We Need Clarification on GAS/SLKR Now



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    While everyone seems to worry about General Skywalker getting changed... has anyone ever thought about the possibility that they, instead, could just change Echo? ;)

    It's not just Echo. Works with pretty much any 501st as long as they die quick.

    The funny part is that they as CG, will 'fix' echo and then they notice this :smile: .

    To the OP; I am in same boat. I have kyros(+other mats) saved up for getting GS+Clones R13. Will they be actually 'worth' it or should I be using them to relic up the prequisite characters for SLK/Rey. I am sure CG is milking GS the last time before another big character release (as they already said, is coming). So they wanted to give new GS owners time to spend the resources they've now accumulated, just to nerf the toon -> bring out the 'new' power toon.

    GS can solo a lot of teams and him + clones are 100% needed for LS GEO so there is that.
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