It is scary how much these relics cost.



  • i got my one and only G13 Char GG to Relic Level 4 and i can´t really complain about the "gear costs".

    i spent no money on it. yea, now it gets more and more exhausting collecting the necessary gear but i would say, any 2.5m GP Player ( like me ) should be able to put any G13 Char to Relic Lvl.4 without spending any money.

    And yes, R4 is a huge impact on GG!

  • I got my darth revan to r7 ftp and most of the rest of my arena team to r3.

    I'm not super worried about running out of gear for relics here's why.

    1. I took 7 characters to r1 almost immediately and most of those to r2. Yes, it did deplete some stockpiles of gear. But to get any more relics, I gave to both farm the signal data and/or get more characters to g13. That isn't happening all that quickly. For higher tiers it takes a few days of cantina refreshes to have the signal data and for the lower tiers are already done on my backlog of g13. So while I farm signal data, I get more gear from challenges. Unless you whale out on gear 13, you should be able to keep up gearing most important characters.

    2. For higher relic tiers, it does require better gear salvage. But you have the option of what salvage to use and you get salvage from hstr, tb, tw, ect. And you can now use previously useless pieces you have extra of.

    Are you going to be able to never have to wait on gear for a relic tier. Probably not. But when have you ever been able to instantly take a character to max level for free?
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