Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Hanu
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    Alliance name: Exiled Rebel Squadron
    What we offer:
    -5 guilds Ranging from 120m-200m GP to suit your level and competitiveness, whether its TW focused of more casual TB farm and raid.
    -Raid: all heroic tiers on farm. Raid times vary by guild.
    TB: LS 45☆ | DS 47☆
    -Large friendly community to collaborate on strategy and other general aspects of the game.
    -High level of cooperation between alliance guilds to help all guilds excel with new content.

    Come check us out and see what we have to suit you :
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    Guild Name: VIII (spelled viii)
    Guild-GP: 154M Guild-Link:

    Fully Heroic: HPit, HAAT, HSTR

    Currently focused on maximising the star count for TB. HSTR goes down in hours and we usually win TW for 3 zetas.

    Discord is in use but NOT a requirement.

    You can join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)


    VIII (or viii) currently has 1 opening for an active new member looking for a fun, friendly and active guild! Current Guild focus is maximizing Territory Battle star counts. We usually win TW and can clear HSTR in hours.

    We are a mostly North American based guild, but we have several members in Asia and Europe. That means there is almost always someone online!

    Who are we looking for? You! That player at 2.5M GP or higher, active daily and wants to improve and help others to grow! Must have a few good G12 squads for TB/TW

    VIII Critical Info!

    HPit runs 2 to 3 times per week. Weekday starts are 10PM EST; weekend starts 3PM EST. Strict 24-hour zero damage rule in effect! Solo efforts are allowed to post 15 minutes after raid start time.

    HAAT runs 2-3 times per week. Weekday starts are at 9PM EST; weekend starts are at 3PM EST.

    HSTR runs at least twice a week and completes in under 12 hours.

    TW – 35 wins and counting! We rarely lose. We are in the 3 zeta bracket for a win, 2 for a loss. One guild officer coordinates offensive and defensive strategies. Must have ready squads (NS, FO, Sith, Jedi, BH, Empire, Phoenix, Scoundrels, etc.).

    TB – Achieving 42-44+ stars on LS/DS battles. Should hit 45 stars on DS very soon

    Discord is in use and encouraged, but it is not required. Discussions other than SWGoH encouraged!

    Guild activity reset is at 7:30PM EST.

    We have no requirements for raid tickets; just do what you can. We all have lives to lead!

    Finally, chat first when you join. Otherwise, you get the boot

    Ohh…and HAVE FUN! We are NOT a Guild of Elitist Jerks ;)

    If interested, please either reply here, PM me, or contact myself or another guild member.

    In-game I'm both Dark Helmet (561-425-188) and Upgrayedd (563-833-936).

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    You can join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)
  • Doofios
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    Scruffylooking Nerfherderz

    Fun, active, laid back guild established at guilds inception looking for new blood.
    All raids are heroic having recently become Sith heroic, get your Traya shards here!

    Current GP 144m
    Members 42/50

    Looking for daily active members with the goal of maximising territory battles, raid tickets and completing the Heroic Sith raid as quickly as possible. 2.5m GP, JTR preferred.

    Come join and say hello
    Guild name: Scruffylooking Nerfherderz
    Leader: SN Doofios, ally code: 272-327-981
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    KYBER L0RDS is looking for individuals or small groups. We can currently accomodate up to 20 new players. We're unaffiliated with any alliance and prefer to just keep it casual, but we do ask that you attempt participation in guild events. We run Hpit and Haat so if you have at least one 7* character you can get your Han & Kenobi shards. With more members we can run raids more often! No minimum GP or character requirements.
    Over 2 weeks inactive gets you booted unless you have otherwise spoken with an officer.
    Find Us through my ally code: 434-777-236
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    Aloha folks!

    Timezone: Hawaii (HST; GMT-10)
    Current Guild GP: 44m

    K N I G H T W I S H (spaces between letters) is looking for more players. We currently have room for up to 20 players. Although we’re very laid-back, we do ask that you try to be active daily and attempt participation in guild events (especially Territory Wars). We do not use Discord or any live chat beyond the in-game guild chat. We're happy to take on a mix of levels as long as you're are active. We offer a friendly, supportive, drama-free environment!

    We currently run Heroic Pit and Heroic AAT so if you have at least one 7* character you can get your Han & Kenobi shards! Sith raid is currently run at tier 5/6. Once we re-fill our roster, we’ll look at Heroic Sith as well. No minimum GP or character requirements.

    Over 2 weeks of inactivity gets you booted unless you have spoken with an officer for special cases and exceptions (military duty, etc).

    We’re currently with open/auto enrollment, but if you wish to discuss first, feel free to contact me:
    My ally code: 999-314-745
  • Jooms
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    Looking for an active, competitive, and casual guild? Come join There Is A New Hope!

    We have 123 million galactic power and have a few open spots we are looking to fill.

    We have pit raid on sim. Heroic tank raid. Currently running tier 6 Sith raid, getting ready for heroic after the revan event. Looking for a few more players that can help push us over the edge for hstr. All raids are 8pm central start time.

    TB light side: 34-35 stars
    TB dark side: 36 stars

    TW: Haven't kept track of wins but win some, lose some.

    Must have a minimum of 1.5 mil galactic power and must be able to contribute to hstr when the time comes.

    Send me a message or join us! It's open to join
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    I am from an Alliance of Guilds Called "Marauders Of Malachor Alliance" who is dedicated to helping, developing our fellow Alliance members accounts threw knowledge exchange and discussions about theory game play.

    opportunities for advancement either promotion to officer or to a higher GP Guild as spots open is a possibility


    Marauders Of Malachor 1 (Full) (Advanced Game Guild) HPIT on Farm (close to SIM) HAAT on Farm, T6 Sith
    Marauders Of Malachor 2 (Advanced Development Guild) 2/50 (Mid Game Players) Min 300K (5 officer openings but must discord to qualify)
    Ewoks Home BBQ (Beginner Development Guild) 31/50 Min 5K GP and up (2 officer openings but must discord to qualify)
    Dark Deere (mid Game) 49/50 (Mid Game Guild) Min 500K GP and up, HPIT on Farm , Normal AAT, STR T3/4
    Knights of Karma (Advance) 35/50 (Advanced Game Guild) Min 1.5 mil GP HPIT and HAAT on Farm, T6 Sith Close to HSTR (need more high end member)

    If you are interested contact the Alliance recruiters below or contact the Guild Leaders directly

    Lone Starr#2199
    on Discord or in-game 479-114-599

    or Dark Helmet#2002 or in-game 499-139-183

    Be a part of a family of guilds who are truly active.
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    Want to earn top 10 HSTR rewards? Tired of the hardcore guild requirements? Want to participate in organized TW and TB?

    We’re a US-based fully heroic guild looking for some people help us crush HSTR, TW (undefeated), and TB (37 stars). We're 48 members and 101 MM GP. We’re an active guild in game and in discord. Our main focus is ensuring everyone is progressing and helping each other by participating in TW, TB, and HSTR. Our raid times are 1-3pm MST (7-9pm UTC) and guild reset is at 630pm MST (1230am UTC). Whether it’s advice for GA, team help, or just to shoot the **, we’ve got it. Below are the guild guidelines.

    *600 tickets
    *participation mandatory for all guild events (score >0 except Rancor/Tank)
    *follow directions in TB/TW
    *At least one HSTR team
    * required
    *discord required
    *Raid times are 1-3pm MST (1900-2100 UTC)
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