Minor account

I accidentlt signed up for a minor account on my old device and now can't switch the game. I am over 18 and don't know what to do. Ea plz fix this otherwise hours of work and hundreds of dollars will be going to waste


  • They posted this in the Update notes on Dec 18th. I have the same problem. However, when I tried the below suggestion I was rold by EA support that this was impossible and that the forum was wrong.

    Create a ticket from the in game Help menu (Settings -> Help)
    You will be redirected to help.ea.com and prompted to select a topic -> Select “Connection and tech support” then scroll down and click on “Contact Us”
    You will be prompted to select issue -> Select “Installation” and fill in your Ally Code
    Select Contact Option and fill in the information required (First name, Last name, Email address) and click “Next”
    From the “Recommended Support Option” scroll down to “Other Support Options” and select either “Chat” or “Get a call”
    You will then get in contact with an EA Advisor and request a date of birth change/update. Our customer support team will guide you through the process. You will need to verify your age with the support representative.
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