Content Update 3/6/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes!
Here is all the new content you’ll find after today’s update, 3/6/2019.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:

  • Reverted Jango Fett Attack Sounds - We took a pass at improving his blaster sounds in a previous update but aren’t satisfied with the results. The sound effect will return to its original version for now and we are going to go back to the drawing board to see if we can create a sound effect that is even closer to how it sounds in the movie.
  • B1 Battle Droid and B2 Super Battle Droid now have sound effects when defeated
  • Consolidated and clarified many buff descriptions when you tap and hold a character in battle. This does not have any impact on gameplay but was done for clarity and in preparation for the UI changes coming in the next version update
  • Daily Activities Change: Light Side and Dark Side Hard Battle Daily Activities have been condensed into 1 Daily Activity at Level 85

Galactic Chase - Ebon Hawk
The EBON HAWK has arrived! Ebon Hawk blueprints will be available as bonus rewards on all Fleet Battles nodes for a limited time! Head over to the Fleet Battles holotable March 8th and start earning blueprints for this iconic Old Republic-era ship!
  • Event begins: March 8th

Clandestine Cargo Pack
Power up the Ebon Hawk with this brand new pack! Each pack guarantees at least 5 blueprints for the Ebon Hawk and may drop up to 330 BLUEPRINTS! In addition, each pack drops ability materials of each kind and Reinforcement Materials.

Possible characters:
  • Ebon Hawk
Date available: Mar 8th
1299 Crystals
Minimum Level requirements: 60

  • LOCALISATION - B2 Super Battle Droid's name in the Thai language has been amended to be consistent with all other mentions of B2 Super Battle Droids’ name.
  • LOCALISATION - Many minor changes to Buff descriptions
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where B2 Super Battle Droid, IG-100 MagnaGuard and General Grievous in events were using the new reworked abilities.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where the B2 Super Battle Droid in Light Side, Dark Side, Cantina, Ship Battles and events was using the new reworked abilities.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where B1 Battle Droid in Light Side and Cantina nodes and the Tank Takedown raid would not count as Separatists for certain Prestigious quests.
  • UNIT - Updated B1 Battle Droid's "Droid Battalion" description to indicate it is immune to everything that increases its Max Health or Max Protection.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Droideka's basic attack was able to use negative speed values when calculating damage.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Droideka was assisting before Separatist allies completed their abilities.
  • UNIT - Han's Millennium Falcon - updated "Outmaneuver" description for clarity. While Outmaneuver is active, it can't be countered and it can't be targeted while other allies are present, unless Taunting.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where C-3PO could inflict Confuse on Darth Traya's lightsabers in Phase 3 of the Sith Triumvirate Raid.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Old Daka's "Serve Again" would not grant Turn Meter to Nightsister Zombie when Zombie revived while Daka was active.
  • UNIT - Added missing audio to Jango Fett's jetpack landing.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Jedi Consular's "Attack as Defense" could not critically hit when it ignored the target's defense.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where B2 Rocket Trooper's "Directed to use Special ability" effect in the Tank Takedown raid appeared green like a buff. It will now appear blue as it is a status, not a buff.
  • AUDIO - Fixed a bug where General Grievous' lightsaber activate audio would not trigger when entering battle.

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