How do you accidentally type 3 instead of 4?



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    They told him "all" - he just forgot about the IG-2000 because it's trash.

    I have heard otherwise. But aren't you one of those "I hate ships 2.0 I just retreat for my dailies" people anyway?

    That's what I do because ships does indeed suck but I think all the bounty hunter ships are good

    I would but ships is where I get my crystals since I face a 300+speed revan wall sub-100 in my arena.

    Ouch. If ships wasn't 3v3 or had much better rewards I'd have incentive to farm for it but I'm not worried about missing out in a few fleet credits for all that work

    Yeah, I really hate those 400 crystals and 90% of a zeta mat every day.
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