T3 unique zeta clarification

Thanks in advance to whomever can help me understand this. T3's zeta states that droids gain 100% of T3's DEFENSE PENETRATION.


At gear 12 his defense penetration is 0%.


I have been told it his resistance penetration and defense penetration that is shared.



Can someone confirm and further to that explain two more things. Why is it worded so poorly if it the others and also, a bit about how these stats interact in opposition to defensive stats.


  • Defense penetration says 0% for all characters.

    You need to look at T3's armour penetration (for physical attacks) and resistance penetration (for special attacks). T3 gets 100% boost (so they double) to those stats in battle, which he then shares with his allies.

    Defense penetration is an umbrella term that covers both armour and resistance penetration.
  • @UdalCuain thanks, greatly appreciated.
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