Players Looking For Guilds - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Got a guild guys. Thanks!
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    guild found thanks for the replies
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    Just found a guild. Thanks everyone for the invitations!
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  • Greetings and Salutations
    Daily uk based f2p player looking for active guild hopefully completeing heroic sith raid with discord chat.
    Currently 2.5 gp
    Characters 1.4 gp
    Ships 1 mil gp
    I have a low arena rank as it is not my area of interest as I prefer guild events more. Therefore looking for good guild who chat and help players improve.
    Ally code 643-533-128

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    I have accepted an invitation to a R2 Knights. Many thank for all your offers!!!
    Its encouraging to see how healthy the SWOGH community still is.

    Bex Mon.
    Hi, I’m looking for a new Guild – My Last guild Galactic Enigma, Exploded Today,
    (Mass Quit, over issues between the GL and Officers.)

    Ally-Code: 319993852
    Link to

    Galactic Power 3,411,247
    Galactic Power (Characters) 2,045,430
    Galactic Power (Ships) 1,365,817
    Player Level: 85
    Characters: 165
    7* Characters: 117
    6* Characters: 14
    Gear 12: 17
    Gear 11: 14
    Gear 10: 15
    Gear 9: 11
    Gear 8: 50
    Average Arena Rank: 130 (98-192)
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P)
    (I did my first and last whale to get Revan; my thinking was that it would help me keep up with the rest of the guild – and yes the irony is not lost on me)
    Time-zone: UK

    I am looking for a Guild doing Sith Raid (T4+), ideally one that has HSTR on farm.
    (GALACTIC ENIGMA had HSTR on farm and am only 20 shards off getting Treya)

    No interest in being an officer, I take direction well; I’m always ready to support new members and work with the guild on new drives.
    I’m definitely not interested in guilds with people who have forgotten it's a game and think its work (e.g.: No communication or support… just kicks mentality)

    I am hoping to find a competitive and competent guild, friendly in spirit, but also one that wants to progress and succeed.

    I do have Discord and I check it daily

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  • Found a guild thanks for replying everyone
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    Guild found
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    Found a guild.
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    Hello Hello.
    Found a guild. Best of luck to the rest of you.
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    Edit: Found a Guild. Thanks.
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    Guild found, thanks for your support
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    Hello there, I was in a casual guild until today. Big players left and now I'd like to join a better guild to improve.

    Ally-Code: 599-894-793
    Link to none
    Gear 12 : 1
    Gear 11 : 1
    Gear 10 : 2
    Gear 9 : 4
    Galactic Power: 672 K
    Character/Ship GP: 400 K / 271 K
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 20
    Number of 6*: 7
    Number of 5*: 7
    Average Arena Rank: between 800 and 1000
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Europe Time-Zone

    I'm looking for a guild that plays territory battles and that can give me advice about mods and which caracter to farm/gear. Also I'm french and so I can join a french speaking guild aswell(But english speaking guilds shouldn't be a problem). Thank you in advance, cu ingame

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    Guild found. Thank you all for the gracious invites. Good luck in your search.
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    Found a guild. TY

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    Ty, found one
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    Found a Guild already, thank you all for the quick response.
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    I have found a guild. Thank you for your consideration of me.
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  • Hello all,

    I've been playing daily since Nov 18, just hit level 81 and finished with the starter guild. Looking for an active and competitive guild to take this game to the next level.


    Galactic Power: 417,176
    Character/Ship GP: 293,504/123,672
    Player Level: 81
    Number of 7*: 7
    Number of 6*: 5
    Number of 5*: 8
    Average Arena Rank: 1350
    Type of Play: F2P/P2P
    Time-zone: PST
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    Looking for a guild for me friend. Currently in my guild but we are more serious than he is.

    Ally-Code: 636-778-871
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.4m
    Character/Ship GP: 1.5/.9
    Player Level: 85
    Average Arena Rank: currently 382
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: central

    He is looking for a guild that is casual and doesn't require discord or line. He would prefer a nearly full guild that does raids but doesn't care much about tw or tb performance. He just wants to play the game.
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    Found a guild, thanks all
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    Found a guild
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    Found a guild, thanks.
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    ***Guild found, thanks folks***
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    Hey all,

    Thank you all for the responses
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    Hey guys, I'm an extremely active player who hits all of their boost drops and in the guilds i've cycled between is usually in the top three for activity contribution and almost always 600/600 if not very close too it. The problem is the guilds I hit in game are all 45+/50 members with usually over half of them being completely inactive!

    Despite being only level 47 this is not good enough for me, I'm very fresh and have a lowly 25k gp but am being mentored by a 1.8M gp friend so I'm hitting all the right notes and advancing very fast. I level up on average once a day, always make sure to strategically save energy/challenges/whatever for guild activity and really really want to be active in raids.

    So I'm looking for a guild that isn't super powered, but super active, one which is doing around tier 4 raids so I can participate and accelerate my progress even further.

    I would consider myself a good investment to such a guild, i will always fulfil the daily requirements as I'm very into this game right now and just need a good cohort to help, and also just a chatty happy person ^_^

    Ally code: 389-316-692

    Average squad arena rank: always make sure I'm above 5000 for the rewards

    Time zone: GMT
    ^ not gonna be very impressive but I'm tying to show I'm serious about this by having an account. I eagerly await some kind officer to PM me and sweep me off my feet ^_^

    Thanks guys.

    Thanks for sooooo many replies! really great community here and ive found a nice place to sit ^_^
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    Guild found -- thank you all for the responses!
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    I found a new home, thank you for all the replies. May the force be with you ;)

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    Hello there!

    Thanks everyone for the offers, i found a new home. :smiley:
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