking for players all over the world. We are currently running Heroic Pit and HAAT regularly. For players who don't have a 7* Han yet we prioritise you with a 200k damage limit on players with a complete Han. Raid start rotates by 12 hours each time to cater for people in different parts of the world. HAAT uses a 24 join period and podium finishes are reserved for those who don't have a 7* GK.
    We have a very active player base and are very helpful and supportive without ever being pushy or demanding. We have a great mix of humorous, informative and tactical chat.

    If all this sounds like what you are looking for then contact Jfer ingame at ally code 348-916-131

    Bonus point if you spot the guild name's movie reference!
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    ◦ Guild Name: Venezuela side
    ◦ GP: 82 millions
    ◦ Open Positions: 1
    ◦ Guild Activities Reset Time: 23:00 UTC
    ◦ Raids: Heroic Rancor (done in few minutes, 3 times a week); Heroic AAT (done in few hours, 2 times a week), Sith Tier 6 (done in 4 days).

    We are a very united and active team but not that extremely like others. We have members from many countries; Venezuela, USA, Spain, Brazil, Germany and France.

    Our rules are:
    ◦ Player level 80 or higher.
    ◦ 24hrs of 0 damage for HRancor and HAAT.
    ◦ Sith Raid immediately restart when finished or tickets available.
    ◦ We kick out members with more than 5 days of inactivity, unless it was previously notified this absence.
    ◦ Follow few basic and simple instructions for territorial battles and wars. This way we can coordinate our team effort.

    Apart from above...
    ◦ We don’t pretend or demand to spend crystals to reach 600 daily tickets (but if you get close or at least 400 this will be appreciated, because that allows us a better frequency of Raids).
    ◦ We don’t force you to join LINE o DISCORD; but we do have a Whatsapp group chat to coordinate and help each other in a more effective way because with the game chat this matter still a little bit more difficult. However if you want to communicate by game chat only, it’s ok for us.

    We want to keep developing and growing as guild to reach all Heroic Raids, 48 stars in territorial battles and win all Territorial Wars we participate in!

    If all above sounds good to you, you can look for us and join since we are open guild option in the game.

    Hope I can see you soon in our team!
    Syon Knox
    Ally code: 534-761-556

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    - were a bit more than casual, we expect 600 energy and Tb participation

    we were 190mil as of last week, beating everything except the last dark side TB star.

  • Hanu
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    Guild name: Exiledontatooine
    GP: 190M
    Timezone: U.S. Eastern
    - commissioner • Ally code 491272684

    What we offer:
    Raid: all heroic tiers on farm
    Raid times: alternating 1:00p & 6:00p ET (UTC -5)
    TB: LS 45☆ | DS 47☆
    TW focused

    Discord: active server

    About you:
    - 3.0M+ GP (or lower with a lean roster)
    - 600 daily tickets
    - Discord and public profile
    - Looking for a competitive but easygoing guild that clears end-game content
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    Petzis`s Padawans suchen Verstärkung. Wir sind eine englisch und deutschsprachige Gilde, die in erster Linie Spaß am Spiel haben wollen. Unsere 52 Mio GP starke Gilde spielt den HRancor und HAAT sowie Tickets dafür vorhanden sind (Startzeit ist 19:00), mehrmals die Woche. Den Sithraid probieren wir derzeit auf Level 6, das dauert aber dann ein paar Tage ;-). Wir kämpfen im TW um Zeta Material und gewinnen eigentlich immer. Im TB erzielen wir durchschnittlich 16 Sterne. Es ist jeder willkommen, der das Spiel genauso mag wie wir, ohne es zu ernst zu nehmen (das wahre Leben geht vor ;-).
    Wer Interesse oder Fragen hat, kontaktiert mich hier oder Ingame (157-812-111)
    Ich hoffe man sieht sich.
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    Masters of old Republik braucht Verstärkung.
    Wir, eine frisch gegründete Gilde besteht aus sehr starken Leuten und blutigen Anfängern. Wir sind am Wachsen und haben noch keine festen Regeln was Tickets oder Aktivitäten angeht, wobei es trotzdem Wünschenswert ist ;-)
    bei 1-2 Tagen offline geht die Welt nicht unter, ab 5 Tage würden wir uns aber über eine Abmeldung freuen (Urlaub, Krank, Arbeit, Privatleben geht immer vor).
    Wir machen den Rancor auf 7 Sterne (wenn genug "kleine" dabei sind gehen wir auch mal runter), sind kurz vor dem HAAT und sind bei dem STR in der Lage Stufe 6 in ca. 4 Tagen zu rocken.
    Wir haben Discord, organisiert, im Aufbau aber rein freiwillig
    Wir bleiben Chillig, aber hoffen irgendwann mal etwas größer zu werden, deswegen freuen wir uns über jedes Ticket.
    Wir freuen uns über frischlinge, welchen wir gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen, aber auch über Fortgeschrittene und Veteranen für die das Gildenleben manchmal zu stressig ist (wir gehen alle arbeiten oder in die Schule und setzen unsere Prioritäten erst auf Privat, dann auf das Spiel).
    Wir sind eine coole Truppe mit einem Altersspektrum von 10 bis 35, also es geht bei uns gesittet zu.
    kommt zu uns, und werdet mit uns zu starken Jedi-Meistern oder wahlweise auch Sithlords ;-)
    Adde uns Ingame: 874-532-785 (H2R1) und 135-935-394 (blow Eimer) und tritt uns bei :-)
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    Vader Tots - a Death March Empire Alliance Guild looking for Casual Members
    Death March Empire is a 4 guild Alliance
    Active Guilds
    DeathstarJanitors32 - 128M+ GP - 2 spots open
    Victory March - 141M+ GP - 2 spots open
    Anarchy Empire - 122M+ GP - 0 Spots open :(
    Casual Guild
    VaderTotsDME - Newly formed accepting mergers, new players, and alts - Plenty of room
    All Guilds require Active Discord
    Requirements vary per guild but everyone finds a home
    Contact @Funk Janitor Filique#6070

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    Hi Everyone,

    I took over as guildmaster of Berserker, an original SWGoH guild, back in December. The old guildmaster and a lot of our original players have drifted away from the game. We still have about 25 active, mid-high level players at about 55M Galactic Power, and I'd like to invite any casual players who aren't looking to deal with a lot of rules or newer players who are looking for a group to join and grow with to consider us. We have a number of veteran players to help you on your way, and we don't have any real rules, aside from having fun.

    We currently complete Heroic Pit and HAAT raids, as well as T5 Sith Raids. Would love to build back up and be able to do heroic Sith Raid, and do well in TW and TB events.

    Our guild is open to join, though a few people have told me it's hard to find in search. You can message me in game at 774-462-566. Our Discord chat is

    I'd also be open to having another guild in a similar situation merge in with us so we can both get back to critical mass, and would be glad to give officer slots to your existing officers. Let me know if that's of interest.

    Valerian: Guildmaster, Berserker
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    The Lukewarm Tauntauns is now a Heroic Sith Raid guild

    147 million GP guild
    3 Hpits a week starting at 1PM PST, 24 hour join then 10 minute no damage limit solo
    2 HAAT a week starting at 2PM PST, 24 hour join then FFA
    2 HSR a week Wednesday and Sunday 24 hour join then FFA
    40/44 stars in TB
    Discord required
    Our main focus is TB
    We ask only that you show up put up 500 tickets a day average, have 2.2 mill GP, at least 1 HSR ready team, do all battles in TB, and follow raid rules.
    We are a very laid back group.
    Contact ruggeroo8#2029 on discord for info (those are o's not zeros)
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    LTDLStrikesBack is 105 million GP and looking for active players.

    Our guild is making our final preparations for our HSTR runs.  We are lead by senior leadership from our parent guild and also have the knowledge of players from two other senior level guilds.  Advice and direction are given as needed but overall we are an independent group.  If you feel that you are ready for HSTR, or want to learn what is needed to complete HSTR; come chat with us (tap the Discord link below).

    Raid start times are currently 7PM PST and have a 24 hour join period.  We are looking for members that can collect at least 500 raid tickets per day.  Guild reset is at 2:30 PM PST.  

    The Discord app, communication, and a profile are required.  We recommend that you have at least one HSTR capable team and are at least 2 million GP.

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    My guild is currently looking for 5-10 new members or a small guild merger. We have HPIT & HAAT on farm and have about 85 mil GP. We are a casual guild working towards heroic Sith.

    All the Officers are PST but we tend to play at all hours of the day/night. We open the raids at 7pm pst once we have tickets. Then 24 hours later we open it for a free for all.

    If interested or just want to know more please feel free to DM me or add me as a friend.

    new WAC order
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    Dark Deere (independent ally guild) is seeking active players who are mid level (around 500K and up) either threw merger INTO us (not looking to disband) or individuals looking to join, must be active, produce close to the 600 per day tokens and participate in guild events please contact our Recruite Officer at ally code 282.444.599 or his discord tag Barf the Mawg#2748

    24/50 Members
    11+ Mil guild GP
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    Mutiners without fears

    2 spaces

    115mil gp

    H raids 7.30pm uk time

    T6 sith opens as soon as we have tickets

    No 600 ticket rule but be as active as possible

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

  • lightmatter22
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    Knights of the Fallen looking for new members.
    2.3 mil average gp. 45 members with 103 mil gp.
    2.0 mil gp or higher requirement
    Heroic rancor 3x-4x a week
    Heroic AAT 3x-2x a week
    Heroic Sith raid 1x-2x a week
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB and TW participation
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild Reset time: 6:30pm EST
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