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Little bit of background. I’m from a small guild. Our active GP in TW is usually around 34M. Most of our members play just few months. I myself turned my first year in April. Please, think about that before you start posting replies like you should have more Revans, etc.

TW and GA is becoming less and less fun because there are more and more teams which can lock you out. All recent meta teams require a particular counter not only to be defeated but also damaged. If you don’t have the counter, you rarely can defeat that team even on multiple tries. I don’t see how this can be good for the game?

I get that Arena needs top teams to compete and that there will always be super powerful teams and only proper counter will defeat them. What I’m complaining about is situation when we send 10 90+k arena teams on one JKR 95k team and we manage to kill single toon. It is already bad enough how many self healing teams are being added.

I have same experience in GA with Bastila. I don’t have a counter and I can send all my teams while I will barely get through protection in most matches.

Every team should be beatable on multiple tries without specific counter.

Good start to get there is in my opinion not refreshing bonuses between battles. Revan’s Savior will happen only once across all matches. Bastila will give bonus protection for the first battle but not refresh it in the next one. Same limits for Zombie, not automatic refresh of Bounty Hunter’s Resolve, etc.


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    i think your idea has some merit tbh.
    I do however would like to add "successfully defended two attacks" as a prerequisite for the mechanisme you're suggesting to go into effect.
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  • GA could be fixed in very easy way. if you just make players once in each round use their roosters GP value to overcome and win one enemy squad.. same like how TW deployments are working.. in that way those roosters with wide range of diffrent toons can get their rooster value used.. also it could be very strategic add on it, cause players cannot relay on one supermoded defensive squad that beat everything so much.
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