Kit Reveal: Rebel Y-wing



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    This thread is Exhibit #23,401 in The State vs People That Will Complain About Anything

    Complaining about people complaining is still complaining. The difference is the first complainers are on topic.
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    Has anyone had any decent rng with the drops for the ship? Finally the one ship I've wanted in the game since ships were first announced and I think 'oh yeah, I'm gonna go all out for this and spend all my crystals on refreshes and packs...'

    And what do I get from 3 refreshes of fleet energy? 3 shards. CG, if it's one thing you're good at (and you're very good at this), it's disappointing the hell out of me everytime and any time I feel a bit optimistic about the game or get excited for it, you're right there to sweep the rug from under my feet.
  • For the may event, are the drop rates the same for on hard and easy nodes?
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    Cool celebration of the Empire by adding a nice tank to the opposite faction.
    At least add the tank to the Resistance that has litteraly 0 and is totally useless without it. And it is not like there is no resistance bomber even in the movies lol
    I really dont get the game design think here.
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