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Recently, I was going through my allies list and viewing where friends are at compared to where I have made it to in the game. It seems like most of my friends from my old guild are stuck chasing gear, don't have any g12s, don't have the legendary or journey characters they need, and are struggling to find a good guild. This issue has made me want to share some ideas for new players that want to make the game a bit easier on themselves. For players who want to maximize their efforts, progress quickly without getting stuck, or want to make sure they enjoy the game for a long time. please review the following. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

*Make sure you have discord and a account

Most good guilds should be using this anyways, this helps to ensure that you are in a guild that is working together, communicates, and has the tools available for you to succeed

*Use Discord bots for research, strategy, matchups

This easily lets lower GP characters contribute. They can view counters easily, view mods, learn what to use for mods, GA matchups, and this is the best way to learn your own weaknesses. This is the only way to have a leaderboard in your guild that matters. Fastest character, etc.

*Stay focused when grinding, but focus on what you enjoy

Early on I was scattered. I didn't focus on one team, I focused on one character. You have to understand that most squads will need all 5 pieces. 3v3 GA introduced a huge opening for me to use my squads that weren't complete, but when you have to use 5 characters, set 6-8 defensive squads, and be able to attack strong meta squads you need to make sure you have all of the pieces required. If you like a faction, go for it, but keep in mind viability, find what you like, but also ensure it's worth the time and resources.

*Know what you want to achieve, be proud of what you accomplish

If your goal is to unlock malak, then grind it and do it. If your goal is to break 50 in arena, do it. Know exactly what you are focusing on. The most important thing is to understand all of the time, effort, resources, and work that went into getting that goal done. When something difficult comes into the game, like GeoTB, then you will have the confidence that eventually you will make it. I'd take a guild member who has the right attitude over one that doesn't with the greatest roster any day of the week. Encourage others, share in their victories as well.

*Focus on the arenas (squad/ship), grand arena, events

Needless to say this entire game is about unlocking things. You need to unlock credit heist, bounties, legendarys, journeys, etc. You unlock so many mods, gear, and shards by allowing yourself to constantly finish the weekly events. Your arena rewards will feed gems, feed you resources for shards in the store, and will ultimately let you grind so many things at once. Squad arena especially will help tremendously to get strong characters. There are plenty of video tutorials on the shops and where to focus, but the important thing is to give yourself an opportunity to purchase things from them.

*Test often, learn what works, understand why

If you just go on youtube, search for recommended squads, things that others use, then you have to learn so many things about how, why the squad works. The important thing is to learn how characters play. FO-X, SFTFP are one of the most underrated combos that I don't see at all, but it is one that I've found works very well. I wouldn't have found it if I wasn't grinding something I wanted for myself, tested it all the way to g12, maxed them out, and tried for a while to get the mods right. It isn't as easy as copy/pasting and it magically works. You won't have the same mods, you won't have a lot of the same things. It works for others, but it may take you a while to get there and you have to know how to use the squads in their current form. Pay attention to leader abilities, unique abilities, learn what everything does so you can understand how to counter it, how to use it.

*Watch others, learn how they use their characters

This ties heavily into the last one. "If you give a man a fish, he will have food for a day. If you teach a man to fish, they will have food for life." There is a lot of meaning to that saying that can be taken in a lot of aspects of life. Generally speaking, it is better to learn exactly how something works, how it breaks, to know what it's worth is. If you have a tool, you may find a use for it that doesn't fit what it was originally designed for. If you understand how most high level squads are made, you may end up finding some way to push your arena by trying something outside of the box. Perfect example, until I had Jolee and GK geared, I used my FO-X in my JKR squad. I knew I needed something with a large health pool, could take a hit, and was a strong standalone character. When someone attacked me, they had to take that character out shortly after GMY, or they were in for a world of hurt.

*learn how to mod and test your mods

Alright, so you know how to focus, grind squads, to learn how squads work, and you know that you need to test the characters along the way instead of just producing what someone else does. One of my biggest mod issues was Ezra. He hits twice with his basic and offense seemed to be the obvious candidate. Most suggestions pointed me towards critical damage, and my guildmates who were top 5 in their arena were using those sets. Needless to say, critical damage is key, but I fount that when I used Ezra with critical damage and critical chance focus, he was always so brittle and died too quickly. GMY easily takes out Ezra in a mirror match. I had to use offense for a very long time until I was able to replace Ezra in my JKR squad. He hit harder with his basic, stayed alive because of the secondaries on the mods I was using, and when he did have a critical hit, the technique of raising the floor worked well with his kit. If I lost a % of critical damage, I gained the majority of it back by having a much stronger attack to begin with. The moral of the story is to push limits, your own, those of others, and to figure things out for yourself. Having others to guide you, ask questions, is such a key component, but you have to be able to do it yourself at the end in the day. Have confidence in your own abilities, try, and don't stop trying until you're satisfied with the results.


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    Solid thread. Good points all.
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    Good points for a lot of players.

    But playing this game and trying to join a new guild feels even more irritating than actually applying for and doing your job lol.
  • AntiFunn
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    Buy Malak buy both Revans buy padme buy everything G13.

    -CG Carrie Burner Account

    And spend at least 5 grand a month to be at the top!
  • AntiFunn wrote: »
    Good points for a lot of players.

    But playing this game and trying to join a new guild feels even more irritating than actually applying for and doing your job lol.

    Message me on discord or pm me here and I'll help you get setup. It's very easy to find a good guild if you know where to look.
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    At this point it's much harder to not find a guild.
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    Buy Malak buy both Revans buy padme buy everything G13.

    -CG Carrie Burner Account

    HlI spent $20 in this game once, won't spend more. I have everything pretty much.

    -Darth Revan
    -Jedi Revan
    -Geo Brood Alpha
    -Traya (and friends)
    -Emperor Palpatine
    -Thrawn (nearly his ship at 7s as well)

    And I will have Malak when he returns.
  • TVF wrote: »
    At this point it's much harder to not find a guild.

    I understand though, it's hard to find the right guild for the person. Everyone either goes off the deep end and gets bossy, or just doesn't do enough to get anything done. It's not "easy" to find the right fit.
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    I'll boss you right into my guild if you don't watch it!
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