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Ok. Somebody has to say that: why did CG crank up the difficulty of this event into the absurd?!?!?
Luckily I already got my Thrawn a while back, but now I am not even able to beat Tier 1 again.
And on Tier 3 did CG developers just think: wouldn’t it be fun to give all our toons 400+ speed?!?! Seriously!!!!
My Thrawn is not the fastest to be sure (226), but the opposing Phoenix toons take 9!!! (In words: Nine!!!) turns before I get my first (and that is if by then halt my toons are still standing.

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  • Use shore trooper as a pre taunt in stage 3. I always lose him and so get only 2 stars in the event, but it works. It's hard, but not unbeatable. I run Thrawn, Palpatine, Vader and TIE fighter pilot all g12 + shore trooper g10.
  • The event is pretty easy with Tarkin. Offense down is clutch
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    Your speed doesn't mean anything, the event is designed with a TM loaded NPC team. They will always go first, by design.
  • 14 times they go before I do, using the team Cadobane mentioned. I will try Tarkin. Thanks for the discussion on this, haven't ever won it.
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    They haven't changed anything.
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  • It's exactly the same. Apply RNG. Rinse and repeat.
  • Best RNG yet has been Zeb and two tanks left and Vader died. Unfortunately my Tarkin is G10 so dies easily, best I have done is with Death Trooper.
    Officer in Ewoks Fit In Blenders. Traya, Wat & Negotiator on farm.
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