Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle - Republic Offensive [MEGA]


  • With all the (understandable) negativity and frustration, I just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with the compensation we got for this error.
  • Jouh
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    CG just being greedy and lazy. They create something with difficulty that should be more appropriate for 2 years later in future and they do not need to visit this aspect of the game later.

    A honest company will have adjust the difficulty slowly to help players adapt and keep the player engaged.

    But stupid which they are, they could have leave P1 to 3 as it is, and make it ubber difficult for P4 so to allow everyone build to that difficulty level. No, they want to make everyone angry by letting your hard earned toons killed and 1 shot by geonosians and droids.

    The joy of playing this game is to make us feel empowered and win. They thought we find joy by using our credit cards and grind for months. They just put the nail in the coffin because even R7 toons are useless at this difficulty level.
  • The rewards were pretty nice, so I appreciate that. I'm still a little confused as to why they cancelled it with this particular bug.
  • So so disappointed, after such a long and anticipated waiting period for new content we get this. The only way I could get over it was to attempt making a meme.
  • Piewalker wrote: »
    e4gl3m4n wrote: »
    My theory is that we have started with Phase 4 because they "forgot" that the LSTB is from right to left ... and this explains the announcement of the "misconfiguration" posted on Twitter by Tophat

    That’s a really good thought and maybe why they said they’re not retuning the difficulty. Let’s hope so - but why wouldn’t they just explain that was the mistake if so?

    With how many mistakes have been made this last quarter? IDK about you, but I wouldn't want to tell my bosses that after a half dozen screw ups that I'm adding 1 more to the tally.
  • Time to quit. I was waiting to see how this LS would be after the unbelievably requirements for General skywalker. CG said hold my beer I can make even worse.
  • "We will not be changing or re-tuning the difficulty for Republic Offensive."

    OK, and we will keep our wallets closed...
  • In Wonder why the prepared new content for future need....we have a lot old content....but we have nothing for now!? What about a galactic war for guilds or new events like for the bounty hunters....or a new challenging galactic war for pve!? There is a lot missing...but cg created content for 2022!?
  • The Mace thing is a real shame because there are two opportunities to upgrade him either as crew or squad. However I hold out some hope here. The Jedi Council buff from KAM could easily be added to other Jedi Council characters (to a lesser degree but very strong when combined with KAM and each other). Eth Koth, plo koon, alaya etc could all get imperial trooper style buffs under Mace lead. With KAM would likely create a new meta but with a bit of planning one with interchanging parts. Perhaps each Jedi offers specialisations against a faction like some already have against droids.

    Certainly worth a thought, and while most have Mace (but not the expensive gear levels of relics) the majority won’t have any other older Jedi much about G7 or G8
  • Pille wrote: »
    In Wonder why the prepared new content for future need....we have a lot old content....but we have nothing for now!? What about a galactic war for guilds or new events like for the bounty hunters....or a new challenging galactic war for pve!? There is a lot missing...but cg created content for 2022!?

    Which is kind of a shame, since there wont be a 2022 if they don't get 2020 right.
  • I’ll add my voice to this...

    I have NO clue what CG is thinking or planning.... Dont know how they is part of any 5 year plan, 10 year, 50 year plan or whatever. How they can release such a impossible event that only demoralizes guilds is unbelievable. Thankfully our whole guild just laughed at how stupid it is.

    With the releases so far this year - Relics RIGHT after G13, new gear grind requirements that are mostly hidden behind a pay wall (AKA crystals) , G$ legendary event that requires a massive grind and now an impossible TB that even krakens cant make a dent into is just ridiculous. Each release just adds months, years and more behind a grind or paywall.

    Very little of what they have released this year has been “playable” for the vast majority of players. Most will have to grind for months / years before they get to enjoy any of the said content (if you can call it that) that is released. Why they cant release something that is at least playable (though cant be the best at it) for the majority of players.

    While I may still play the game I will never give money to a company that only does “Releases” that are to drive players to spend money but don’t actually create any lasting value. With the majority of the releases my interest in this game drops as there is nothing to pull me back in.

    Shape up developers!
  • I am the tb/tw officer in a guild with rosters ranging from just below 3M to over 6M and well over 220M GP. If they do not wish to address the difficulty, they Really need to be transparent on the front screen of the ls geo tb, imo it should have a 150M GP entrance, and a 200M GP recommended, with an emphasis that g12 is the minimum, relics though are really required. Also I do think the p1 ground platoons need a rework, why are there any gks in there at all, he is a basic unit people have that qualifies for any of the Five missions in that phase! Also Ahsoka (padawan) is in the same boat, I could see putting 2ish in, but 5 (7 currently since two fulcrums were replaced). These are key units that people should work on for their capital/ship as well....With Padme as the special mission, 2 jedi missions and 2 generics, I find it ridiculous they are required in this phase at all ;). Replace them with units that haven't seen an upgrade imo so Everyone in a guild can work on units that will serve them well for the entire tb!
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    Just had to chime in - 4 year player here, never comment, former Guild Leader, FTP - the game is what we all should expect now. It is not a story driven, character based game. It does not have an end game payoff, no matter if you farm toons, ships, or one character you love from the movies or shows.

    It is a cash cow for EA, plain and simple.

    So quit spending your hard earned money on a game that does not value you as a player or customer. And I render no judgment on you if you have - shoot I spend $$ on a Disney Magic Kingdoms for my daughter so we can get all the Princesses LOL.

    Support some indy game, or something you can play with your kids (or friends) that has payoff value. Approach this game with little or no expectations - my mantra after year 3 - and enjoy it as a side dish to your video game diet.

    Star Wars fans are the best fans (we do have our questionable ones, for sure) and to see so many of you be run thru from EA, and this game, hurts. This roll out - finally Clone & Republic content - was much anticipated by so many of us - that it hurts worse to see such a blatant disregard for player satisfaction, that I wonder if SWGOH survives past TROS.

    Exactly! Let us all stop spending money and they will stop building pay walls....maybe a few dollars after 3 month to let them the servers far I think...if they just stop creating such nonsense updates...then the game would be fun...I can live with this status for months
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    Or even better, just stop playing. After 4 years, I'm out. Let's show CG we won't be battered victims anymore. Tune out, turn off uninstlall!
  • s4j9j19k5cay.jpg

    4/4 with r6, r5, r5, and 2 r3. Still agree that this is ridiculous though. P1 feels like a P4. Our guild will be doing LS HOTH TB and DS GEO from now on until they fix this
  • As everyone has already called for..

    Boycott. Simply have your guilds not do the light side TB for geonosis. If we get a huge majority to refuse to do it, then CG will have no choice. Don't open your wallet, don't participate.

    It's the only hope we have to combat their greedy schemes. Nobody buy packs. Nobody do their broken **** unbalanced event. We can get their attention by doing these things. Share. Share. share.
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    This is just another stunningly terrible choice by CG. They are playing Jenga with their only game and source of revenue. Every update has bugs, every improvement backfires, how long can the powers that be ignore it?

    "It's as if millions of dollars in revenue cried out and then went elsewhere.."
  • Valariel wrote: »
    This is event is overturned for what players currently have. My two very best LS teams got 0/4 and 1/4. My relic7 GK was one-shot in the first round.

    This will kill morale, players will quit. I have guild members already telling me they want to quit now. Your game isnt fun anymore. Fix it, please.

    to be fair, if your R7 Gk is one shot, you may wanna tune him for more health, as i've not seen a single GK get one shot, but then again if you aren't using Padme lead then it might be different
  • xldqch54crcx.jpg

    This won't help reduce the "CG Shill" accusations I receive...

    I got a 3/4 in middle, the GR 21k power mission.

    Used Padme (r3), GK (r7), JKA (r7), GMY (r5) and C3PO (g12+3).

    C3PO was gone in seconds. I'm not sure he even took a turn. Maybe one turn. GMY made it to wave 2 but died very quickly there.

    The other 3 completed wave 2, wave 3 and very very nearly completed wave 4. I think I could have done it with a different strategy / kill order at the end

    That was with 6/6 in middle, bottom phase 1 platoons and 5/6 in middle phase 2 (hadn't spotted that it wasn't at 6/6).

    The only downside? GK is technically required in another mission in that zone (bottom special, but we didn't unlock it). So the only squad I've had any remote success with is one that can't really be used long term

    Padme Relic team and Shaak-Ti/Clones Relic are the only teams anyone is have any success with, and it is serverely inconsistent
  • Hoping next tb goes back to ds geo.

    Hopefully this gets tweaked.
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    Why was this unstuck from the top of the page?

    There is still an issue with this raid being far too difficult... its not possible given the current galactic power in the game
  • Sunnie1978
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    Sorry, I unannounced it when Android devices were having a login issue to make it easier for players having log-in issues to see that announcement. Re-announcing now
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    Yeah, give us hardest conent ever second time, and take from us ~ 6000 GET2 currency through a broken event!

    Because of YOUR (CG) incompetence, we're all a month back with capitals.

    Give us back the TB GEO DS or the GET2 currency.
  • ShaggyB
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    DarthNosfi wrote: »
    Yeah, give us hardest conent ever second time, and take from us ~ 6000 GET2 currency through a broken event!

    Because of YOUR (CG) incompetence, we're all a month back with capitals.

    Give us back the TB GEO DS or the GET2 currency.

    Exactly. I can play darkside... i cant play lightside other than deploy....

    I was looking forward to dark side returning so i can push forward with my capital ship shards.

    Not only have you slowed us down with light side instead of 2 dark side... but now youve cancelled dark side for this month?

    Thats not a solution.
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  • We're running our load of old whale tosh again because we couldn't get it to work properly the first time...upshot is all you plebs won't get anything from Geo TB for this month. kthxbai.

    Merry Xmas! \o/
  • I really appreciate the tb. Previously, I had very little reason to high-relic many characters, save a few staples. In fact, it's kinda detrimental to gac to add the top end gp without much value.
    This tb really encourages developing teams to their maximum potential. Every member of our guild is really putting forth their best effort because some of the stars will definitely be contingent upon our ability to clear waves- even if it's only 1 or 2 per member.
    Great job keeping the battles quick and exciting. I'm looking forward to developing over the months to come!
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