Developer Q&A - 10/2


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    QOL: any chance of helping with mod loadouts so we can switch our entire roster to a preset loadout?


    This is a huge need. It takes forever to put mods back in place after a TB or raid battle. Please consider if not already on the table @CG_SvenGG !
    I need a new message here.
  • Can the love of anything holy, we get a new character, a new event, a new raid, a new PVE, something to keep players interested. I’ve had 10 players quit in my guild since Geo TBs, gear 13, now Relics. We need something, a spark, a new hope.
  • First 3 questions in general answered in classic CG fashion. Great job guys lol
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    Part of the hard part for new players is that there is a massive cache of older characters that the player ultimately needs to acquire. Would you consider effectively reducing the farming load on older (and especially less useful characters) by, for example -- permanently doubling shard drops on old characters (e.g. Phoenix, Lobot, Tuskens, some Imperial Troopers, etc), and or making shard drops 100% on those nodes? (And cutting the currency price on some ancient characters in certain shops)
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    Have you thought about how the 4 week length of GAC limits your ability to experiment with different formats?

    For instance, I love that GA allows us to use the vast majority of our roster that we have been building. One of the things that kept it fresh was the format would rotate between 5v5, 3v3, ships, sometimes the map layout changed. All those things helped keep the mode feeling new and interesting.

    With a 4 week tournament, do you feel like you are able to try experimental modes? IMO, GA needs the weird/fun stuff or it will just become a drag. I’d love to even see something like 10 squads on D, but only for a week. Weird funky stuff, but nothing like the silly TW bonuses.
  • Question 3: Why Revans relic is not his mask? That was a thing of a great meaning for him. Or mask for Nihilus. Or Kalligs mask for assassin, maybe. There are a lot of items that can be important for characters if you wish to search.
    But you choose weapons. They are not even "unique"! Are rifles "iconic items"? Or are ten lightsabers unique? Are "unique item associated with each and every character in the game"(c) are nothing but guns, pistols and lightsabers? Are this the only items this characters can be assisiated with? Why?
  • While I know you probably can’t give a clear answer to this, I would like to know, should players expect any from the likes of the new Star Wars Jedi game, or the mandolorian, cassian & K2, or Obi wan Disney+ series, or will those be overlooked?
  • Can we have more than a 3 day notice for the next epic confrontation?
  • When we get new abilities from relics for characters?
  • will there every be fleet loadoats?
  • Bigsmoke wrote: »
    will there every be fleet loadoats?

    This was answered during the September Q&A.

    Q: Will u be creating squadrons for fleet so we can better organize our fleets for TW, TB and hopefully GAC?
    A: 154M - This was right below filtering Mods by level in terms of a QoL item that didn't make the cut. We have some cool new ship content coming out and will get to this in a future update - sorry we can't give a specific date.
  • CG_SvenGG wrote: »
    One more question for the lolz... Regular Mountain Dew or Baja Blast? And by this I mean how much Dew do you devs drink on the regular?

    When I was in middle school and high school, I consumed prolific amounts of classic Mountain Dew. I haven't touched it in ages, and generally don't drink pop. Every now and then I'll treat myself to a fancy root beer.

    I consume way more coffee than I should.

    Your geographic upbringing is showing- not soda, not coke- but pop!
  • Question 4:
    At that poin Galactic War for many is useless exept tokens. Are you planning to remake it into something more interresting/useful/challenging or it will stay as "sim for tokens" and nothing more?
  • Not even gonna ask for content. I'm just wanting another Crumb's Clue. Any hint on when that'll happen?
  • Why no Battlefront 2 love like Iden Versio?

    What does TVF eat for breakfast (couldn't resist)?

    But most importantly, can we get a Jawa portrait??????

    Same thing as Shooter Mcgavin? @TVF ??
  • Allready asked but galactic bounties quests requiring galactic republic bounty hunters?

    Also mace rework or general or counselor mace? Just please give us a mace we can use. I really dont care if I havta farm a new one lol.

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    I am still waiting for CG to tell me what I'm allowed to eat @Vinny_Vader_Vedi
    I need a new message here.
  • TVF wrote: »
    I am still waiting for CG to tell me what I'm allowed to eat @Vinny_Vader_Vedi

    You can eat ... soon/august. So many old jokes to cycle through. I think can start a go fund me. But I don’t think many will give. Reskinned charity and all.
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    Can we please get a road ahead concerning the future of the 501st squad? we all know it's missing at least one member, but just knowing if that will be a TW reward, a legendary, an epic confrontation, or a marquee would be really helpful for players.
  • Would like to see a padawan/sith acolite character that can be evolved via in game activity into jedy/sith, master/lord, etc...
    Thaugh, that is not a question...
  • You talk about special feats/portraits for FO in the upcoming GA. What about special bonus for specific characters, ala TB ? I know it wasn't a huge success when you tried this during TW, but I think you took it too far then. Anything that could shake things up a bit and avoid the sensation of farming by doing the same fights over and over is always a good thing imo.
  • Also do you answer questions from questionarie or just comments here?
  • TVF wrote: »
    QOL: any chance of helping with mod loadouts so we can switch our entire roster to a preset loadout?


    This is a huge need. It takes forever to put mods back in place after a TB or raid battle. Please consider if not already on the table @CG_SvenGG !

    Yea I can't seem to get an answer to this one. It's one of my biggest pain points in the game.
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    Question: Darth Revan's relic, for examle, gave him huge physical damage boost. But DR deals only special damade. Similar for HK. Similar for many other characters. Why do relics increase stats (and a lot sometimes) that has no connection with characters kits?

    We made 12 stat groups for relics based on role (Attacker, Healer, Support, Tank) and primary stat (AGI, STR, TAC). From there we tried to identify the shared stats that most consistently provided significant benefits to those units. Unfortunately for the sake of balance (plus some other factors) not all stats are highly beneficial to all characters in a group. As Relics continue to evolve, we'll keep an eye on whether or not they are living up to expectations and how they could be improved upon.
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    This conference room is literally unconferenceable with that piece of plastic coming out

    How is anyone is able to pay attention to the Q&A while it’s sticking out because of it is beyond me
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    Question 5:
    Do you have any plans for titles to give us any benefits? For examle factional titles for spesific characters, or arena squad, or all chars...
    Now they are useless exept one
  • Do we need SHAAKTI AT 7 star requirement for any legendary or epic confrontation event? Or only clone troopers are required? DO IT!
  • Relics/gear:

    With the release of relics getting to gear 13 has widened the gap of those who were once competitive free to play with those who whale out and bought their way to Better gear. As stated many times you will be adding ways to ease the gear grind to higher gear teirs. What’s are your plans( if you are able to share) to alleviate this growing issue? Because as is stands currently there has been no clearly added change to improve the gear grind we face.
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