TW Droids not working

Hey I just fought droids in TW, and their abilities worked flawlessly, so, I then went in with droids on offense, and all of my droids died without triggering the bonus damage equal to health. Is this ability misworded to where the damage doesn't happen when a droid dies and instead only when a droid dies to the 15% chance to implode? Is anyone else having the same problem, can we get clarification that it is WAI?


  • This "bonus" is crap. The worst bonus I have ever seen in this game. Even worse than the character ban
  • TW is crap in general
  • Yeah, I've got a thread over in tw about this problem.
  • Yea, also there is no way that b1 is WAI. I had a g9 b1 that held for 7 defenses solo...
  • I just got a report on this from another source. I'm investigating. Let me see if I can get the team to update me on it. I'll post something as soon as we have more.
  • They are working sorta. B1 is ridiculous btw.
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    I thought they weren’t working either but someone in my guild showed a screenshot


    Depending on your opponents, they might a crazy amount of protection compared to health so you might not even see a difference
  • Same here.. just sent a team of droids against a First Order team. They killed all droids without being hurt at all when destroying the droids. Not working as intended on offense at least.
  • I’ve got video proof that I recorded showing droids doing no damage to opponents when they are defeated when using them on offense.
  • @Ultra yea it seems like they work sometimes, but in no way is the ability correct in it's wording. That SC shows that chopper died from the 15% chance. That is why they did the 80% damage. The way the ability reads, the 80% damage should occur WHENEVER a droid dies, reguardless of how it dies.
  • @Ikky2win I think b1 must be triggering the ability every time he gets hit... somehow
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    Yeah I’m looking into other threads and it seems like it works sometimes instead of all the time
  • Yea that's what I'm thinking too @Ultra it seems like it always works on defense and only works on offense if you kill the droid with the 15% chance thing
  • The 15% chance has happened to my teams when attacking a droid defense group. But it is very possible to kill a droid without it happening since I think it is worded that each hit has a 15% chance so if you don't do a lot of hits it may never happen in a given fight.
  • @MasterSeedy I completely agree. At some point they need to realize that it isn't all about winning or losing only, so what they might do is give us all first place rewards, but that doesn't matter, that isn't the point. I guarantee you that you aren't the only one unhappy, because that is exactly why I made this thread. I get it, mistakes happen, but the only reason that they happened is because they caught themselves off guard with the malak event and a lack of testing because there is no way that this is WAI. For those of us that are unhappy with malak, we want to enjoy our TW, not have another thing to be unhappy about. Hopefully this stuff can at LEAST get a rewording because anyone that actually put any time into a defensive strategy just got screwed over if it is a misleading phrasing. There are devs that said that they are working on it, but for a lot of guilds, it is too late already for this tw and it will cost them the win.
  • I think they mixed up the percentages.
    I know what I encountered might actually be possible, but Vader killed both my R2 and BB8 with his Force Crush. 2 insta deaths in one attack, while it only has a 15% of happening.
    Needless to say, I lost that match...
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    It appears that B1 has a 15% chance of dealing massive damage each time he loses a stack, but is still staying active as he hasn't exhausted his stacks. I mean, it's hilarious to take out a G12 CLS team with 3* B1, but c'mon...
  • yeaaaa I knew there was something wrong with b1 haha.
  • This definitely FAILED.

    I'm the officer responsible for TW strategy in my guild. I built my entire strategy based on this ability actually working. We set defenses assuming this would work. We placed more on defense than we normally would, assuming that Droids would help break through the Revan wall.

    This ability is not working as written, AT ALL. I had 3 droids killed by Revan and none activated the massive damage. I think that it is somehow programmed to function ONLY on the 15% chance and not on being killed by normal damage. Using low-health droids as sacrifices does not work.

    I can't tell you how disappointed I am. I crafted truly original defensive squads, theory crafted truly original offense compensators for leaving our best squads on defense, sent out 15 billion reminders because this ability was going to so dramatically change the nature of TW offense. And now this: we're left with nothing to burn through the Revan wall because sacrificing droids does not work.

    Will my guild get credit for the win we could have had? Or will the guild that (i've looked at their 3 first territories now) did nothing at all to adapt to the new abilities win because in their laziness they didn't read what EA/CG put out and do the thinking and theory crafting and guild-communication that is supposed to be part of the game?

    How will I ever get my credibility back with my guild mates? Is that something that can be purchased for 400 crystals?

    I cannot tell you how upset I am. This could have been truly, truly different and exciting because of that, but instead all the people who care about the game enough to read what you write on the forums are getting hurt.

    This is one terrible move.

    Are you telling me a Nest can one shot my full protection/health g11 IPD right at the start of the battle? Cause after IPD explosion I don't see any protection/health change to the Nest (she is the only one left)
  • I am also in charge of TW for my guild. Our strategy was also based on the droids' bonuses as written. Besides tailoring our defense, we have had several JTR teams lose on offense because BB8 died but no damage was done to the opposing team.
  • @Moorebid when the two droids died, it could be possible, but did they do 160% damage to the other team based on max health?
  • I also noticed it not working. Lost my r2 immediately, no damage, no unresistable burn. On top of that the 15% chance to die worked perfectly. But I gained nothing from said bonus. Furthermore lost L3 next battle same deal, this time burn worked damage did not. The bossk was modded for health so the damage would and should have been huge, nothing. Nest ended up winning the whole thing because boba was already gone. Our strat also built around the idea you could droid suicide any han teams and that was a wash. As the first attempted team killed all droids with neither burn nor damage applying to anyone.
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    It doesn't seem to be anything to do with attacking or defending or anything to do with if they are dying from their 15% chance.
    I sent three slow Droids in against a Revan team and, as you'd expect, all three of my Droids died before they even had a turn. One of them did the bonus damage upon death, the other two didn't.
    It appears to just not have been programmed properly.
  • Pahkahhh wrote: »
    @Moorebid when the two droids died, it could be possible, but did they do 160% damage to the other team based on max health?

    Nope, no such thing at all
  • CG just seems to hate droids. First the lackluster Grievous rework, then they got rid of HK’s lead, then Godawful TW bonuses that are more of a nerf, then they buff the only meta team that Grievous was capable of beating, and now the benefits of these TW bonuses are gone while the downsides are still here. Guess the droids still aren’t meta yet.
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    CG_TopHat wrote: »

    So for all Droids EXCEPT B1, the bonus damage is only supposed to happen when they die from Unstable Batteries?
    But all the B1 Battle Droid, it does the bonus damage whenever it loses a stack?

    And that was the intention all along??
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    Ok I understand issues with in-game text localization but what about Crumb's TW Bonuses for April?

    I'm guessing he made his post when looking at the in-game description 4 days ago rather than being communicated what the bonuses do
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