Instead of the devs spending their time making expensive packs and releasing content for the very few, hows about you spend the time fixing the problems that riddle the game!
Have once again lost a GA match due to the game crashing. Have lost count of how many times these crashes have affected the quality of my gameplay over the last few months,the frustration I feel towards this game is growing by the day.
I have spent alot of money on this game, so much so that I would be ashamed to post the exact amount. I know I have done it with the knowledge of the in game issues but we are constantly reassured that known issues and cheating etc are being worked on. For a game that has made so much money to have so many problems is quite frankly a huge disappointment.
Please fix these issues and make good to the community for all the support and money given to you over the past few years.


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    Please report all busg and issues to Answers HQ to help highlight the issues and get them the attention they deserve.
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