Who is the Best Avenger?



  • Captain America
    Obviously we all love deadpool.

  • Captain America
    EA_Cian wrote: »
    EA_Cian wrote: »
    Hey folks, let's reel this conversation back in from Tony Stark's sex life, thanks.

    Batman has voiced his opinion though, so apparently, he is an Avenger?

    Mind passing that memo onto the writers of the movies?

    So I am going to ask that we remember that while something may happen in films, that doesn't immediately make it appropriate discussion for the forums, so let's please try to move on otherwise we will have to lock the thread. :smile:

    Also, while thinking about if I should (finally) reveal my favorite Avenger I started wondering, are we just talking Avengers or just MCU characters in general? Could impact my answer. :sweat_smile:

    reveal! reveal!
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