Active Guilds Looking For Players - May 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


    :boom: Ewokolypse Rising is Recruiting :boom:
    • ~245 million+ GP
    • Guild Reset: 5:30PM / 6:30PM Eastern Time
    • 29:star: DS Geo Territory Battles (primary focus) 30+ Wat Shards
    • 13 :star: LS Geo Territory Battles
    • HPIT sim enabled
    • HAAT alternates 11:00 AM / 6:00 PM Eastern Time
    • HSTR alternates 12:00 PM / 7:00 PM Eastern Time
    • ~15million + damage for top 10 HSTR

    • 600 tickets daily
    • Join all raids
    • Participate in TB
    • Participate in TW on offense & defense
    • account
    • Actively monitor Discord
    • 4 million + GP, with some exceptions
    • DR, JKR, and one other solid G12 team preferred

    We understand that life happens. We ask that if you will not be able to get tickets, or participate in events, you inform us so that we can plan accordingly.

    For more information, contact Norax#6345 on Discord, join our Discord server, or check out our profile.
  • Squalo
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    Anarchy Empire (Part of the Villians Alliance) is looking for 1-2 loyal members to join our established guild!
    We’ve been around for over 3 years as a guild and have many long time members from US and Europe. We are looking for a member who wants to win and continue to grow in the game with us! We are highly active and competitive, but we don’t have any of the forced requirements. We are a friendly/helpful guild of active players.
    Guild Details:
    -HPit- 3x’s a week (24 hour join period) @10pm est
    -HAAT- 3x’s a week (24 hour join period)@10pm est
    -HSTR- 2x’s a week (24 hour join period- Rotating mornings and evenings for different time zones, we rotate 10pm est and 12pm est)
    -We have well over 60 wins as a guild- great win percentage! Currently 9 wins in a row! We take TW very seriously.
    -Dark Side Geo 24stars (20+WAT shards)
    -Light Side Geo 10stars (4+KAM shards)
    Looking for:
    1) 4mil+ gp (definitely consider lower with focused rosters)
    2) discord and .gg page
    3) Geo Tb Teams
    4) Full TB and TW participation
    5) 600 tickets highly encouraged but not enforced- our members enjoy the game so most are getting it.
    6) active, talkative and friendly people

    Anarchy Empire · SWGOH.GG

    If interested you can message me here, ingame @ ally code: 728-164-266 or on discord @ Squalo#4613 Thanks for considering us!
  • S1th Faced East Coast USA guild - come help us take over the Galaxy!
    S1th Faced is a laid back guild Guild looking to bolster our TW and Geo Forces

    Players joining are expected to be able to contribute to all guild activities including active participation in Geo TB and TW.

    GP is 145 million

    We have a East Coast reset time but do have members from all over the world.

    We have a core group of active players and have all Raids on farm

    We would like to replace some of the players that left the game and bolster our TW and GEO TB participation.

    No discord requirement just be active and have fun

    If interested contact Arcturion with any questions or simply join up on your own( guild is open to join )

    Ally Code 786-378-665
    Ventress Assassins is looking for a few good players. Active discord family with lots to offer.
    235M GP Fully heroic
    - no rules on raids
    Pit simmed
    Guild based in UK (UTC+1) with mostly EU, US, Canadian + Singapore members Friendly community vibe but serious about achievements, participation + rewards, especially TB. All our members are active
    LS Hoth TB ~ 45/45*
    Geo TB ~ 29
    30+ Wat shards Republic TB ~ 13
    GO to our interview server for more information.
  • Jyn and Juice 2 are looking for 7 new members for our guild. We are a mostly US, f2p group with very...colorful? personalities

    42/45 LS Hoth
    17* DS Geo
    24hr no damage on raids
    4M avg GP

    Active players with minimum 3.5 million GP preferred, but will definitely make exceptions.
    Discord and required.
    As long as you fully participate in TW and TB, we will have a long, beautiful friendship.
    DM on Discord MufRuggmuncher#3552

  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (
    (Invite only)

    We are looking for 7 active people to join our guild. We are one independent guild of three in an alliance.
    We prefer that you're Geo DSTB ready or working on it.

    • Must be active - daily players only
    • Must be at minimum level 85
    • Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    • Must have account
    Here's our rules...
    • Be active: do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    • No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    • We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed. Rules are as follow...
      • For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
      • For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened).
    • Geo DSTB: we get about 18 stars, 10 WAT shards
    • Geo LSTB: we get about 8 stars
    • Hoth LSTB: we get about 40 stars (currently focus)
    • HPIT (Sims)/HAAT/HSTR: 24 hours wait period, start time is 8 local rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)
    • Discord is optional - rated PG :)
    Any questions? Or welcome aboard? :)
  • JamDev
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    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over the world. We are always active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

    A bit more about us:

    - GP 214m
    - Time zone BST (GMT+1)
    - HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, HSTR as often as possible!
    - Daily refresh is at 12am.
    - Raids begin with 24hr registration period. All raids are free for all.
    - HSTR attack phase starts at 7pm, Rancor at 7pm (simmed), HAAT at 8pm.
    - Geo TB 26* (LS 12*)
    - Winning record in Territory Wars
    - Check us out at

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 3m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are active and improving fast. 600 raid tickets daily and participation in TB/TW is expected. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment channel at: (Recruitment channel is best for a quick response).



    CCI is an independent 223m GP (+ you) guild, we got:

    - 27☆ DSGTB (24 Wat shards)
    - 13 ☆ LSGTB (3 KAM shard, 19 attempts)
    - 29,5 tickets per day (we use hotbot),
    - European evening hSTR,
    - and are no pushover in TW.

    We search for a focused and active player with 3m+ GP. Less GP is acceptable if you got good arena ranks. We are looking forward to you :smile:
  • Pistons
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    Seekers of Je'daii
    We are International, very friendly guild looking for 1 player with 4.5m GP minimum
    266m GP
    30*/14* in Geo TB
    Only 1 loss in TW since February
    Guild Requirements:
    600 tickets daily
    Discord or Line
    Participation in TB and TW
    Contact BobiOne#2566 on Discord if you are interested
  • Hoths’sHeros are looking for 3 new members.

    131 mil GP guild
    All heroic raids (Pit on sim)
    Active in TW & TB (Hoth LS, Geo DS 10*)

    We only ask 2 things, participate in TB and let us know if you’ll be offline.

    We use Discord and would prefer members to join also but this is not compulsory.

    Ally code: 123-147-392
    Discord: Wellsdog#1059
  • Xariel7
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    All is One One is All is looking for 3 members.
    We are a Active independent guild looking for more people.
    Lv 65 minimum, participation in tw and tb is a must
    Looking to grow as a guild and help others grow.
    We are capable of Heroic Pit and Tank.
    Guild GP 38,044,231
    My user name is Xariel
    If you are interested my ally code is 757-546-939
    We have a discord which is required
  • Take a deep breath and join XHAL(exhale)! XHAL is a member of guilds WWL(we with lives), a community of close-knit guilds always willing to help out and give advice! Right now we are looking to expand and bring on a few new members that are ready to contribute in our goal of perfecting territory battles! Right now we are 25+ wat shards and hoping to see more in upcoming tbs. Currently at 27* ds geotb and 12 for ls geo tb Looking for rosters ready to contribute strongly in tb,tws not required but if joined setting a defense is acceptable, only requirements are full tb participation and 500 tickets a day hope for 600 but we all do what we can. Discord also required
    Contact magicleg#5058 with a account for an invite
  • Ohana11
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    Universal Peacekeepers

    We are an active, but semi-casual guild for people not looking to be a hard core serious gamer with an elite guild. Most of our guild members have families & jobs. We also have some members in school. The goal of our guild is to enjoy the game as a group!

    Our guild is at ~170mil GP with 49/50 spots filled currently. We require active participation, with a target of 300 raid tickets/day; however, no one gets kicked unless they're inactive without notice for over a week, or consistently missing TB participation. TW is optional, but if you join you must contribute.

    - TW: we have a very good TW track record, with about 90% wins over the last year.
    - DS Geo: 14* / 6 Wat Shards on our last run. That number is increasing every run lately.
    - LS Geo: 7* last attempt. We recently added a decent number of GAS to the guild, so hopefully we’ll continue to do better. We throw in a LS Hoth about once every 3 or 4 LS TBs.
    - All raids are FFA, and commence at 8pm GMT. Top 10 in HSR is usually very obtainable.
    Most the folks in our guild are located in the UK or Europe. With some in the US, and others scattered about.

    We’re a friendly group that likes to chat on Discord about the game and real life. We would love to add some new members to join the team!

    The link to our discord is below. Feel free to drop in and say hello.
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  • CallumS29
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    Hey looking for a guild that is active and UK time zone
    I’m currently level 73
    I have 189767 GP
    2 7* characters
    3 6* characters
    7 5*
    12 4*
    15 3* and lower
    I’m active everyday and will contribute the guild events and territory battles
    My ally code is 187-544-396
  • vz91n4c3unfx.png

    Grey Area 51

    GP: 178 mil.
    Members: 45/50
    Raids: HPIT/HSTR/HAAT all on farm
    Guild Events: TW/TB/GEO/TB

    Play Daily, complete dailies, join all Raids, TW, TB, GA. 3GP minimum.


  • JayDog16
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    Sïth Öüttä Lück is a 174k GP guild looking for a one more member to fill out the roster. We're highly active but with a chill vibe. All we require is participation and a good attitude. Come join us if you want to do everything the game has to offer, including Lightside and Darkside TBs and all raids on farm.
    3mil gp prefered but all inquiries are welcome.
    Find me at 169-862-542
  • Themistocles
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    Guild Info: MandoRevenge, anywhere from 85M to 90M GP depending on guild roster.

    Guild's Reset Time: 4:30 PM PST

    Raids: HPIT and HAAT, T6 Sith, HPIT and HAAT have a 24 hour delay and typically start at 6 PM PST.

    Territory Battle: We earn 23-25 stars for LS and DS Hoth, but are looking for players to help us get to 4-5 stars DS Geo as we'd rather be doing that.

    Activity Expectation: Participate in every guild event (Territory Battles and Wars) as well as contributing to raid tickets as much as life allows. If life gets in the way, notify an officer and there's zero problems there.

    GP Requirement: We would like players at 1 million GP or more, and we don't dictate what toons you farm but we reserve the right to have discretion. If your 1M GP is composed of toons such as Mob Enforcer, CUP, and Gamorrean Guard, we're not going to be a great match. Generally speaking if you're pushing to have competitive squads in GAC and Squad Arena, we would hope that you would be a good match for TW and TB.

    If you're not quite at 1M GP, but you have a good set of squads and you simply have a skinny roster, and you have a good plan for bettering your roster in the future, this is negotiable.

    Guild Description: We are a casual guild with many pockets of friends and families who have played together for years. We expect people to be active as possible (as much as life allows), but still enjoy the game. We just cut loose some very inactive players and we now have slots, and we're looking for players who can help us get to the next level in HSITH and 4 stars+ in Geo TB. If interested contact:

    Contact Information:
    Forum Name: Themistocles
    Discord: Themistocles-Kevin#9059
    Ally Code: Themistocles: 625-523-141
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  • Klavec27
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    Endangered is our name and playing this game is our game...Active laid-back guild, but you will be kicked if you have no contact or contribution in 7 days. We chat in game and discord and run regular raids. Most members are US based but we have some EU and AU members as well.

    We are 46/50 currently

    152 mil GP


    Guild link:

    Reset: 1830 UTC, -5:00 GMT

    Raids: All 3 on heroic, we sim the PIT and run tank and sith every 3-4 days. We have an 18h join period set to ensure members have time to join and we alternate start times so our non-US guys can get some hits

    TW: Were about 85% win rate on these, always testing out new strategies

    TB: We have been running strictly GEO lately and average 11 stars on DS and 8 on LS

    We don't really have minimum requirements, we just want mostly daily players (if you take a break that is fine, just let someone know, life happens) and we can help you build up teams with advice and donations.

    My ally code: 466-135-482

    My discord: Klavec27#6074

    Feel free to hit me up on discord or PM me on here
  • SeljoB
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    We are a German based English and German speaking guild called Cobra Fist, founded back in June 2016, and we are open for new recruitments, seeking active players.

    We are more of a casual guild (e.g. no discord), doing Heroic AAT and Rancor raids, and T6 Sith raid. We are currently around 80M in GP, with about 30 players of which about 25 active.

    There is no minimum GP or level requirements. There is however a 5-day inactivity kick-out rule.

    We've been running at full capacity for a long period of time with total GP of 100M+, but relatively suddenly players started leaving. For more than a month now the situation has stabilized as the loyal members decided to stay.

    We would like to welcome new active players to allow us to participate in Wars again and grow further building up our joint guild strength to allow us to go for the Heroic Sith raid, and in the future maybe even the Genosian territory battle ;-)

    May the Force be with You!
    Looking for an ACTIVE but STRESS FREE guild??
    Look no further! We avoid a ton of rules and nonsense - but still grow and compete at a nice pace.
    We are looking for guys that can help in the Geo TBs right away. We're flexible on GP
    Contact me on Discord: kelkatarn#6390
  • Massive Badgers are a friendly active UK based guild looking for players 1.5M and above, Current GP is 140M, We are fully Heroic. 33stars in both Hoths and 11 stars in DS Geo. Message me if interested. 158-942-955

    Legends of Light
    200M GP
    Relaxed GeoTB guild is at 48/50 (semi-active, no tix minimum)
    Raids at 7pm Pacific, 8m, 9c, 10pm Eastern.
    TW 102+ wins, triple zetas.

    We are recruiting players for GeoTB to improve on our 20*/9* record. 17+ Wat shards and increasing.

    Semi-active, no hard tix requirement. Must contribute to TW and TB success.

    Message us on our Discord recruitment server with your profile or Ally Code.

    Or get in touch in game: 494863299

  • Looking to take on 10 new members in our guild. Message me on the forums if interested.

    Current guild GP - 175m.
    Geo Tb - 18 to 19.
    All Heroic raids are run with a 24hour join period.
    most the guild are on GMT / BST time zone.

    Half of the guild use discord, the other half use in game chat - (discord is not mandatory).

    Guild is a mix between casual and hardcore players.

    We currently have 1 Galactic Legend, and a few more are very very close.
    Also participation in TB and TW's is a must, if you fail to participate more than once without reason you will be removed.

    Message me for more info. Thanks
  • JediJon
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    ‘No Younglings Allowed’ are recruiting. We are looking for 1 active player to come and join us, so look below and if that sounds like you then give us a shout!

    • No Younglings Allowed 228M – an original day 1 independent UK guild
    • Guild Activities refresh 19:30 (UTC)
    • All Heroic Raids (24hr join period) Pit is simmed 19:30 (UTC); HAAT and HSTR launch automatically when tickets reach launch cost (19:00 (UTC) and 20:00 (UTC) respectively)
    • Geonosis TBs (DS 26 stars (25+ Wat shards)/LS 12 stars) / TW 70% win rate
    • TB we expect everyone to take part (Platoons/Combat Missions/Deployment)
    • TW we require a minimum 200M+ GP to join (45+ members for each war)
    • 600 Raid Tickets daily is not enforced but we encourage everyone to do as much as they can (Raids won’t launch without them)
    • Our player-base - UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Australia

    • 4M+ GP (3.5M with a strong focused roster will be considered); ideally have the following squads: JKR, DR + Malak, Padme, GAS, 7* Hounds Tooth with 7* Bossk, Hans M’Falcon and also (or at least be actively farming) GR and Separatist toons to help in the Geonosis TBs
    • A good sense of humour and willingness to get involved; from giving advice, being active in chat (in game or discord); we also appreciate you posting any planned absence with as much notice as possible (we appreciate you have a real life too)

  • IgnatiusReilly
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    200M+ | 43 strong | 5 GLs + 12 soon | 30 Wat | 25*D | 10*L

    One of the very first guilds in the game, Sovereignty survived and thrived independently against all odds. We have no secret weapons, just good leadership, massive support, fully automated discord server with bots, International players, friendship, fun and a deep understanding of the game.

    To become even more competitive, we just formed a two sister guild system with another Canadian based guild, leading to a focused side and a more casual one. Our guild stats will improve drastically now but we chose to publish the ones we already achieved.

    So this would be the perfect timing for you to join us if you think you meet our requirements: 4.5M GP or more, have most of the meta teams and work toward a GL, raise 600 tickets daily, participate in all game modes.

    This is our guild:
    And this is our discord server:

    my ally code is: 359-312-574
    my discord is: IgnatiusReilly24#6848

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  • We are Masters of Light and open to a merger to gain 15 active players.

    We are a casual but competitive guild. No one looking over your shoulder nagging you if you missed 600 raid tickets. No daily login requirement (14-day inactivity = kick). We are a good bunch, with gear salvage donations generously given.

    Guild GP: ~98 million
    Guild Reset time: 4:00 pm EST
    Raids: We need 2 million GP to get back to raids....
    HPIT 9PM EST Start after sign up period
    HAAT 9PM EST Start after sign up period
    6* STR 9PM EST Start no sign up period
    TW Need more participants....

    Looking for people with at least 1M GP (combined ships and characters), but we’ll consider active players under that amount depending on squad mix.

    Message PsyPhyPhan in-game (956-746-648) if interested or to learn more.
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