Content Update: 01/22/2020

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update contains several bug fixes and brings Resistance Hero Poe to the holotables! Hyena Bomber is also now farmable so read on to find the full list of changes.

  • Resistance Hero Finn's Special ability "Strength of Will" will now Inspire Resistance Hero Poe if he is the target of the ability.
  • Grand Arena Season 4 begins this week! Find out the details here.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:

These characters or ships are now available in the following locations:

Hyena Bomber
  • Hyena Bomber is now farmable from Dark Side 8-B Hard. This is an addition to that node and does not replace any possible rewards currently available there.

Heroes of the Resistance
Join forces with Resistance Hero Poe, an explosive ally skilled against the First Order!
  • Event: Jan 23rd - Jan 24th

  • GENERAL - Corrected entry requirements in the Phases 3 and 4 “Geonosis: Separatist Might” Ship missions to also include non-empire Capital Ships.
  • GENERAL - Shipments will load faster when being opened the first time after launching the game.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue that was preventing units from gaining Stealth in the Padme Legendary Event.
  • UNIT - Canderous Ordo's unique ability "I Like a Challenge" will now apply Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up to himself at the start of the battle if a summoned unit on the enemy side, like Geonosian Brute, gains Taunt or is Deathmarked or Marked.
  • UNIT - Fixed basic ability animation for Ki-Adi-Mundi and other Jedi so that they will no longer have slight delays between some turns during battles.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Chewbacca's “Loyal Friend” could place “Guard” on ARC Trooper's Blaster Turret.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where General Hux's “Dominance” could grant bonuses at the start of subsequent encounters after he was defeated.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Tusken Raider's “Tusken Ambush” would only deal 50% more damage instead of 75% more damage.
  • LOCALIZATION - Fixed an issue where General Kalani's "Calculated Approach" ability description was inconsistent in battle vs. the Details panel. It now correctly states, "B1 Battle Droid allies can't lose more than 8 stacks of Droid Battalion per turn. B2 Super Battle Droid allies can't lose more than 1 stack of Droid Battalion per turn. Allies have +50% counter chance."
  • LOCALIZATION - Fixed an issue where the Reek Special Mission in "Geonosis: Republic Offensive" incorrectly stated it was a Combat Mission. It now correctly states it's a Special Mission.
  • AUDIO - Audio will now play when selecting a squad for battle in the squad management screen.
  • AUDIO - Correct music will now play when entering a ship battle after playing a battle in the Ewok environments that use the drum music.

Resistance Leader Bundle and Pack are now available in the Store for a limited time! Resistance Hero Poe is an ace pilot who was a spice runner before defecting to the Resistance to fight against the First Order. Unlock Resistance Hero Poe in the Marquee event and add him to your collection today!

Bundle includes:
  • Character Shards: Resistance Hero Poe(x30)
  • Credits (x320,000)
  • Crystals (x1,350)
  • XP Training Droids
  • Gear
  • Ability Materials
Date Available: January 23rd
Minimum Level Requirement: 60
Maximum # Purchases: 1

Power up Resistance Hero Poe with this brand new pack! Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Resistance Hero Poe and may drop up to 330 SHARDS!

Date Available: January 23rd
1299 Crystals
Minimum Level Requirements: 60

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