Please fix Auto-change capital ship in tb

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Phase 1, used negotiator and GR ships...
Phase 2, ships are saved exactly as I last used them...
EXCEPT, I didn’t catch that CG auto-changed to endurance...
900k tb into the garbage b/c it’s programmed to trick you??? Why program ships to save, but also program the capital ship to change? It’s not like my endurance has higher gp, there’s absolutely no perceptible reason to do this and nothing I can do after the fact. Except reminisce about the amazingly lasting experience of watching my years of grinding stand absolutely no chance as they are blown away by changes to my fleet that were programmed in for my end user experience. I do wonder how many times this has happened...
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  • I take it you've done the Endurance shards event today? That's what's cause your capital ship to change in TB. I sent out a guild warning about this to my guild earlier.
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    It didn't change to trick you on purpose.

    Because you did the Endurance Fleet event, it saved the capital ship you last used as Endurance.
  • By the way, this is my first geo tb p1-p2-p3 ship loss in several months, so I’ve caught it and made the correction routinely, just didn’t catch it this time. Trick or Treat ? Hahaha!!
  • Yes, I did my endurance event... that makes me sad!!! At least I know why now !! Save your tb, spread the word... ;(
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    My guess is that you already did the Endurance Fleet Mastery Event today from your daily events.

    I do not think that the game should autofill anything. But that is likely why you were prepopulated with the Endurance. I noticed the same thing this morning when going into LS TB except that my GR ships were with the Endurance in the event order not the previous day TB order.

    I don't know why the game would use any autofill feature, and I don't think it should. It makes little sense to me after the first month of playing this game. But I think that's why you experienced this issue.

    [EDIT: Everybody above has said it quicker and more succinctly]
  • Yes, this caught me out today. Very annoyed.
  • They could open up the sim for 7* owned capital ships, no reason to play these events, would have prevented this, easy fix
  • They just need to allow retreating in TB's. Oops I made a mistake retreat fix said mistake then back to having fun, instead of having to wait a month.
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