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    This is how you decide to make it more "fun and playful"?! You go from giving underrated characters in desperate need of reworks actual fun bonuses to wiping out core pieces of your roster and call it fun?

    Y'all are still New Years Day drunk aren't you?
    Porgatory demands fresh souls.
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    People liked the TW bonuses in November because they could use those toons after them being unusable for a long time. Taking 28 toons out of the picture and rendering many teams and strategies players have spent time and money to develop is not a good idea. People like being able to USE their toons, not have them be unusable.
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    Anybody asked for that kind of non sense? Having some bonuses applied to some toons OK. Breaking team synergies excluding some key toons is just... A very bad idea. It takes months to build a competitive team to help your guild, thanks for ruining our efforts CG.
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    Shall we remove all Capital Ship crews?
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    This is a terrible idea. Players who are passionate about TW and the competitive nature of it pour so much energy into developing and refining their rosters as much as possible. It is one of the only really competitive guild environment that takes skill in the game and this change effects it negatively in a big way. I also think this puts huge strain on officers who work extremely hard to come up with strategies every TW.

    Please don’t put this change in.
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    Gotta say, I like that you're trying to shake things up, but I don't like this approach. Telling us to vote out characters we've spent time and effort on gearing up in favour of OTHER toons we've spent equally long gearing up seems counter intuitive to a game of this nature. I like the idea of a community focus, or a voting mechanic, but I'd prefer something more inclusive (i.e. vote on which Group gets bonuses or penalties vs outright excluding them).
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    Rmaxtpmx wrote: »
    Okay, so what are you going to do for those of us who already missed a month of potential tw wins for the prestigious quests? Now you're making it a happy fun goof off land, making wins even less predictable? I just want to finish these titles already.

    ^^ I forgot about the quests too. Something CG created for players to do... yank !
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    @Leytuhas & @NoomiZ ... and @ anyone else who thinks this is terrible:

    Are you kidding? This idea rewards investing in lots of diverse toons. Those players who have lots of good toons do better than those who have a few great toons if a couple of those great toons get excluded.

    This rewards a different style of play than most play modes. But you get to play Arena every single day. If you like the few-great/meta-toons style of play, you still have Arena literally every freaking day.

    I'm of the opinion that more styles of play need to be rewarded. Why? I think it's good business for EA/CG: it increases the fan base if players that prefer a different style of play get their time to shine, get their time to be valuable to their guild.

    I'm dependable in my guild, but I don't finish top 3 tank. I have to work my tushy off to finish top 10 Sith (which I usually don't bother to do, because I have a family and other commitments). I also let my kids help me figure out which toons to work on because that creates a little bit of family fun every once in a while even if it means that chasing the meta is a bit harder for me. I've got a much more diverse roster than others in my guild, but I have a ton of g8-g10 toons where others have fewer toons total, but more at g12.

    This takes me from dependable, but replaceable/expendable to - if the community vote goes hard against the meta - a key member of the guild.

    It also, and I think this is more important than anything, will get people scrambling on guild chat to figure out what the best teams are that we can field without Toon X, Y, or Z.

    it gets people talking to each other, maybe collaborating/cooperating a bit more. it gets people figuring out how to use their Sith when Traya is gone or their Resistance with no JTR. In short, the sudden absence of toons is going to have people trying to actively brainstorm new strategies, rather than relying on the same-old-same-old. Creativity! New teams! Trying out that dusty Droid squad! Yes!

    The very, very hard part is that a good number of the people who worked hard to get the meta toons will feel cheated. That's sad. I wish that wouldn't happen, but you know that there are enough people investing in the meta that some people are going to feel that way.

    But this doesn't make those toons useless. There are all kinds of places to use your meta toons - including in Arena every single day.

    This is good for the game, it provides rewards for players who adopt strategies other than chasing the meta, and makes your less valuable guild members more valuable to your cooperative/community success.

    Maybe you won't like it. Maybe you'll be one of the folks whose performance in TW drops. But there are a lot of players, and not all of us are meta-or-die. Not all of us are about individual success at the expense of others. Not all of us are only about competition.

    This helps provide variety in our experience. It doesn't kill off meta toons. It doesn't make them useless. It just gives other toons - and possibly other players - a chance to come out from under the meta shadow and get their own chance to shine in one single game mode.

    Spreading the wealth is a good thing for the 10 million fan player base, even if it's a design choice that doesn't boost your performance specifically.

    I personally am on the record on these forums multiple times not advocating against the Arena or the phenomenon of meta toons, but for diversity in play modes. Creativity. Love for all the toons, not just a few.

    I would never have predicted this, but I think this is a great experiment.

    Requoting because I just like what was said here.
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    My guild of high lvl and geared players should not be subject to some random 50s FTP vote on what I can and cannot use, who on earth thought this was a good idea?
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    But, but, but they got feedback that suggested this was a good idea!

    Talking to yourself in a mirror does not constitute getting “feedback”.....
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    Absolutely terrible...... Make us work hard to build teams and then give pleabs the option to neuter them?...... Terrible....
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    WOW this idea is terrible, like it has NO redeeming value what so ever
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    No one is going to substantially invest in B tier characters for the sake of 2 TWs, also if you're planning to take half our rosters away I would strongly recommend significantly increasing the rewards for winning. Otherwise what's the point of even spending hours figuring out strategy without most of the key teams?

    Also, not sure what business school you all went too but you shouldn't take stuff away that people worked on/paid for, adding faction/characters bonuses is cool but taking stuff away is not going to go down well.

    Just another month without TW. #boycottTW

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    I also can't wait to see (if I could) the reaction of all the people who play this game but don't use the forums logging in to play the next TW only to find out that half their rosters are missing.
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    Ppl always complain about the TW is "which side has more revan/traya mode". Now you can temporary make them disappear, ppl complains again.

    For me, as a player...seems fun.
    As an officer...still have to chase ppl all over the world, hey you need to set defences hey we need you attack....
  • hynes1981
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    We the players geared and zeta toons for TW and now you are taking away part of people rosters? That is just a dumb idea. Here is a better one

    Why not have the community input be, say, pick LS or DS, and only those toons are in the next TW? You could make us set only darkside toons on defense and only attack with light side toons. I would enjoy that more than handcuffing my roster.

    Or Platoons in TW would be better than this!

    I am half tempted to just tell my guild just to sign up and not set any defense and call it an easy win for our opponents. I don't want to spend hours looking at rosters to see who can set what now.

    Jimmybone (The Clone Schwartz)
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    No no no no, a thousand times no. NOT playing a character is fun how? We are supposed to be rewarded for gearing up characters, not have them excluded. Crazy bonuses were fun, let us vote on which toons get bonuses. Giving us the "choice" to choose something we don't want is no choice at all. Here's a quick list off the top of my head of things that might be fun, note that none of them involve deleting toons from play.

    Set maximum gear levels in a zone
    Make certain zones faction specific
    Make some zones 3v3 (a la GA)
    More fun buffs on toons no one uses
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    This is so stupid. Lets take a mode of game play that people like and farm resources for and **** on them.
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    Phoenixeon wrote: »
    Ppl always complain about the TW is "which side has more revan/traya mode". Now you can temporary make them disappear, ppl complains again.

    For me, as a player...seems fun.
    As an officer...still have to chase ppl all over the world, hey you need to set defences hey we need you attack....

    Valid. But I think it’s a Terrible strategy to take things away. Improve matchmaking.
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    If they actually wanted player feedback on this idea, then one option in the poll should be to not implement this change. I won’t be voting in the poll until it actually has a way to voice feedback. Completely agree with someone above who said any vote in the poll is an endorsement of this terrible idea. Now CG will say look, 50,000 people voted. They love this idea, let’s keep doing it.

    This change is completely tonedeaf.
  • Shok
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    I came here to throw in my 2 cents but it looks like the community has it pretty well covered so I'll keep it short.

    Character Bonuses: Good
    Character Bans: Bad
  • TVF
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    My guild of high lvl and geared players should not be subject to some random 50s FTP vote on what I can and cannot use, who on earth thought this was a good idea?

    Those random 50 FTP keep the game alive as much as you do. Unless you'd keep spending for the privilege of only fighting other spenders?
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    Gorem wrote: »

    That would have been a cool idea, then the entire past thread of 6 pages would have been a discussion on who to buff, which toons needs it or doesn't need it, how cool some of the buffs could have been, what the buffs could be.

    Talking about it amongst ourselves, getting the community involved...

    That would be a computer programming nightmare to have to create, test and implement all sorts of new buffs in that short of a timeframe.
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    Nihion wrote: »
    mlb1399 wrote: »
    Yeah, I’m not a fan of this new direction. We’re in a top 10 guild and have focused zetas and mods towards this game mode. While it does give us an advantage in GA it takes out the fun of team play in TW for some stupid voting game mode.

    If you want to change something, change TB. It’s 0 fun and 6 days of redundancy. I’d pay CG/EA $100/mo to not have to play it and get the max rewards

    That defeats the purpose of a game...
    In order to get good rewards, you have to put in the time and work. Does your job pay you good money to do nothing?

    My boss doesn’t have a meeting where my fellow employees vote in order for me not to use certain things at my desk that I need to accomplish my job. Horrible logic. “They voted for me to not have access to my laptop, guess my office is just spicing things up to make it more fun for me....”
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    Well you got your community participation... unfortunatly it was for us (in the majority) to tell you how bad a idea this is. I wonder what February brings... limiting toons in GA also? I hope you go through the many many pages of complaints and scrap this idea before the next tw starts
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    I was doubtful at first about 3v3 grand arena, and I ended up really enjoying it! Hopefully the same happens with this TW change.
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    Removing the competitive nature of TW by making it a gimmick will undermine the whole game mode and the guild structure and focus you have meant to build over the last year.

    Surely some more explanation is needed here. When did the community give the impression the didn’t like tw as it was?

    Awful change.

    + 1 really

    That’s already what i was thinking with the troll buffs. I really disliked the meaning of those (take tw less seriously and make it « « fun » »). My fears just became real and it’s worse than i thought.
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    How about stopping with the GA's and returning the regular TB's and TW's schedules, I like GA but why should we take a cut in rewards for them for crappy little minigame of who has a better roster, mods, more synergy type teams then you do.
    Here's you're first place prize, "Drum Roll" 3 Omega's!!!!! Woo.....
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    Can we drop this idea and just get 4 TWs in January instead? Maybe throw in another TB for good measure.

    I can't imagine how the small group of players that unlocked Revan will feel when the large group that didn't votes to exclude him (disclosure: I don't have him but won't be voting).
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