Ovissian Gunner Kit Idea (Inspired Resistance Tank)

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Idea for a Resistance Tank, based on an enforcer from Star Wars Battlefront 2.
Works Together with Rey, The Resistance Heroes, and my Caphex Spy Kit Idea to make a full Inspired focused Resistance team. As always, tell me what you think.
[Ovissian Gunner Kit Idea - Caphex Spy Kit Idea]
Ovissian Gunner
Light Side, Tank (STR), Resistance
Aggressive Resistance Tank that becomes stronger while Inspired.

Modified Z-6B Rotary Cannon (Basic)
Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If Ovissian Gunner is Inspired, deal Physical damage to the strongest enemy. Inflict Critical Chance Down for 2 turns on all damaged enemies.

Anti-Armor Mode (Special) (Cooldown: 4)
Deal Physical damage to all enemies and dispel all offensive buffs from them. If Ovissian Gunner is Inspired, deal damage to all enemies again, grant them 5% Turn Meter, and inflict Ability Block on them for 1 turn. Enemies can’t gain buffs during this turn. This attack can’t be Resisted and ignores Defence.
(Offensive buffs include Accuracy, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Defence Penetration, Health Steal, Offence, Potency, and Speed Up, as well as Advantage, Frenzy, Retribution, and Riposte.)

Defensive Stance (Special) (Cooldown: 4)
Ovissian Gunner dispels all debuffs from herself and gains Bonus Protection equal to 5% of her Max Health for each active Resistance ally, doubled for Inspired Resistance allies. All Resistance allies gain Defence Up for 2 turns.

Inspired Enforcer (Unique) (Zeta)
Ovissian Gunner has +15% Critical Avoidance, gains +30% Tenacity while she has Bonus Protection, and gains Taunt for 2 turns whenever she becomes Inspired. While Ovissian Gunner is Inspired, she is immune to Stun and her Critical Avoidance is doubled.
If all allies are Resistance at the start of battle, Ovissian Gunner becomes Inspired at the start of each encounter.
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  • Suuuper powerful kit under Rey. Very fun and would be a perfect 4th/5th with a Rose rework for Inspired synergy. The AOE dispel/buff immunity may be a bit OP but I like the giving 5% TM to soften up then SLKR teams.

    The combined effects of bonus protection synergy with Rey, immunity to stun, constant taunt with inspiration and crit avoidance is I think too much for a proper balance of Rey vs SLKR. Resistance are desperately in need of a buff but I think this kit would overcorrect
  • Advantage provides +100% crit chance right? Would be interesting between crit chance down and crit avoidance (especially with zeta Holdo) to have characters regularly not crit hitting when they have advantage. A neat interaction
  • @KalHorn thanks for the feedback and glad you think it very fun. But I think there are a few things you misunderstand about how this kit and it's interactions work.
    First of all, Advantage grants +200% Critical Chance. So the CC down and CA aren't going to help against advantage at all. Not to mention that SLKR has 115% natural Critical chance (mods not considered) and gains Critical Chance from his mastery. So as he syphons mastery form enemies that stats will become even higher. So eventually it won't even mater whether he has advantage or not and whether gunner is inspired or not. She will be critically hit. So she won't be as dominating against SLKR as you think.
    Second is that she isn't taunting that often. She only gains taunt when she becomes inspired. She doesn't maintain it while being inspired. So after SLKR uses Stasis Strike to dispel it, she doesn't gain it back that quickly. Since there are 4 other characters that still need to become inspired (and Rey's unique can't inspire allies that are already inspired.). On top of that, due to SLKR lead, hux gains 20% turn meter at the start of battle. So it's very likely that he'll outpace everyone on your team (except rey, obviously). Which means he will most likely allow SLKR to use stasis strike a second time, without your stun immune character taunting. Someone on offence can really use that to mess up your turn order and synergy. So I don't think that Rey will become unbeatable against SLKR with her.
    I was wondering if the aoe was a tad too powerful myself. I could remove the dispel, or maybe replace the Ability Block with Speed down? I could also remove the extra defence with bonus protection from the unique. But these are things that I'll have to think about. Thanks for the feedback either way anyway.
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    I've toned down the kit a bit. Most changes are in the unqiue.
    From the unique, I've completely removed the Health Steal bonus. She already gains health steal from her mastery, which rey also increases. So that was overkill. Not t mention, since SLKR syphons mastery, it makes it a bit easier for him to counter her. Thus balancing the 2 teams a bit more. She not does gain Health Steal Up herself from her 2nd special, but that isn't nearly as strong or consistent as it was in the unique.
    Besides this, I've also reduced the Critical Avoidance bonus from 35% to 15% and the defence bonus from 35% to 30%. Edit: I decided to remove the turn meter at the start of battle entirely. It was far too powerful with a Galactic Legend to be honest. Replaced with Inspired at the start of each encounter if all allies are resistance at the start of battle.
    Finally, and most importantly: she doubles her Critical Avoidance while she is Inspired. This doesn't just include the 15% from her unique, but also the 35% she can get from Critical Avoidance Arrow (doesn't affect Critical Avoidance gained from other character's unique abilities). This means that those mods are more suitable on her, but you can't have a speed primary on her. So that will be an interesting balance choice for her. She will definitely be the slowest on your team without that.
    @KalHorn thanks again for the feedback. That was what made me think about this some more. Still thinking what to do with the first special. I think it's alright to keep it this way due to the high cooldown and (relatively) low speed. But not certain about it yet. Any insights/idea's are very welcome.
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  • It’s a great kit. I think the first special is good as it is. Without applying buff immunity it’s an interesting interaction to get rid of Advantage from SLKR teams and prevent it reapplying for at least one turn
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