Developer Q&A - May 29th



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    Also, what's the deal with mk 4 chedak comlink prototype salvage? We get 2 of anything else from the daily prize box but only 1 of those.
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    Would you ever consider removing the pilot requirement for ships allowing more “nameless” ships to come into the game such as the Y wing A wing tie bomber interceptor etc.?
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    Hi there,
    Can we have some news about mods ? Do you plan to do anything with them ? To change a bit the way we obtain them, for example ? To make us able to make 4* into 5* ones ?
    The events which give 3* mods (yes some give it when you can’t do the last tiers), can they be completly removed one day ?
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    Can we expect a Separatists fleet soon?
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    Are there any plans to extend the ship content (more (capital) ship, raids)?
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    “Managing/cultivating a meta is a really interesting process. Players evaluate "the" meta a lot of different ways. Often times, we see the most gravity of the meta discussion center around Squad Arena and the number of viable squads therein. As Carrie has hinted at and out right talked about, we're really trying to figure out how to shift the conversation to be more about the meta of Grand Arena and Territory Wars which are more about the meta of squads versus the meta of a particular squad. This is a roundabout way of saying, we're absolutely trying to expand the playspace, but in doing so we're trying to shift the conversation out of Squad Arena into other areas of the game. This process necessarily can't happen overnight and it is an incremental process because we don't want to "pull the rug right out from under you"/the way you know and understand the game.”

    Crystals. Seriously, that’s it. How you ignore that is mind numbing. Squad arena is where players define meta because that’s where you can get daily crystals. Increase the rewards of TW/GA to offer crystals on the measure of SA and you’ll instantly accomplish your “goal”. @CG_TopHat
    Ooba hutar.
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    To improve community engagement would you ever consider doing what other games do and introduce a 'community design challenge' which could involve creating new character models, new character kits, new event challenges (like places of power etc), or even new raid proposals.

    This could be voted on by the community and, whilst they might not be implemented exactly, they could inform upcoming content potential.

    Many minds are often better than a few for generating ideas and as someone who enjoys making and discussing new kits in their spare time I would love to see this brought in to get people involved in the game outside of simply playing it.
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    When you send out messages saying the game will be updated at X time, can you PLEASE say what time it is in player local time? Just had to restart the client after doing the **** raid.
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