It's gonna be so bad 😭😫😭



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    Never understood why people complain in one hand that Luke's character was assassinated but on the other that Rey is a Mary Sue. Isn't Luke's arc in the OT similar to Rey's? Aren't they similarly flawed or not, as the case may be?

    Is this your attempt at some kind of sick joke???

    Did you forget the part in ANH where a completely untrained Luke who has never once flown an x-wing survives an attack run against a moon-sized military fortress and highly trained military pilots? Oh, and then he uses the force (which some old dude from the desert told him about earlier that week) to guide a bomb into a small exhaust port and destroy the Death Star.

    Don't forget Luke used to bullseye wamprats in his T-16 back home and they're no larger than 2 meters.

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    Just wait for episode 8, you will see her do some crazy stuff if the rumors are true. She will be the most powerful ever.

    I think you mean Episode 9. Unless they are re-releasing E8 because it was a massive disaster and I had not heard about it?
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