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I don't even know how to start this topic.....
I've been in the arena shard for 3 days, and they kicked me out because they claimed I didn't have a good rooster. The way they did it wasn't nice, in fact, I even made a complaint which EA or Discord don't do anything about because of Privacy issues.
I have the ability to defeat most of the top 20 opponents unless rng or very good mods, however, they have a close 20 guys who have the discord server and they coordinate from there, till here it's ok, now notice the following:
- outside the 20 guys they give you the pep talk to you like if you can keep up consequently we will invite you in and they share the payout times with you but you can snip no one in the time slot of 2 hours for the payout.
- Later I found out that they do this with other 30 guys and keep you out of the loop, so the ones snipping at you are the other 30 guys who had the same pep talk
- furthermore, since I've made a complaint they told everyone else to target me! how do I know this? one of the guys told me via chat. on my payout time I've constantly keeping pressing the battle button to see when they are no longer fighting with me, this is just to prevent me to climb faster to the top 10. it's like this for a long time. I keep doing 2 refreshes and to be at almost the same place.

This type of behaviour shouldn't be permitted, if EA doesn't want to do anything about it, then it should give the opportunity to a player to start on another arena shard even if it's from position 5000, I don't care, at least it would be a different shard with different people.

Peace out.
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  • Maybe get a better rooster....
  • Or a better hen? :open_mouth:
  • Theres nothing EA or CG can really do about it since it's all done on a third party app. Personally, I'm with you. I think shard chats are a form of cheating. Or atleast unethical. But theres not anything that can be done about it except to try and get on their good side. I'm not high enough for it to matter, so I haven't run into this problem yet.
  • Hi guys,
    thanks for replying.
    For some of you who have replied to a better rooster, you can't do anything on a mirror match since it's now beatable. I've improved my mods over last night and I can't tell that now they just coordinate among others to have my battles locked on my last hour before my payout.
    I just want to move away from this type of activity, it's against my principals and besides not being a fair play anymore. A game should be fun to play and should bring joy but not like this.
    I've not only invested money on it but years.
    Nevertheless, this should be stopped from occurring, maybe CG can shuffle arenas or bring another solution for this!
    Peace out.
  • There's an article that n that deals with this. If you can post a roster, it would be a big help. Your options are:
    a) start a revolution. Convince others to absolutely troll the top 20 and push them down
    b) squads. Aim for high offence squads to bring down those teams then switch to defensive squads overnight.
    c) Get information. Learn their payout times and wreck their schedule. Finding their TZ will help.
    Besides, arena isn't everything.
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    I dropped out of the top 20 because I prioritized fleet over getting Revan, and it has been a blessing. It was nerve-wrecking to fight the same evently matched squads day after day knowing that I could only beat them with good RNG and couldn't afford to make a single mistake, only to be sniped from rank 10 or sometimes even 5 by someone who had the same payout and wasn't part of my (very relaxed and leader-less) shard chat. It only got worse after Revan, when a bunch of players with badly geared Jedi teams who had never been in the top 20 before suddenly moved up the food chain thanks to their newly acquired Jedus Knighst.

    When I simply accepted my loss of status, the game became incredibly relaxing. I know that I can beat most teams in the 21-50 range without sweating and cursing, and I can climb any time I want without stepping on anyone's toes. Why should I ruin my nerves for an additional 50-150 crystals? I get 375 crystals from fleet every day without breaking a sweat, and 650 squad tokens is enough to farm the squad arena store. I can even skip a day now without having to worry about my arena rank. It doesn't matter if I find myself on rank 30 or 45 the next day. It's all the same payout.

    My point is, there is no need to lose sleep over a game. I know it's quite an adjustment and feels harsh at first when you're used to a much better payout, but your quality of life will improve a ton if you settle for a reward tier that is less toxic and contested.
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    As an option, change your payout time to get out of the lock
    Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain
  • An easy fix would be to hide your arena opponents names so that you cannot he deliberately targeted (at least not easily)
  • Yeah its the same issue in every arena....Noone notices it when they are top 50 .... But once u get in the top 20 10...thats where it starts.... I honestly think cg can do smth about it ... Maybe give an attack immunity for 1 hour before payout....this way anyone and everyone can climb at the appropriate time and stay as high as possible...... Arena shard should be about player vs player who have the same payout and trying to get as high as possible.... Not player vs a mob who have control of the top 20 and u need to bribe or pay a toll to get in ...
  • What do you mean by a better roster? There's only ever 1 team you are gonna use for the arena, all else is irrelevant.
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