Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***

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If you are an ACTIVE guild looking for players, post your ads here. An Active guild is one that:
  • Has minimum activity and/or participation requirements.

These are the guilds that are about camaraderie and fun but also about teaching new players and helping them progress further. Part of having fun means completing as much guild-related content as possible with varying degrees of importance on the level of that content. As such, members are expected to contribute their fair share to guild activities.

  • No player advertisements. This thread is for guild advertisements only.
  • Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster/guild recruiter or join their recruitment channel if they have one.
  • Do not post anything that is not a guild advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.
  • Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.
  • Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently-asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your wait list, more awesomeness etc.
  • One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
  • Your guild name
  • Forum usernames of your guild recruiters
  • Link to your guild's recruitment chat server/channel, if applicable (Discord, Line, etc)
  • Your guild's reset time, preferably in terms of UTC or GMT offset (UTC 11:30, GMT -06:00, etc)
  • What tier of raids your guild completes and how often
  • How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars
  • Your guild's minimum activity/participation requirements
  • Minimum player level/GP and character requirements, if any
  • Anything else you feel is important for people to know


  • Tenaka_Caan
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    Legacy Force is still recruiting!

    Get your 600
    Contribute in all modes
    >2.5M GP
    Required toons: none.

    Contact me on discord if interested

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  • ldn1uffr5yj7.jpg
  • Induztre
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    We have grown substantially in the past week

    We have a combination of both experienced and newer players

    600-400 tickets per day is expected

    Discord is mandatory sign up is mandatory

    Doing HPIT and HAAT

    Get in on the ground floor while there are still spots open

    DM me on Discord induztre#4505 or send me a message on here.

    We look forward to having you join us
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  • 8dhpv9ucjchr.jpeg

    Guild-Name: Brotherhood of the Darkness
    Guild-GP: 110m :

    LSTB: 35+
    DSTB: 35+
    Ally Code: 493-799-258
    Discord: Binxy#9448

    Brotherhood of the Darkness is recruiting! Looking for HPIT, HAAT, HST, TB and TW focused players with a minimum GP of 1.5m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    UK evening raid schedule. Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message if interested.
  • Bienvenidos/Welcome!
    1 year old Spanish / English guild Equipo Trotacielos with 33GP looking for daily active and experienced players, we're with 25-30 motivated members. Our main goal is about playing daily, getting stronger together, sharing what you can and no soloing raids:

    -Contact me here or just join the guild!
    -No Discord or Line required, the in-game chat is enough for us. Talk English, Spanish or Galactic Basic.
    -Guild reset time is at 0030 UTC.

    -We alternate between Rancor VI and Heroic until everyone can handle Heroic. 24h join period AND 15% damage cap in 1 phase for the first 12h of play. Everyone gets a piece.
    -Playing AAT easily and working towards HAAT. Players who invest in specific HAAT teams are always welcome.
    -STR tier V until we've raised our member count.
    -We play as often as we can!

    -We booted 20-25 members for not joining the TB/TW a few days ago.
    -TW: about 50/50% win/loss. Joining and setting defense is expected of you.
    -TB: 16*, if you don't play, at least Deploy your units.

    -Minimum level is 82-85, GP about 1M or higher
    -No specific toons required though CLS, JTR etc are always welcome.

    -We're pretty motivated and set the bar higher whenever the majority of us can handle it. Weaker players won't be booted but are expected to invest in getting stronger.
    -Disregarding Raid rules or missing TB / TW: 1 warning, 2nd warning is kick.
    -Inactive for 10 days and you're out.
    -Aim for your 600!
  • Navju_Jocum
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    ***12/3/18 UPDATE: full at the moment, but feel free to reach out, may have spots opening up soon. JTR required!****


    Hi all, we are an active guild focused on fun, not a lot of rules, basically just be generally active. Lots of old folks (even parents!) but plenty of wipper-snappers too.

    #1 Pro: we have a g12 CUP!
    #1 Con: too many "your Mom" jokes (but maybe that is a pro too)

    • Name: Nightbrothers
    • 121 mil GP
    • Your's truly: NavjuJocum ally code: 924-556-344; discord NavjuJocum#5461
    • guild reset 8:30 EST ( GMT-4)
    • we earn about 26k guild tickets per day
    • DSTB 39* stars, LS 37*, good TW record
    • hPit and hAAT on farm, close on heroic sith, can clear hSTR p1 with just JTR squads, p2 with a mix of squads, we are figuring out the remaining phases now.
    • require players be generally active: get 600-ish most days, at least deploy in TB, only join TW if you will participate, hopefully be working on a Sith raid team or two
    • Min level 85, preferably 1.5 mil gp, but will take ~1 mil if new player on the right track.
    • I am a Virgo, own too many Firefly t-shirts, really hate long walks on the beach
    • pop quiz hot shots: Why do I hate long walks on the beach?

    Holla if you you want to hop on board team Nightbrothers!
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  • RedEyedRebels

    RedEyedRebels is recruiting new members! We’re a group of daily players who like to get high and play/talk Star Wars. Join up today if you’re a daily player and want to join a fun but competitive guild!

    Current Guild Stats
    42 Members
    82 Million GP

    Tier 6 Sith Raid
    Heroic Pit Raid

    26* on last TW

    Raids have 24 hour join window and start at 8 PM EST. No damage limits once raids are open

    Guild Requirements
    Level 85 with 2 Million GP
    Active every day
    600 raid tickets ideally but if you cant for whatever reason no worries

    We have a group chat on LINE that you are welcome to join but it's not required. Guild is open to join and we can invite you to the LINE chat when you join.
  • Calamitous Intent is seeking active members.

    Guild activities on US Eastern time zone.

    Heroic HAAT & Rancor raids, 24 hr. Join period for both.
    Sith raid Tier 5

    Current raid start times: 

    Rancor - 11am/6pm E (4pm/11pm UTC)
    HAAT - 12pm/7pm E (5pm/midnight UTC)                                           

    Discord & encouraged.

    We recently completed a guild merge to create a HSTR guild. So we offer mobility up to the ally guild when you get squads ready.

    The plan is for our original members to come back as they complete the farm (or if they tire of the grind) & wind up with 2 HSTR guilds.

    Looking for active players to earn tickets & participate in Territory Wars and Battles.

    Aerogator#9975 (my Discord).
    My ally code: 321-755-675

    Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops.
  • NotEnufPSI
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    Hi everyone, we are an active guild without a ton of rules, basically just be generally active, follow basic pit raid rules, and follow territory wars assignments

    Name: Absolution

    102 mil GP

    We use Discord ( and the in game chat

    NotEnufPSI ally code: 579-841-153; discord NotEnufPSI#5734

    Guild reset 7:30 EST ( GMT-5), hPit and hAAT start at 10pm EST

    Great TW record

    hPit and hAAT on farm, and getting close on heroic sith

    We require players to be generally active, at least deploy in TB, only join TW if you will participate, hopefully be working on a Sith raid team or two

    Min level 85, preferably 2.5 mil gp w/JTR, but will take ~2mil if the players active and working toward heroic sith teams
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  • Marqves
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    EU 90K GP guild looking for two players to help us get closer to HSith


    We are PTA SWH and we're around 90 M GP. We belong to a community (not alliance) of more than 400 players. Here you will always have feedback about the game and other things in life in general.

    We have:
    - HAAT (2xweek) and HPIT (3x week) on farm and STR tier 6 (2x week)
    - Discord to communicate
    - 28K raid tickets produced daily
    - 2 Spot to fill (needs to be 1M GP+)
    - 30 Stars in TB's
    - Kenobi Shards, Solo SHards, Rolo Shards and IPD shards
    - Always a minimum of 45 members participating on TW

    · We need:
    - 500 to 600 tickets a day unless real life don’t let it
    - Good communication on discord (just be kind to everyone)
    - **Paticipation in all guild activities (TB, TW, Raids)**
    · Raid info:
    Raid at 9 PM GMT / 10 PM CET
    Direct message me here or on discord Marqves#1287
  • luamthrad
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    Friendly, fun, independent, and active guild looking for a few new members. We are looking for people a little obsessed with this game but we recognize we all have lives. Just be active and have fun.

    We are farming Hsith and getting faster. Ideal candidate is hSith ready with a couple of squads. A max JTR team is a plus. A good “Deathstorm” Nightsister team is perfect. A Revan will also be hard to say no to.

    Discord and required.

    Talk with us on Discord by visiting our recruitment server

    About us...
    •Guild name: Force Kins
    •GP: 125M
    •Hsith on farm.
    •Open fire for both HAAT Hpit always 17:00 pst (western United States) with 24 hour registration period. FFA.
    •LS TB 37, DS TB 40.
    •TW winning record.
    •We are independent and not part of any alliance nor want to be.
    •No micromanagement.
    •No drama.
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  • r1b4zxsea7t6.png
    Ludus Venatus

    Our website:
    Our swgoh profile:

    We are an active guild that's recently graduated from being casual and we're looking to grow and advance without losing our fun loving nature.
    Our guild name is Latin for "Play the game"! Fun is the top priority and we do our best to make all guild activities fair and rewarding to all members.


    Friendly and willing to partake in conversations and giving advice to other members
    1.5 Mil GP+
    400 Guild Tickets daily (This number will slowly grow to 600 as we grow stronger)
    Must have a profile
    Must partake in Guild Events


    Our Timezone is GMT+2 (South Africa) with a ZERO damage rule (No damage until a ZERG command has been given).
    Currently we can complete Heroic Pit, Heroic AAT and T5/T6 Sith Raids.
    Heroic Pit Raid starts at 19:00 GMT+2. Open to attack at 19:10 GMT+2 (Wait for ZERG command).
    Heroic AAT Raid starts at 19:30 GMT+2. Open to attack immediately (Once we are stronger we will implement ZERO damage rule).

    T5/T6 Sith Raid starts at 20:00 GMT+2. Open to attack immediately.

    Other Information:

    Our reset time is 06:30 GMT+2
    We are struggling with Territory Wars as we sometimes can't start them. You can help us change this. We have about 70% winrate when we do manage to open a TW.
    With Territory Battles we average 18-20 stars in Dark Side TB and 18-20 stars in Light Side TB, we need your to help these numbers grow!

    Contact me here or on Discord: DayMan#5003
  • Vohbo
    298 posts Member
    Beyond Omega
    74M GP

    We are looking for a few players with advanced rosters to help us take down the Heroic Sith raid.
    We are currently doing T6 at a good rate, and we are reasonably close to HSTR, but we need to replace a few inactive players to progress further.

    What we are looking for is some people that can contribute by means of at least one good phase 1, 3 or 4 team
    (Jedi, JTR, Nightsisters, you know the drill).

    Our time zone is CET, many of our players are from Belgium but we speak English in chat.
    Obviously we also do heroic AAT and Pit, and get a somewhat appropriate amount of stars in TB for our GP.

    If you are interested, contact me through PM or Discord (Vohbo#3122)
  • Inglorious Blasters is looking for up to 10 active people to fill up our ranks. Must be looking to do Sith Raid on heroic and active a majority of the time. We are laid back but request that you communicate any absence greater than two days. Current raid schedule is 6pm EST with 24 hour join period. We do tier 6 of the Sith Raid in about 2 days and are ready to start the heroic tier once we fill up. TW success rate at 85%. Please private message if interested.
    "ooba... ooba"
    We are an active, North American, progressive guild. We are very active in game and we require communication on discord and guild participation but have an absentee channel so people can still have real life as a priority.
    Over 30 wins in TW
    37+ stars in TB
    Farming Heroic Sith Raid.
    HAAT 2x a week
    HPit 3x a week


    - 2M GP
    - Mandatory TW/TB/Sith Raid Participation
    - Min. of 500 RT per day
    - Register on the SWGoH Website
    - Join Discord.

    Contact @Funk Janitor Filique#6070
    for more info/questions.
  • We are looking for 1 player after current TW

    AC 164-558-843
    Line ID bamabull55


    Please contact me here, in game, or on line if interested.
  • MoveAlong_MoveAlong
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    Z Nuttz Tossahs

    Are you an active/daily player looking for a Heroic STR guild with Traya on farm but also want a fun environment? If you think your teams are ready and you’re an easy to get along with person, then Z Nuttz Tossahs is the guild for you.

    About us:
    * Currently 45/50 players
    * Average player GP of 2.9M
    * Guild reset at 7:30pm Eastern
    * HPIT/HAAT/HSTR (24 hour join period)
    * Raid FFA start times between 9-10pm est except HSTR (typically 6pm est) We usually clear HSTR in a few hours.
    * No damage limits
    * Very organized leadership with excellent participation/records in both Territory Battles and Territory Wars

    * Active daily players ideally with similar GP to guild average of 2.9M (can be higher or lower)
    * Have JTR/resistance team and other HSTR ready teams (Chex Mix, Nightsisters, Jedi, etc.). It’s fine if you are still building some of your teams, most of us are, but we want players who can successfully understand and execute heroic team strategies.
    * Participate in Territory Battles and Territory Wars and can follow orders
    * Discord required for communication
    * Let us know when/why you will be inactive or on vacation (life happens - we get it)

    Contact us on discord:
    Please include a link to your profile and include your GP/Roster readiness information.

    or Grupen#3651
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  • Core_E
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    Join House of Mandalor


    Guild GP: 60M

    • AAT: HAAT 2x /wk
    • PIT: HPIT 2x /wk
    • SITH: T5/6 2x /wk

    Territory War: Undefeated

    Territory Battle:
    • Light Side: 24*
    • Dark Side: 26*

    • Activity: 600 tickets /day
    • Galactic Power: None
    • Teams: None

    Contact me in game at 385-876-733

    Slack Information provided on admittance.
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  • Would you be interesting in joining us?
    Chairborne Rangers (currently 57m GP with 37 people) want you to join us.
    We are active guild looking for active players.
    I am the leader of this guild and I am in EST but we have people from East to West Coast and we rotate the raids' times between EST and PST (we're flexible).
    We are doing HPIT & HAAT 2 or 3 times a week (24 hours join in period).
    We are doing tier 6 for Sith.
    We get about mid 20s in TBs
    We won +90% of TWs
    Requirements are to stay active, I track players with Daily Guild Activities/Tickets and TWs/TBs
    Player's level should be in the 80s (can accept lower).
    Contact me if you have any questions.
  • Fragments 0f the Empire
    168M GP

    UK/US/International guild
    Raids are 19:00 GMT ALL HEROIC
    22:30 GMT Ticket reset
    44/46* TB

    Focusing now on TW

    Looking to replace 1 temp member after TW


    3M+ GP
    Able to clear all/most TB battles
    willing to help focus on teams for TB/TW
    Top 200 Arena (preferably 100) there are exceptions to this

    DM me or apply at the website below
  • The UK based guild Escaped Arkham Inmates is looking for new members! :-D

    We're a casual new-player-friendly guild, the only real rules we have are to be nice and to sign up for the Territory War!

    We raid:
    Rancor 7 and try and let people who don't have Han Solo at 7* rank highest.
    Sith 4 or 5 depending on how many tickets we have to burn!
    And as for the Tank ... we can kill Tier 1 in less than 12 hours and are working as a Guild to put teams together for Tank 2 and we're getting close to being ready to destroy it! Join us for the kill!

    Sign up and say hi in chat and you'll get a friendly welcome!
    I look forward to meeting you in game!
  • Tosche Station Cantina is recruiting

    Guild SWGOH -
    Guild Discord -

    Tosche Station Cantina is an independent guild that is recruiting level 85 players with a minimum of 1M GP, all we ask is that you be active too! We're doing Heroic Rancor every 3 days, HAAT every 4 and alternating STR Tier 6/5. We have a 24/0 rule and rotating launches on raids so all may benefit. We're focused on getting better results every Territory Battle and War and would love some strong, daily players to come and help put us over the top.

    Guild reset is 6:30pm Eastern (22:30 UTC). Our current GP is 85M. We're hitting around 30* in TB and win almost all of our TW by a shutout in the 60-70M tier.
  • Revans Remnant

    We are a community of 42 with a GP of 93 million. Looking for people who are or are close to HSTR ready.

    We run hPit and hAAT 2-3 time per week and T6 Sith twice a week at the moment.
    Never missed a TW for lack of participation.
    30+* in LSTB & DSTB

    We are USA CST based with Guild reset at 6:30 pm CST (11:30pm UTC) but also have multiple international players in our Guild.

    Guild requirements:
    1. Active contributor to all Guild events.
    2. Discord mandatory
    3. Active daily to help generate raid tickets.

    If you’re interested please contact:
    Rellim Cire#6096
    Ally code:
    Rellim Cire: 438-658-111
  • GP: 84,680,431
    Members: 44/50
    DSTB: 30 stars/LSTB: 29-30 stars
    TW Record: 16 wins, 9 losses

    New Rebel Order is looking for members who love to play and possess a desire to become stronger gamers through teamwork and camaraderie. We are a small, single guild of up to 50 members to promote interpersonal growth. We are not part of a multi-guild community so once you join, you remain. We have specialists in every aspect of the game who are just waiting to help. We are content being a small yet solid group of gamers and are not interested in joining an alliance. Only mergers we will consider are those willing to merge into us. Guild reset is 7:30p EST.

    Three simple requirements to join:
    1. Discord is mandatory. If you are not on Discord upon joining you have up to 2 days to comply or you will be removed.
    2. Active, daily player, minimum level 85
    3. account for event strategizing and in-house squad management

    As a bonus, we are offering Raid Han, General Kenobi and Rebel Commander Leia Organa shards to every incoming member. All you need is a 7* character to participate in the heroic raid! Don’t have one yet? Not to worry, we’re happy to help you get one and more!

    Raid Schedule (all set to auto launch):
    Heroic Rancor: 7p EST / 24 hour zero damage / 30 minute Solo Wait Period after going live before posting damage
    HAAT: 7p EST / 24 hour zero damage
    T6 Sith Raid: Runs on a constant loop / Live at Launch

    So stop on by our Discord server below and let us show you a wickedly awesome Rebel Welcome. We have several bots for game efficiency as well as entertainment. Contact Dark Rolyzzz #9997 on Discord or DarkRolyzzz on Forums for questions or more info.

    NRO Discord Server:
    NRO Profile:

    United we can dominate this galactic revolution!!!!!
    Hit me up on Discord @Dark Rolyzzz#9997 for information on New Rebel Order or if interested in joining. Come be a part of our Rebel Revolution!!!!!
  • Knights of Zem is looking for new members. Half of our guild decided to leave our our guild and start something new with more active members. We’re currently doing Heroic raids for Rancor and AAT. We’re looking for active members primarily to help us with Territory War minimum requirements. If you’re a lower level player, we can help you catch up. For the higher level players were about 2-3 months off from doing Heroic Sith. Before our guild split we were easily getting 30 stars on TB. Our raids have a 24hr wait, but usually only stay up for 6 hours at a time

    Guild name is Knights of Zem
    You can add me as an ally just send a message as well if you’re interested in joining
  • Capt_Lone_Starr
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  • Tortugas
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    TheRevanites are looking for new followers!

    TheRevanites is an active guild with 44 members looking for new players with at least 1.5 million power to become a follower of our master Revan.

    Guild Power: 95 million
    Territory Battles: 31 light side/ 34 dark side
    Currently farming tier 6 Sith raid working towards heroic.
    Heroic Pit and Tank raids on farm, launch at 8pm and 9 pm eastern US, 24 hour sign up period.

    Relaxed and friendly group. Guild rules require daily activity, communication in game chat and Discord, minimum 300 raid tickets daily, sign up for all raids, and participation in TWs/TBs.

    Contact Tortugas#3828 on discord for more information or if you are interested in joining.
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  • Active UK breakaway guild looking for players

    Guild name DeathWatch X

    We are looking for both experienced and new players, a few of us have second accounts at lower levels so we are happy to help low level players as long as they are active. Are main accounts are 2.6m GP - 3.1m GP. So higher level players are welcome as well.

    We can do Hpit and HAAT. Sith raid we are doing tier 4/5. We need more players for Territory War and Territory battle but myself and the officers have are experienced in both and once we have the numbers we will be able to achieve high star in TB and battle competitively in TW.

    We have no requirements for new players other than they participate daily and try to max their ticket contributions.

    If you are interested contact me either through:
    . Discord: Alex Wasa#3070
    . In game chat: 337-427-667
  • Revans Elite Knights
    64 mil GP

    Looking to fill our ranks. Began just a few weeks ago and only 5 spots open. We want you!

    This Guild will take all. A newbie with no clue what to farm, who to get, or what path to follow, a seasoned player wanting to contribute, a heavy hitter wanting to make a difference, a merc looking to retire and find a home.

    We require daily activity and just one 7* character.

    Our mission here is to be able to pay it forward. We will grow strong enough to be able to help other Guilds conquer raids that they may not be able to conquer. And provide support if they need it.

    We require:
    1. At least one 7* character
    2. Participation in ALL Guild events
    3. Communication - it is vital
    4. Discord is HIGHLY recommended
    5. Communication - oh wait...yeah I did mean to say that twice.

    We will launch raids as we generate enough tickets.

    TW and TB participation is expected.

    If you’re interested please feel free to contact myself or our recruiter.
    Ilinso#2272 (That’s a capital “ i “ and lowercase “ L “)
    Ally code:
    Ilinso: 624-542-756
    rockwrench69: 523-832-131

    Thanks for your consideration.
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