Players Looking For Guilds - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Morty
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  • Malevolent07
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    Very active player looking for a competitive guild .


    Ally Code: 961-629-431

    Discord: Yes

    I'm hitting level 85 in the next 2-3 days, my previous guild didn't generate enough tickets, hence not enough weekly raids, which slowed down my progress. I would love to join a guild that is more in-line with my goals.

    Raids: HRancor + HAAT , Sith T6

    TB: 24/25 stars +

    Tickets: 20,000+ a day

    Timezone: Asia or European Time would be ideal

    Guild Found! Thanks for the replies

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  • UpTheBlues81
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  • DarthDeathGiver
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    Active player looking for an active guild. It will be me and another player joining the guild. GG profiles below

    Looking for an active guild 25000+ tickets a day

    HPit Haat and have to either be clearing HSith or close(I can help a lot with that)

    40+ on the TBs

    Message me here or discord if you are interested in having us join.

    Found a guild. Thanks all for the consideration!
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    2.7 GP
    Looking for a high GP guild, im really active and i enjoy every stage of the game. Heroic sith required

    Ally Code: 148-121-697
    Swgoh GG:
  • Dallamar
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    Thanks for all the messages and invites. Weighing options now.
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  • Ryan_Herring_95
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    HPit + HAAT mercenary....
    If you are in a lower GP guild that is struggling to farm either Han or Kenobi then I can help. Add me in game and send me a message if you are interested.
    (Lvl 85, 3.1m very active + helpful)
  • fieldso
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    Relatively new, but active player looking for guild.
    • Ally-Code: 479-453-247
    • Link to
    • Galactic Power: 238,878
    • Character/Ship GP: 140,278/98,600
    • Player Level: 73
    • Number of 7*: 5/0 (Character/Ship)
    • Number of 6*: 0/0
    • Number of 5*: 5/0
    • Average Arena Rank: 589
    • Type of Play: mostly F2P, but occasionally will P2P
    • Time-zone: EST

    Thanks to those who reached out. No longer seeking.
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  • Ukrany
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    Heres is my bio:
    Ally-Code: 566-439-187
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 67,809
    Character/Ship GP: 51,836/15,973
    Player Level: 54
    Number of 7*: 0/0
    Number of 6*: 0/0
    Number of 5*: 1/0
    Average Arena Rank: 793
    Type of Play: Strictly F2P
    Time-zone: GMT

    Been playing for less than a month, but willing to accept criticism and learn.

    Thanks everyone for all the invites
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    I am looking to join a really low GP guild with at least 20 to 25 active players. This is my second account and want to be in a guild running low level PIT and STR. I have been doing the random join for a guild and not having much luck in finding active guilds.

    This is a second account for me, so just need a good place to call home.

    Ally Code: 443-739-217


    Level: 54

    No 7* Toons yet.

    Just want to be in a guild where I can be earning Guild Store currency each day.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Psycosaltine
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    Found guild
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  • Iany
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    Ally code: 973-985-677
    2.17mil gp
    I achieve rank 1 in fleets each day and top 100 in squad arena
    Won 5 of last 6 grand arenas and runner up in the other
    I buy character packages to reduce my farm times

    I'm looking for a well run guild that concentrates on territory wars, ideally achieving the 120mil GP criteria. They must be capable of beating the heroic sith and refuse to carry players that don't contribute to all guild events. Please message me if you feel I could be a good fit or have further questions.
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    1.1 mil GP
    Looking for guild that can get together for territory wars and do heroic raids.
    Ally code: 811-737-865
  • Iany
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    No longer accepting offers. Thank you everyone who showed interest
  • Bigrock2014
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  • Morty
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    now that tbs over I'm still looking for a 160mil plus guild for high tier rewards tw and tb
  • Cortez
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    Ally code: 499-957-378

    Link to swgoh:

    Galactic power: around 1.8 million

    Time zone: Pacific Central

    Am looking for a guild that does the hstr. I know I'm on the low end but I am very fast in developing needed characters. Would also like to have a guild very serious about tickets, with 600 being the minimum. Very likely that I might be leaving my guild for the right choice (guild I have right now is at 124 million gp) hopefully looking to find a guild with higher gp. Please feel free to message me and thank you for your time

  • Rotsku
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    Hello, I have already found a nice guild : D
    This Forum turned out to be great, I suddenly got so many invites to so many guilds. Thank you!
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  • Mike_Honcho
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    Ally code: 194-953-149
    Team: phoenix, all are 4 star or higher and all between g6-g7
    Arena rank current: 139
    Arena rank average: top 200
    Type of play: FTP
    Player level: 53
    Looking for: an alliance with similar strength players where I am able to contribute to guild raids and other guild related activities.
  • OpticSnaapir
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    Thanks for all the invites, I have found a home :)
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  • xCuddlyKistune
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    Found a home... thankyou for all the offers
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    Ally-Code: 638178337
    Galactic Power: 479k
    Character/Ship GP:
    Player Level: 75
    Number of 7*: 3
    Number of 6*: 3 (4 more with a day or 2)
    Number of 5*: 29
    Average Arena Rank: 3k
    Type of Play: Little money spent
    Time-zone: PST
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    Casual to semi hardcore player 2.5 mil GP. Looking for Heroic Sith raid Guild has a diverse roster to help out with territory wars and battles. Will have Revan in 3 days no Darth Revan or Malik as of right now send private message if interested
  • DanTheDork17
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    Found a guild. Thanks for the offers.
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    Dax75 wrote: »
    We are looking for active players. Just finished our first HSTR on the 22nd. We communicate via the Line app. Line app and account required. We are part of the ghost alliance. Add me on Line and we’ll talk ID dax7599

    Wrong recruiting thread.

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    Hi, I'm Jack! I'm a dedicated player looking for a HSTR guild :)

    2.1mill+ GP

    Got both Revans, aiming for Malak, can farm other characters if necessary!

    Ally code: 478-732-644

    Thank you
  • Trulon
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    Hi, Im Trulon and Im looking for a HSTR Guild with high activity!

    Ally-Code: 333-185-156
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1,514,094
    Character/Ship GP: 857,988 / 656,106
    Average Arena Rank: <500, close to <200, aiming for top 100
    Average Fleet Arena Rank: I achieve rank 1 in fleets each day (**** and Hound 7*)
    Type of Play: small Whale
    Time-zone: GMT (Germany)

    Playing since October 2018 very active (Every day 100% participitation). Will get Jedi Revan this time and Darth Revan when he comes the next time around. Im open for constructive critique and will give my best to improve the overall performance of the guild.

    If interested, send me a PM.
    Thanks in advance!

    Found a guild! Thanks all for the kind messages! ;)
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