Hound's Tooth speed

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why in the fleet arena, my Hound's Tooth is always slower than the opponent's Hound's Tooth even though I excel at Bossk's gears, mods and double zetad Bossk's skills?



  • Do you target another ship on their team? HT gains 25% turn meter when an ally is damaged 04px9pac4syu.png
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    By slower do you mean on the stats screen? Or that in battle their HT attacks first?

    If you are targeting the enemy's ships that aren't HT, you are granting their HT 25% TM each time due to HT's unique "Trandoshan Barricade". This will cause their HT to go before yours.
  • gusyud
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    this is my mistake, not reading the full description. thank you
  • no worries, really easy to miss some of these things no matter how many times you read the abilities
  • On top of what the others said, you can gain a little more speed by slicing all your mods to 6 dots.
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