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  • Banning characters is not the same as bonus. This is a very bad idea, and a lot of players and guilds who think TW is the most enjoyable part of the game will react very negatively to this. Can we please play with the characters that we have spent a lot of time and, for some - money, to aquire?

    Bonuses are fine, and as long as they alternate some it helps keep it fresh - this is not that ...
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    😂 it just occurred to me.. this won't hurt me at all!!!
    We will just continue sandbagging!

    If I'm matched against a guild 20m lower, whatever we get stuck with will still destroy them lmfao!
  • Folks that invested time and $ into specific characters to be extremely competitive with their peers are essentially randomly nerfed. You realize the votes to remove certain characters are by those who didn’t spend the $ you desire as a business to attain them? Who had the bright idea to NOT just give a few characters a TW buff to shake things up, but cut the legs out from under a good deal of your playerbase? GA, shook things up, the select few buffed toons, shook things up... this seems like just a targeted nerf against folks who invest time and $ into building toons they want to actually play the game with. Who exactly is this making happy? Not the $ that keeps this game rolling that’s for sure.
  • I like the idea of being made to adapt to a situation where you can’t just use your usual characters so that you have to come up with a new strategy to face your opponent with. Strategizing and experimentation are what I enjoy in the game.
  • One other point is that TW has (for guilds centered around it) a very important function in having the players bond together over a competitive team effort - I know with TW being possibly marginalized it will negatively effect the athmosphere of the guild. It is this statement that I find very troubling:

    When Territory Wars was introduced, it was the first opportunity players had to test their full rosters against other players. Now that the Grand Arena events are running, we believe this will be a much better fit for challenging players who have a similar collection. This will be the arena for purely competitive play.
  • This is a horrible idea.. why are you messing with something that has so little complaints about it, except being mad that it has not been available for the last month and a half. If you had good feedback then why do something completely different?
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  • @CG_SBCrumb This is a fantastic idea the possibilities are endless. Been talking to friends of mine on how to make TW fun again for some time now. Some of the wacky ideas we had we're 3v3 TW, No mods, setting your opponents defenses and vice versa, all G12 toons, auto random defense. Looking forward to what you have planned this year! :smile:
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    So go play those games nothing is stopping you.

    Thats exactly whats going to happen. This is a bad idea. It is not fun.
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  • Just. So. Lame.
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    I think it’s a good idea.

    And, the argument begins.
  • This is dumb. Just another way to get people to gear up otherwise unnecessary toons, but the real slap in the face is you spend all this time gearing and working up a team just to have them not be used? It’s the same problem with platoons in TB that CG has never been aware of. Why work so hard/spend $ to build up a toon you can’t use? Talk about deflating.
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    This was my favourite part of the game
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  • I couldn’t agree with you more. If the best they can come up with to make the game fresh and “ exciting “ is to remove toons we have worked hard to get and gear from an event, then it’s time to get some new developers or shut the game down if it has stagnated this bad. Here’s a novel idea, make an event and stop messing with it. How about come up with something new instead of continuously changing current stuff. Shows a considerable lack of imagination
  • This is crazy. Why not just make people vote on which group should get the tw bonus instead?
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    Dumb idea
  • i only hope we can change mods for this war for free...
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    This would have been a lot better if the poll was which factions to buff. Not which characters to remove. Lol
    id love to choose ONLY one block of 4 characters and these 4 get special TW bonuses like the clone wars one for Dooku / Mace / CUP / GG
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    Now that TW is a joke, I just hope that...they at least keep the GA rolling day to day for the more competitive players.

    Whatever January calendar on reddit that said , 1 GA in late January, after reading this...I truly hope that is a fake calendar

    I mean....please, please keep GA rolling if TW is turning into this.
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