Kit Reveal: Padme Amidala



  • Phoenixeon
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    Teague wrote: »
    Anyone using Padme in arena. There are zero in the top 50 in my arena. I'm giving her a try in arena myself, but I'm falling much farther than usual and sometimes losing to some very poorly modded Jedi Revan teams on offense.

    I don't have her passive zeta. Is it that game changing? Who is the best 5th? (assuming Anakin, Ahsoka and Kenobi as 2, 3 and 4)

    One guy running a 6* padme team and he's at #5 now at my shard. Dec 2015.
  • Gannon
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    That team needs the protection up to be locked, so that you have to break thru it. They dispel their own protection constantly and lack survivability.

    Or at least needs constant, passive protection up stream based on something other than enemies attacking out of turn.

    Without some missing link, it's not a very good team.
  • Chewy88
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    Is padme immune to jkr max health reduction?
  • Fahrius
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    Chewy88 wrote: »
    Is padme immune to jkr max health reduction?
    Yes, as she just gives protection up and not bonus protection - Discord - Fahrius#1194
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