Padme Amidala Character idea

Having some fun making Character kits today! In the mood for some Galactic Republic love, so let’s continue the trend and create Padmé Amidala! My idea for her is to create a fairly basic, early-game character that could help a newer player utilize a wide variety of other early-game GR toons, yet remain end-game viable (which I accomplish through insane TM-manipulation).

Padmé Amidala
Light Side, Galactic Republic, Support

Basic: Sneak Attack - deal physical damage to target enemy. Gain 5% turn meter for each active Galactic Republic ally and 5% turn meter for each active Separatist enemy

Special: Vote of No Confidence - remove 50% turn meter from all enemies, and an additional 50% turn meter from all Separatist enemies. Padmé gains 50% turn meter (cooldown = 4)

Special: Diplomatic Solution - all allies gain 50% turn meter, and Galactic Republic allies gain an additional 50% turn meter. (cooldown = 4)

Leader: Senator of Naboo - Galactic Republic allies gain 100% accuracy, 50% critical avoidance, and 10% turn meter whenever they perform a basic ability.

Unique: Forbidden Marriage (Zeta) - Padmé Amidala and Jedi Knight Anakin gain 50% Protection, Max Health, Defense, and Critical Avoidance

So what does everybody think? I’d say this kit fits the goal of creating an entry-level character that could help newer players learn the importance of TM-manipulation, while allowing them to utilize a wide variety of their favorite GR characters together successfully. Her TM-manipulation and powerful zeta unique make her end-game viable as well.


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