Non-GAS 501st Cheese Strategy

Remember when it used to be advantageous to leave Night Sister Zombie at low gear? It seems we have a repeat of that strategy with 501st clones. By leaving ARC Trooper around G8, he will die quickly to an AOE and 5s will sacrifice himself, granting the rest of the 501st his stats. Suddenly, Rex and Echo are super troopers, and even the low gear ARC has 5's old stats and is much more formidable.

I know what you are going to say - don't do an AOE and kill ARC. Sure. Now tell that to the AI playing your defense.

So, will CG fix this flaw like they fixed the Zombie flaw? Or can I look forward to inferior clone squads running through me using this cheese strategy in future GACs?

Note: I am not talking about this in a GAS squad, I'm talking about it for mid-level players who use Shaak or Rex lead with their 501st.


  • Gifafi
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    flaw? you are better off building arc up ainec
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Or, you can make ARC useful because he’s strong and you need him for LS yep, kam raids etc
  • Totally different. Zombie is a taunting tank who continually revives and boosts AV. If Arc can be easily killed once, he can easily be killed a second and final time. Then it's 5v3. I'll take those odds.
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  • Nihion
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    Not the same, the team will still be better with a better ARC.
  • Of course everyone is going to be building toward a full relic'd clone squad eventually.

    I'm talking about Div4 where people have a couple dozen or so G12, and only have a few relics. But if one of those relics is on Fives, and the rest of the clones are only G10 or 11 with one G8, that relic power is getting spread to the rest of the squad on the first AOE your defense does against them. It is like 4 relics for the price of one, and allows an inferior clones squad to beat much better teams in GAC.

    The fix I would propose is that Fives only sacrifices himself for G10 allies or above. Just like they made Zombie only do the sacrificing/reviving at G10 or above.
  • I have seen this strategy even in GAS squads at top-level arena, I and couldn't understand why this guy was leaving his ARC Trooper at low gear.
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